Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I won't have a computer for a while...

First off, THANK you all so much for all the Birthday wishes! AS i mentioned on my last post we haven't celebrated it, instead been too busy at the house. Hubby being away and the place where we are staying is quite small for having people around so we postponed it end of January.
This GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers was a big surprise though, hubby arrange it with Grace..Thanks so much, dear hubby!!

I really didn't expect anyone as i called all family and friends that it won't be celebrated that day but still a couple of devoted friends stopped by with these lovely, lovely flowers!!

A big big surprise from Julianne too that day is this beautiful ornament and when i got log on my pc that night the first message appeared was from Julianne with a Gift Certificate to order some stash, quite a huge amount-oh my i feel so lucky and spoiled!!So generous of you, Julianne ...Thank you so much!

Received this lovely ornament from Tiinna( no blog), Thank you so much.

So glad to hear this pinkeep arrived safely in Canada after a week while a couple of gifties to the U.S.A still haven't been received while it is nearly three weeks now. Just hope they will turn up eventually!

A couple of pics of last weeks works at the house. Painting still going on till today and probably tomorrow too.

I had started transferring some of our things today and more on tomorrow, might be everything too including the pc...then we won't have internet until hubby gets home the 7th of January!! Sure gonna miss it but i don't know how to connect it at the house.

Until then...HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and best wishes for 2011!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Greetings!!

These are all the ornaments completed for the x'mas SAL ornaments 2010!!
All in the same kind of finishing. Still wondering what type of finishing
will i do next year......

I hope that each of you have a wonderful CHRISTMAS holiday!!

It's over midnight and DD came in from a party with her schoolmates and greeted me HAPPY BIRTHDAY...whew!!!can't believe i am a year older again today and a mum to a teenage girl who went partying with mum's high heels! Her excuse she haven't had time to go shopping and hadn't expected to go to this christmas party.
Nothing special today, infact i have to go and start cleaning at the house while the painters finishing their work in the living room. We will celebrate my birthday and Chris end of January, hopefully we are a bit settled then.

Thank you all again for visiting and leaving such nice comments. I really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas ornaments!!

Finally completed the Dec. x'mas SAL ornament!!

Santa's and Snowmen ornament
Prairie Schooler design
32ct Zweigart Belfast Naturel linen
DMC threads

These are some ornaments completed a while back and now finally arrived to the new owners.

Frosty Fun ornament
Prairie Schooler design
JCS 2009
32ct evenweave
DMC thread

'December' needleroll
Birthstone & flower samplers
From a booklet of The World of Cross Stitching
(no designers was given)
Stitched on 28ct white evenweave
DMC thread

Christmas Eve Deer ornament
Prairie Schooler design
November 2009 TGOS
28ct Belfast linen
DMC threads

Merry Christmas ornament
Little House Needleworks design
32 count linen
DMC Threads

Hope you are all having a good week. Thank you all so much for visiting my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

..i've been spoiled & more progress pics...

Lovely surprises were delivered here latey.
Here's all the way from Poland! So pity the cookie ornament didn't reach here in whole so we had eaten it and hmmm it taste really good. The ornament is so neatly stitched and perfectly finished, you had done a great job, Anna.

Here is from Spain! Edit, your sewing is sooo neat and the color of the fabric fits perfectly with the design.

...and a lovely self-made card by Nia from Portugal.

Such GORGEOUS ornaments as well as all enclosed goodies. LOVE them all!! Thank you so much; Anna, Edit & Nia for thinking of me.

The house renovations are progressing well. Only, the underfloor heating will have to wait...after six weeks, before we can turn it ON! That is sometime in FEBRUARY.
We had expected the painters to start today but they didn't turned up. That's actually one of the last to be done inside and then when it dries up we can start returning the things. Hopefully, after Christmas. Where we are staying have underfloor heating system so we are glad we could stay here till the end of December.
((click on all pics. to enlarge))

I hope everyone is having good start to the week. Thanks so much for visiting and all the kind comments. I really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

....this & that.......

First, i'd like to show these ornaments which one is left here for me and the other two were sent out. I love how they turned out. These were actually stitched up a few months ago and was able to complete them lately. The flat ornament still on the way to the new owner...

((click on pictures to enlarge))
The only exchange i signed in this Christmas and here is what i received from my partner. Love the sea shells design stitched unto the towel and look at all the cute goodies enclosed plus the stitched santa x'mas card-lovely finished! Thank you so much Wendy!!

Last weekend, we had 'Ouwe Sunderklaas'. This tradition is celebrated here on Texel every year on December 12. The children go out on the street in the afternoon, the adults at night, all dressed up and with masks to expose certain matters that have taken place on the island in a humorous way. For this, signs with text are used and voices are disguised to prevent recognition. Every villages have their own acts as it pertains ussually to what happened in that area. We stayed or Chris and i stayed here in our village while Grace went to a couple of other villages as she wants to see her friends for their acts. Hubby is away, in ITALY for his work.
These were some pictures i've taken... Chris played with a couple of his friends and won second place of group category.

These were the adults!

After this so-called 'speulen' (playing) the party is continued to the small hours in the pubs--the adults! The small kids ussually till around 10pm.

Progress is being made of the ongoing renovations....

Hubby's 8 weeks off was over, he left thursday last week, so he won't be able to see the upcoming progress. The kitchen was put back yesterday and tomorrow the workmen will start on the floor tiles and expected to be done by saturday.

Thank you all for stopping by and all the kind comments. I have't visited blogs lately, i am sorry...just that been quite hectisch lately. I hope everyone's having a goo week!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

"My Little Heart" SAL & more updates on the house!

After dinner last night while both kids took turns on the computer i stitched on the december block. Finally this SAL is completed! Thanks so much Sylvia for your generosity in sharing this lovely design.

More pictures of the ongoing works at the house...((pictures can be click to enlarge))

Today, all workmen are free due to "Sinterklaas celebration" we decided to go to the city(Amsterdam) for some shopping but after half an hour driving after the ferry we decided to turn back as the roads weren't really safe, wasn't cleaned at all and we were driving very slowly. It will take us hours to arrive to the city and back.

I am feeling guilty here... although i bought a few boxes of Christmas cards a few weeks ago but haven't had the energy and time to write on and send them out. It is too late now to send out....i am so sorry NO cards this year!

As always, i really appreciate your visits on my blog and THANKS so much for taking the time to leave me a comment.

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