Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The season's SAL...

...stitched two, which i finished one into a flatfold and the other will be all seasons in ONE piece. This flatfold one will be a gift for a friend. (( you can click on all pics to enlarge))

A huge package arrived last week all the way from Canada....

...see all the goodies! Infact the back fabric of the flatfold is from this package. I LOVE everything!! Thank you so much, Suzanne for your generosity!

Last friday, our new neighbour had a couple of friends visiting from the mainland, and the man works on guitars, they know Chris have guitar lessons so they asked Chris to try and play with him, so he took the instruments out to the front...

As Gillie mentioned before..it wouldn't be a post if it didn't have flowers somewhere in it....so while i still have some blooming flowers around to show, these are from my garden which i've taken last week while it was sunny. Some spots needed more plants but haven't had time to go and buy some. Forgot the flower pots though. Today is so dark and very windy so hopefully this weekend we will have a better weather. We sure glad of the rain but cold winds came along with it so temperature dropped down.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments over the Tulip fields. It's just a pity season's over, just too short actually. Oh well, something to look forward too again next Spring!

I hope everyone's having a good week!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

ornament, new WIP's & Tulip fields!

Ornament SAL for March and only completed it recently while we are now into May...stitching is quite slow for me these days, especially now that i finally landed a new part-time job, a couple of days a week for a start...
(all pics can be enlarge)

Noel ornament
Gazette 94 freebie
32ct. linen
DMC thread

Started this sampler a couple of days ago, before i went for a job interview...I've been in love with this Sampler Girl for a long time and i am so grateful, Lesleyanne kindly lent me the pattern.

...and saw a new SAL at Carole's after the Easter SAL and wanted to stitch it too, glad we have a few weeks before the next block so i have to start that too...
plus a couple of small birthday gifts this month which i am afraid will reach the celebrants way after their birthday as i haven't completed them yet!!

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, Easter sunday actually when we went for Chris football tournament at the mainland. Saw lots and lots of Tulips fields along the way, North Holland are known for their Tulips fields!!

I really appreciate everyone's comment, thank you all so much. I might be late visiting blogs so please do forgive me. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day weekend too!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

pincushion, LK & 'meierblis'....

I feel like i haven't stitch for a long time, actually about 4-5 weeks when hubby was home. He went back to sea, to Scotland a few days ago and be back after 5-6 weeks.
This pincushion was stitched sometime last March and now finally arrived to the new owner so i can show a pic. It is a freebie from "Gazette94".

Joined a LK SAL which we are going to stitched one every month, this was for the month of April. Managed to stitched it in 3 days, not really on time as i had done the last stitches today. I don't know yet how to finish it of, thought into another flatfold but it is quite big.

Was Queen's Day yesterday! Viewed most of the happenings on TV, i mean where the Royalties were, it was in Weert-southern part of Holland.
There were lots of activities in every village here but i wasn't in the mood to join all the crowd, just too busy...been only here in our village but wasn't much, mainly for small children.
In the evening i had to join the rest to the 'bonfire' which was outside our village as Chris really wanted to go, can't leave him alone out there.

A 'Meierblis' is a bonfire, is lit on April 30 on the island. Incidentally, this fire has nothing to do with the Queen's Day that celebrated on the same date, the 'meierblissen' are infact part of a much older tradition. Meierblissen are great fires of waste and wood waste, these fires are lit at the beginning of the night . Some roast their potatoes in this fire. Also, become more popular use to blacken the faces with the ashes. According to folklore experts meierblis is a remnant of a Germanicpractice of firing the spirits of winter to dissipate. (source.. Wikipedia)

Thank you all for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. Weekend is over... and the kids have Spring break. Chris have a friend staying over for the night, hope they will sleep in...

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