Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much to show or share.....

..from here although a kind of busy but not from stitching rather from visiting or having catch up with friends over a cup of coffee and some paperworks that needed attention. Speaking of paperworks, honestly i am quite spoiled in that area as it's DH's works but now that he isn't home for most of the time i do have to follow or work it out myself and now do noticed that my Dutch isn't that great to handle it all.

And just this afternoon a friend called about the coming cervical vaccination for our daughters which will takes place on monday and that there are some talks going around about side effects and everything. Just called dh afterwards and relay about it as he doesn't know of this coming event , i didn't mention it to him when i received the invitation a couple of weeks ago as Grace said almost all in the class are going but now after searching on the net more about i am not sure anymore.
I wonder does anyone knows about it about this vaccination? I have to call back hubby soon to have more word about it and call a few friends tommorow to before the girls go for this vaccination on monday.

Anyway, we had quite fun last weekend at our friends place, also we were able to visit DH that saturday morning as they were in for supplies and it's about 20 minutes drive from our friends place so we dropped by him for a couple

of hours while our friends and her son to a football match. Took a few pictures of the vessel and Chris and his father. A couple of weeks more to go before he'll be home.

Here's the cute floss tag that i received back for the Floss Ring Tag exchange from the yahoo group: Borduurpaleis. Thanks so much, Lintine!

Many many thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments over my last finished and the idea about the finishing. I think i am going to frame it as most suggested.
Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yippppeee, Home is where the....

...heart is" is now finished.

Joan Elliotts
The World of Cross Stitching mag.
25ct Lugana white
DMC threads

Now, when i started this one i thought to finish it into a pillow but now i m not sure anymore as it seems it will looks great into a frame. I wonder what anyone would do if one stitch this picture??

These was one of the stitched blocks i've sent away last month. I heard that Leandre had received it so now i can show a picture.

It's friday morning here and i know it's early to wish you all a Happy weekend but we are are leaving soon. We are going to visit friends at the mainland and stay there till sunday.

Thank you all for stopping by and all the lovely comments.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February x'mas ornament SAL

Peace ornament
My Big Toe Designs
JCS 2008
32ct linen, DMC threads

Finish stitching this one a while back but just completed it into an ornament. If possible i would like to finish my x'mas monthly SAL each month as i am afraid if it's closer to christmas it might just pile up and no idea how to finish them off.

I hope everyone is having a good week. We just came home from the cinema, we went to watch the YES MAN movie of Jim Carey this evening. I'd rather prefer it this afternoon but it was only available in the evening and i was kind of disappointed as there was no pop corn! I don't go often to the cinema, i ussually bring the kids and then pick them up but since it is school vacation for them i want to join them or that we are together. Anyway, the movie was quite funny and the kids enjoyed it. I thought Chris didn't but he said he enjoyed it.
It's a pity not so many new ones are coming on the island or either very late.

Thank you all for stopping by for a visit and all your lovely comments. I deeply appreciate them all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

continuing progress....

...on a few of my recent projects. The pictures on the right were the recent update so far.
The first one which is "Home is where the heart is" will hopefully be finish before the weekend.

I hope everyone's having a good week. Thanks so much for stopping by. I areally appreciates your visits.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Floss ring tag & The winner is....

....Lynda of my February giveaway. Congrats and thank you to all that entered. That's Grace who picked the name. Please send me your address info Lynda as you didn't leave your email addy to contact you. Hope you will see this note.

This is the Floss ring tag i made and sent to my partner Lintine for the floss tag exchange at one of the Dutch yahoo group. Glad to hear it reach her safely as i've read on the group that one package arrived and was opened, and no floss tag inside.

Well, hope everyone had a good valentine's weekend. Grace friends came over and we had chocolate fondue last night as they'd want to try it by themselves. They wanted it as the main meal but since i am not really fun of chocolates i prepared a couple of other dishes, glad i did as they too had eaten quite part of it. The chocolate fondue was delicious but you can't eat too much of it.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Home is....& Thank you all for your sweet comments!

They mean so much to me. Thanks for all the hugs too!!

This first week went by quite quickly, although with a bit difficulty with the kids. Dh is more strict with just one word is enough while i have to call them a few times, i am a bit of a softie i'm afraid.
The weather wasn't that great, with on and off rain and a bit of snow but i and a friend manage to go for long walks twice this week. I do need to do that more often as i want to loose these 4lbs i gained the last weeks when hubby was home. Blame it on the red wines and peanuts or chips!!

Here's my second update for the 'Home is where the heart is', i should have finished it last weekend but wasn't able to. Sorry Tinna, but i am catching up as we have to meet our third update this weekend.

I received a wonderful package from Julianne, a belated birthday gifts. I just LOVE everything. Thank you so much, julliane for making my day! now, i can't wait to use the linen fabric as i have a project in mind to use for it but i have to complete a couple of what i started earlier first.

May you all have a Happy Valentine's Day weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PS exchange and the reason behind the ......

....FIVE weeks of DH at work/sea. He left yesterday afternoon. Instead of four weeks he will be away for five weeks as we are planning to go home to ASIA to visit my family in July. If only the prize of the tickets will go down a bit. I find 1200.00 euro per persoon too much. We do have to decide next month when he comes and book the sits. We would like to stay there for four weeks and he wants to have a couple of days to rest before going back to sea, so he really need the five weeks off. It's exactly two years this month since our last visit and the kids really wants to go back again.

I felt really sad and a bit guilty yesterday after he left. I was not really myself the last days, rather too quiet or easily irritated, there was a bit of friction between us because of just small things around the house or the kids. Also, i am not really looking forward to the coming vacation of the kids without their father. Like next week, it's the crocus vaction--that's one week and in April for the May vacation and that is two weeks. Hmmm...we'll see how we're gonna manage.

I received my Prairie Schooler exchange from Andrea and i LOVE it. It is soooo beautifully stitched and finished. Thank you so much Andrea, also for the lovely card.

Such a lovely matching fabric at the back with our initials. I do feel lucky to receive one of your lovely creations.

I haven't sent mine yet, hopefully before the end of this week. The stitching was finished a long time ago but still have to finish it off to somehting.

I have a lot to catch up as i haven't done much stitching when hubby was home ,also i am way behind on groups and blogs, i don't even know where to start.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post, the draw is still open until the 14th of this month.

Friday, February 06, 2009

February giveaway! a mattress pincushion!

Love Bug Mattress pincushion
Freebie by: Erynne
32ct. linen
DMC threads

I've seen this one on Annie's
blog yesterday and thought this will be my february giveaway. i finished stitching it last night while watching a movie with hubby and complete it just now into a pincushion.
Everyone is welcome for the draw, but please indicate if you want to be added for the draw and if possible to leave your e-mail address so i know where to contact you. It will be open until valentines day.

Thanks so much for this lovely design Erynne!

As you can see we have MAX again for company. Dh picked him up yesterday and he'll stay till sunday evening. Glad i took my camera early this morning when we went for a walk at the dyke, we had unexpectedly met one nearly the same sort as Max. He's name is Balou and is 3 years old. He leaves here on the village too for
one and a half year now but it's the first time we saw him. It was very misty till half way this afternoon. Atleast it wasn't so cold for a walk unlike the previous days when it was quite windy and rainy too.

My pc isn't working up properly since monday, still not fully fix! I am way behind
on my blog reading as well as on the yahoo groups, do hope to catch up later next week.

Many thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments. Also i received a couple of awards and thank you all so much for thinking of me. I will post more about it next week.

I hope everyone have a good weekend!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This and That....

Our very short outing with dh went very well, went out to dinner that thursday evening with a couple of his colleagues who is taking the same exams the next day. Quite a very good fish restaurant near the hotel where we stayed. The next day while they went to school i drove to a friend's place, my very first time to go alone with the car in the mainland, atleast about 30 minutes drive. I was quite nervous but i am really happy with the navigation system, i reach the place fine and back in the afternoon to pick up hubby for home. All the time, i am at the steering wheel and feel more confident when hubby is beside me, though i tend to make mistakes when he's in the car with me but still for most of the time i prefer if he's with me. But i really need to get use to being alone as it will be the case when he's away for work.

Yesterday came our friends for the weekend, mother and son. Actually quite a sad story with these two. It was the father's funeral last friday, died of cancer after 10 months discovering about it, he was only 43 years old. They were divorce for more than a year when it was discover and he has a new girlfriend. To make the story short, our friend the mother of the child isn't welcome to visit or whatever and isn't welcome for the funeral too. That's where i went to last friday.

The kids would really like to go and and play outside but it was too cold so we took them to one of the open museum here(not many are open here this time of year), to Ecomare. Thought we will be on time to see them feeding the seals but we didn't

manage it. Took most pictures outside, with the seals. If anyone interested you can see or read more about Ecomare on their website. fom left, Çhris, Grace, Julian & jocabel.

From left, Julian, his MUM, me and Chris.
They're back home now and she called me an hour ago that they had enjoyed their stay.

As for is my first update for the "Home is where...". I am doing this project with Tinna and just seen her update which she started from upper right corner while i did the opposite, lower right corner. Next update will be next weekend!!

Finished the fourth quilt block. Will be sending to South Africa tomorrow, hope Leandre's friend will like it. This will be the last block for the a while as i need to complete a couple of items for exchanges and try to work on a few projects that was started last month.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.