Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I need a kind of ROTATION!!

Actually...i can say i am crazy! I started not one but few more projects. It seems whenever i came across one of the charts i have i would like to stitch someday i quickly try and kitted it up with what i have with the threads and fabric and start some stitching on it. Put it aside till i get the time to go further but how can i go further when i am always distracted by other projects???

Now, i decided to make a rotation not specifically for each day but to try and work one of the themes once in two weeks as i can't guarantee working/stitching everyday. Will start work next week after 4 weeks off.

Here are three of the new projects i started: "A Stitcher's Prayer" of LHN, Joan Elliott's charts, x'mas ornament of Blackbird Designs from JCS 2004. I went back to my listed goals end of December, copied and attach it here. This will be my guide for the rotation.

I have try and note a kind of goals for 2008, i haven't done it before. Lets see how far i can get..!
1. 5 PIF that i offered on my blog earlier this month.
2. scissor fob for January exchange

3. x'mas ornamnets & cards(atleast one each month)
4. 3 Joan Elliott's charts for the kitchen
5. start on Sarah Spence 1806 Ackworth Sampler
6. birthday cards
7. a couple of LHN charts
8. atleast 5 prairie schooler for pinkeeps
9. work on Quilt sampler (quilting)
10. a few quilt blocks for ILCS
11. work on a few UFO's Hardanger
12. ...and for a few exchanges as i am sure will join some too

While looking for the hardanger chart i had mentioned earlier i've found these two that was started a long time better try & work on these too.

Hi Elisabeth, haven't work on it yet. No, haven't seen any of the magazines these last years, really a pity as they are quite good.

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them all. Thanks a lot Karan for the well wishes. I felt better this morning and it was a better day than yesterday so instead of taking coffee break we(dh) took off for a walk and while we are having lunch a friend called(same one of yesterday) called if i have time to go with her for a walk. In all, i have walked nearly three hours today!!
Tomorrow, they expect a stormy weather and we are off to the mainland for the day so no walks for me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January-Christmas finishes

Completed this one into a pinkeep. Thought at first to do it heart shape but í find the aida not easy to fold. Might try to stitch it on white linen/evenweave next time... i hope. This design is from Jo Verso which was featured in one of the quick and Easy magazines years a go. Stitched on 14ct red Aida with blanc DMC thread.

Was able to finished these two cards as well. These are from Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine.

Have a bit of headache probably from the cold. Been for a walk this morning with DH for about an hour, he said he wants to get out for a walk and fresh air. Outside temperature today is about 7 degrees celcius with a bit of wind and its at the dyke so it's really open. After lunch i had promised to go for a walk with a friend so off i went and this time more than an hour. So i have enough exercise for the week as we've been for a walk yesterday as well(with DH).

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hooked on Exchanging

I received a package all the way from New Zealand today!! Thanks so much Rowijn for this lovely quaker scissor fob. Enclosed are a cute teddy chart and needles too. Thanks for everything Rowijn.

I hope this will get in as i am having trouble uploading the pictures.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pin keeps finishes

I had signed up for pin keeps finishing class on ILCS yahoo group which was held yesterday but wasn't able to finish it off as we've been out most part of the day. Came home at around 2AM and was really happy we can sleep in as the kids stayed at their grandma for the night. I've just finished them off now and quite happy how they turned up.

These were stitched last year and glad they are now done or else they'll just be in store box.

Thanks so much for stopping by and all the nice comments. Really appreciate them all.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mattress Pincushion #2

I really love this finishing, does motivates me to make another one to accompany the first one. Sure love to do a few more but have other priorities now.

This is a freebie of waxing moon designs and the border just took it from one of the

cross stitch magazine. I really like how this turned up.

Aside from finishing this one i also worked on the PIF's but can't show any pictures of those.

The last picture is a bit blurred, sorry about that. Will try to take a better picture next time.

I am afraid there won't be much stitching for me this weekend. Saturday mid afternoon we will be out for Chris football and then in the evening we will be at a friends place. MIL offered to have the kids at her place for the night and the children love it so there's no excuse to go home early!

Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend! And thanks so much for visiting and great too see visitors (live traffic feed, right side corner) from different countries, would really appreciate if you take a moment to say Hi and if you have blogs or site i would like to visit too.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hardanger...& Thanks!

Last sunday we went to a friends birthday more than an hour ride, we left the kids at their grandma so no distraction in the car while i am working on this Hardanger piece. The first picture is what i've done last year or maybe a couple of years now? Just found it without the chart so i still have to hunt the chart of it. Was able to do part of it
during the ride and done partly around it last night while watching the only series i like to watch, CSI New York and Bones.

Many many thanks for all the nice comments especially of Chris with his math. We are sure very proud of him. One of the teachers last year, actually one of Grace teacher who once in a while give lessons to the lower class said to Grace that her brother is following her footsteps. She's been one of the top ones too during her time here at the primary school. It's a pity they don't give especial honors here compare to where i grew up. Though, now that they are at the secondary level that's where they are classified to different levels depending on their primary grades. Out of 22 in the class they were only four who went to the highest level called VWO( Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs [Preparatory scientific education]). We do try our best to help or stimulate them and do hope they will do there best as it's for their own good in the future.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh yes, i got distracted from working on the PIF's, though i had finished a couple of stitching and will be looking for the right fabric colour to go with it. Just had a look of what i have of fabric and i have mostly for x'mas need to have a look later this week at the quilter's home.

One of the yahoo groups had asked if anyone's interested to send a card for her Dh 40th b-day. It's free choice so long as with the 40 number on the card, i choose to stitch this for him. Actually, he's not really looking forward to this #!! That is why these will be a big surprise for him. Hope he'll like it though!

And since i am in the mood for cards i also finished two cards for a future birthdays of children's of friends/family.

Here's Chris so proud receiving the certificate for completing the tables of 1 to 5, the only one in his class of 23 pupils. Yeah, with calculations...i am not sure what is the right term use for school anymore, i thought math can do as well. Anyway, he's quite good with it and ahead too with his classmates that is why we try to slow him down and asked him to give more priorities with his reading though it is going good as well.

Lynn, about the scissor fob you've asked, works really fine for me especially when i'm on the couch watching tv as well as trying to stitch, and put needles and pins too.

Thank you all so much for stopping by.

And hope everyone are having a good day. Here's finally dry and sunny after a few days of constant rain. We've had an hour walk at the dyke with DH, though it's cold but it feels good after staying all the time inside.
Got to see to lunch!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mini Biscornu!!

First of all, thank you all so much for dropping by and all the nice comments with my last post and i see quite a lot of new ones too. Hopefully, it will not be the last that you come and visit me. I am really happy and appreciate all your comments.

In between working for the PIF's gifts i stitched these tiny pieces and finished it off into scissorfobs! Since i read about how long would be the cording for a scissor fob i realise i make it far too long so i experiment with these ones.

I do love how they turned out and i thought to give these one aways but it feels a bit difficult to part them off. But i do feel that with all my works actually when i mailed them off and be very happy when the receiver likes it upon receiving. Thanks to
The Floss Box for these nice patterns.

This x'mas ornament which i've sent the end of November to the U.S for the stitching blogger birthday exchange had just arrived. I felt so bad about it that it didn't arrive on time!

Might be quiet for a while as i want to finish the PIF gifts i am working on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mattress Pincushion!

Here's what i've done instead yesterday!! Eversince i've seen one of this finished i was in love with it and do really want to try it. Thought the 'Life's a Stitch' design would be great to try. It's kind of plain but i am glad it's a start. I am thankful for this blog link where i got my inspiration for making one.

I do sure felt better after that!!

Thanks so much everyone for dropping by and leaving comments.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


With my last post i've enclosed pictures of WIP's i wanted to work on and i did but one after the other i ran out of DMC threads needed..aaarrrgggggggg! Been to the only craft shop here on the island that sales DMC(for 1.65 dollar per skein) but it's closed for a couple of weeks.

Okey, so started to make a couple of finished pieces into pinkeeps and found out i don't have enough of the right colour pins to go with it..hhhhmmmmmm!

Last, i stitch a small piece to make into a birthday card and to find out last night the special glue i used for cards is nearly empty so it got hard and can't be use anymore.

The only good thing i can share is i am done with the scissor fob for the exchange and will be mailing later this week. Can't show a picture yet though.

But here are the updates of the above mentioned WIP's.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A finish, a new start & a couple of WIP's

Thanks so much for all the nice comments..this was really quite a quick finish. It really made me smile when i read your comment Carol as you're right i've finished it by then but wasn't in the mood for blogging last night, instead i worked on the scissor fob for the January exchange. I am nearly done with the stitching and will complete it next week.

With the Life's a Stitch, i've used Sampler threads though change the given colours to what i have with the threads and used 32ct white belfast linnen. I might finish it off into a pinkeep or flatfold, not sure yet.

Also thanks so much, Barbara over my cards and weight loss. I confess i have difficulty at the moment...i do so much crave for salted things especially chips!

One of my goals for this year is to stitch atleast a couple of LHN designs, so here is a start...hope it will be done before spring comes!

Finally, these blocks were started early last year. It's for the ILCS yahoo group quilt blocks. I really do feel guilty as they should be done before the end of 2007.
And i think i still have a couple more blocks that i've signed in for so have to look about the details and have to try and reorganize...i think i need a kind of rotation for the time being, atleast each project once a week???

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life's a Stitch!

Life's a Stitch from Lizzie Kate. Thanks so much, Eva for sending it to me.
You see, i started it at once tonight but can't finish it off as i wanted to update my blog and catch up on other mails before turning in. Sorry for the picture though as it is blurred!

Finished this card yesterday for an exchange on one of the Yahoo groups.

Oh well, since i loose about 5 kilo's before christmas and i am really happy when we went for check-up last week after the holidays that we didn't gain since the last check up the beginning of December. We were quite afraid we will gain especially during our holiday in Germany when we've been out to dinner everyday but so glad it didn't. For me is fine as i don't need to loose anymore but DH have still about 5 kilo's more to loose.
Anyway, i went shopping today at the mainland as i really wanted some new jeans. With my short height it was really difficult to find a fitted one, i ended up at the children's section and oh boy all their jeans there are low-waisted, i'd rather prefer the high waisted one! Bought two jeans for a start and some lingeries. Have to wait for new collections as most were left overs from last year so there's not many to choose from that is why they are all on sale.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

January x'mas ornament...

... !! first ornament is stitched! Now the finishing, i just don't know how to finish it of. I am thinking into a pinkeep(square) or try it into a heart shape hanging ornament.

This design is from Jo Verso which was featured in one of the quick and Easy magazines years a go. Stitched on 14ct red Aida with blanc DMC thread.

The last days passes by very quickly! Last friday, Grace went ice skating with her swimming club to the mainland. We then took Chris and his friend Mels to the swimming pool for the afternoon, otherwise he'll just be alone here at home with his oldies..ha ha.., we too needed a bit of exercise as we couldn't go out for a walk with the cold weather.
Friday evening, a couple of friends came by for a drink and had a nice evening catching up as they've been to Germany for the holidays.
Early this morning(sunday), been to my work to help for the big cleaning of the restaurant as we are closed for a month starting today!!! Yippeeee!! The owners are going to Austria(winter sport) and a few others too for a couple of weeks. They don't have children who are at school yet so it is fine for them. We can't though as our children have to go to school.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scissor fob finish!

I finished the tiny half of the one i had completed the other day and made it into a tiny biscornu scissor fob. So glad i have these tiny buttons on hand otherwise it will put aside.
I got these tiny patterns from The floss box and used Red Plum of Sampler threads.

I would like as much as possible to complete items into something such as ornaments, because last year i've waited till nearly december when i was working them into ornaments and wow! It wasn't an easy task and it does takes time.

Thank you all so much for visiting and all comments are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to all!! & New years dive...

Just a quik post with some pictures taken last night. We are just home with the four of us last night, since i have to work today we decided just a quiet evening so for the first time in years no visitors and didn't go to family or friends too, though we are invited to one of our friends but knowing the celebratio is ussually until the early hours i am afraid i won't be fit to go to work the next day.
These pictures of DH and Chris doing the fireworks, Grace find it too cold to come out so she was mostly watching tv. Last is one of the neighbours, some fireworks were really great!!

Joining the New years dive..? was actually a joke last week but when it got nearer the time they decided to join. If i should not work today, i think i have join them too. Who knows next time!! Dh asked his sister to take some pictures and we had asked MIL last sunday if she can go and assist them with the towels. When the best friends of Grace heard of it yesterday they wanted to join them too. The water temperature was 44F(7degrees celcius). Brrrrrrrrrrrr wasn't that cold??? Here are some pictures:

Believe it or not but i really wanted to have even a very tiny finish for this first day of 2008, i know i am crazy but i did it anyway. Children are already in bed when i came home earlier as they stayed up so late last night, so i picked up one of the chart i've kitted up yesterday and began stitching while talking to DH about today's events. This will be for a scissor fob biscornu, the half of it.

Now i better go and try to cacth up on groups and other bloggers while waiting for my cousin's call from the U.S. As she called earlier but i am not yet home.

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