Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking a break...& Thank you...

...all so much for the birthday wishes. Our visit to friends was been wonderful. We were really happy to see each other as we haven't seen and spoken for more than 3 years. She's actually my first friend here when i came on the island but they transfered to the mainland after a couple of years since we met. On and off we visit each other but then both had quite a very busy schedule. So i didn't know she've been to a lot of troubles regarding her dh and finally separated more than a year now. They have a son who is eleven years old.
We really had good catch up on everything and the children had enjoyed playing together, also we had joined them with the sing-a-long on the playstation..that was fun!!

Anyway, the winner of my birthday giveaway is: JOSEPHINE congratulations!! I've just send you a note for your address. I will try to send it later this week or else beginning of next week.

Before we left last week my computer isn't working anymore, called dh for help but no success and he said better wait till he comes home or else everything might get lost and that's what i am afraid off.
I am using Chris computer right now but this is slow and Grace computer is upstairs at her room, she said it got virus too so it's not working properly.

I will try to visit blogs/groups when i get the chance as they used this one mainly for the playstation, they are now playing the wii that's why i am allowed to use this.

NO update from me till dh's home the 10th of January. Not much stitching done anyway as it's been pretty busy with visiting family and friends. We are invited to join one of our friends to welcome the New Year so we won't be alone here at home.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...& a giveaway!

We will be leaving the island later this morning, just me and the kids as DH isns't home for the holiday-he's at sea and be back around January 12th, and be back coming weekend. Since it's my birthday tomorrow i want to celebrate it with a giveaway. Just completed this flatfold, the

design from Debra Page from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, october 2004. Aside from the flatfold piece, added also one of the scissor fob biscornu that was finished a while back.

Everyone is welcome for the draw, i only ask that you leave your e-mail address so i know

where to contact you. It will be open until sunday(27th) evening (here in Holland).

I wish each and everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Last Christmas ornament for 2008!

Holly House ornament
Elisabeth Designs
JCS 2008
Cashel 28ct
DMC & WDW threads

This is my last completed Christmas ornament for this year!!

This was stitched last march and just completed it into an ornament.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments and all the birthday greetings. This is short as it's too late now, a friend dropped by this evening and had a nice catching up with everything.
Hope to post tomorrow before leaving.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank you so much, ANNA!!!

I can't wait it anymore and since we will be busy packing tomorrow i decided to open Anna's package this evening together with the kids. Oh my goodness...see all these goodies, i really really don't know where to begin to thank

you for your generosity. The kids are quite amazed too seeing their names on one of the wrapped items. They sure love their chocolates and noticed at once it's a very different one from what they see's around here.

Ohhhh and one of the Nisse girls...i feel so lucky to receive one of your creations Anna!
. Once again, Thank you so much!!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the birthday greetings.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A couple more pictures to share...

...but first i would like to answer a few comments this evening.
Thank you so much of the kinds words over my English. My Dutch isn't that very well too, i can do very well with conversation as i ussually received lovely comments about it that i speak Dutch well and if i am born and raised here, but in writing i am hopeless. I do ask our daughter when i wanted to write something since DH isn't home these days.

Julianne, my birthday is the 24th of December. It's the first time that Dh isn't home for the holidays which mean my b-day too so i decided to get out of the island. We will be leaving to stay at one of our friends in the mainland on the 23rd and be back the 26th or probably stay longer but that depends on the children.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

I stitched this one more time for a friend, i still haven't heard if she likes it or not but i do hope so. I've dropped it at her mailbox last monday. She does stitching but not much as i do.

Since it was already revealed who our partners are for this exchange, i can show a picture of what i sent to Lynne for the Stitched Christmas card exchange at Jayne's Attic.

Better off to bed now as it's way after midnight and i plan on preparing a good breakfast on a sunday because of Chris friend staying over. Normally, it's quite a relaxing morning for me.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

Pics. to share from the packages yesterday!

This wonderful package is from Lillie!!! The lovely needleroll for my PIF, see the "believe" ornament..i've admired it on her blog lately, so happy to receive one as well as the crocheted stars she made. I LOVE them all as well as the extra's enclosed. Many many thanks Lillie.

A few weeks ago i won one of Courtney's giveaways! WOW! look at this earrings she sent, they're gorgeous and it's one of her creations. Aren't i the lucky one here...! Thank you so much, Courtney also the cross stitch booklet enclosed.

A card/ornament received for the Stitched card exchange at Jayne's Attic group from Clare. Sure a nice idea to finished it this way so it can be hang as an ornament too. It's sooo cute and wow! threads are always welcome. Thank you so much Clare!!

I take it this one is from Sarah for the Small Finished Exchange at ILCS yahoo group. There's no return address and no note enclosed. I love it, Sarah. You stitched it beautifully. Thank you so much!

A quilt square from Marta. Despite her very busy schedule she stitched this square for me. I really love it. Many many thanks, Marta.

Lastly, is a gift from Shari for my birthday. A really nice surprise as i am not expecting it. Beautiful fabrics and sure will put to good use, also the DMC thread. Thank you so much, Shari!!

This took me a while to write as i am struggling with my English at the moment so i am sorry whatever short comings i've made. Most comes first in DUTCH and have to translate it and i do find it difficult these days.

Now, i better get off here and prepare the bed for Chris and his friend Mels, while they are playing with the Wii.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday, received these wonderful guesttowel, a very cute scissor fob and the beautiful stitched card from Irene for the 'kerstexchange' at Borduurpaleis yahoo group. Thank you so much Irene!!

Here's what came today from different post, glad i didn't leave this morning as i had intended as a couple of these was delivered and had to sign in. Haven't open them yet and a few i can see aren't expected so i am curious! Will post personal messages later tonight or else tomorrow. I'm off to join the kids to watch the finals of "popstars"! oh but first the NEWS at 8!!!

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on the Red Noel Ornament and the x'mas tree. I really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Red Noel Ornament!

The Red Noel Ornament
Maryse Dupont
The Gift of Stitching
32ct linen & DMC thread

This is probably my last x'mas ornament for this year, although i have a couple more that were started last month but i lost interest to finish it.

Took a couple of pictures of the christmas tree from different side with the last ornaments added to it. I didn't make all these ornaments, some are gifts and some are from exchanges these last couple of years.

These are a few of my favorites i can't part with. I am looking for a good tray or basket to arrange them in, but for the moment i'll leave them here at my table.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I deeply appreciate them all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you so much Shari, Anna & Vicky!

Aside from the DMC threads i asked Shari to buy for me she enclosed these cute little mittens filled with DMC threads. Thank you so much Shari, for helping me out and all the extra's you enclosed.

Received a package from Anna and just opened the envelope to take a picture. Ohhhh...i can't resist..i really want to open them but i saw a note do not open till my birthday. Last night, it was confirmed that i and my kids are going to the mainland the 23rd to spend my b-day and x'mas at one of our friends. DH isn't home now till the 12th of January. I think, i will open these just before we leave our home. Thank you, thank you so much Anna!!

Another package received from Vicky and here's what she made for the Small Finished Item(SFE) at ILCS yahoo group. Wonderful stitching and lovely fabric you have used for these design, Vicky. Thank you so much.

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments on my previous post. I really really appreciate them all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is Love!

Christmas is Love Flatfolds
Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 28ct linnen & 14ct aida
DMC threads

I didn't stitched these all in one time but in between a few
exchanges but did finished them all at once into a flatfold. Did took a while though as i can't find the right fabrics to use.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments on my prvious post. Max was hesitant to go along with his boss when he came to picked him up. DH had to bring him to the car as Max doesn't follow his boss. I can say it is not easy to let him go.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Max is here...x'mas tree

We had to picked up Max last saturday evening as the owner left that afternoon to the mainland, went to Cyprus for business. His flight is quite early, he couldn't make it with the first ferry at six. I can say, that is one of the disadvantages of living on the island. We visited friends at the mainland too last saturday that is why he couldn't drop him so the only option is to picked him up. Max was really happy when he saw us,

he went straight to the car and tried to jump in at the back but the space is not enough for him, he has to join Grace and Chris at the passenger's space. That was no problem for him.

Here's pictures of Max and the kids after we assemble the x'mas tree last sunday afternoon.

This is a temporary arrangement of the ornaments, there's a few more i want to add and change. I have to finished a few ornaments but i haven't had much time lately.

DH went to lie die on the floor, Max saw him and went and lie down next to him.

Snowy Night ornament
Prairie Schooler Designs
from JCS 2008
stitched on 32ct linen & DMC threads

Here's what i stitched and made for Annie for the winter exchange. Happy to hear it has arrived safely and pretty quick too.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Thank you so much Annie and Mare!!

Received a couple of wonderful packages.

One is from Annie for the winter exchange. Look at what she stiched and made into a zippered pouch. She did a great job on it, soooo neatly finished. Thank you so much, Annie. I do feel very

guilty as i didn't enclosed any extra for my exchange to you as we had agreed no extra's for this exchange. But i love the thread you enclosed and many many thanks.

This is the back of the pouch. Lovely colour of the fabric Annie had chosen too.

The other parcel is from Mare for the Small Finished Exchange at ILCS yahoo group. She made the mini-tote and tin topper. Both are very cute and beautifully finished.

Inside the tin is one of her self made pin. It is soooo lovely! Thank you so much, Mare.
Also enclosed is the square she stitched for my 'friendship quilt'. Many many thanks!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I appreciate them very much.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Ornaments!!

I heard most of the x'mas ornaments i've sent were received, still waiting to hear from a couple though but i am hoping they are already received as it went out with all the rest. This one received by Lillie in Malaysia, the quickiest to arrived. These complete my stitching from the Quick & Easy booklet and all from Joanne Elliott. Infact i finished 3 of this ornaments.

Here's a picture of them all together before a few sent out. Most i keep it for myself and the booklet is on the way to Mexico.

Joy Ornamnet
Lizzie Kate Freebie
Stitched on light blue aida
DMC threads

Received by Debra.

Joyeaux Noel Pinkeep
Freebie of Maryse
Stitched on 14ct pearl aida
DMC Threads

Received by Shari.

Peace flatfold
Lizzie Kate from Cross Stitcher magazine 2004
Stitched on 14ct blue aida
DMC threads

Received by Julie as the winner of my blogger anniversary.