Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Sad Day!

Feb. 2001 - march 2010

It is with a heavy heart that I share this sad news about Max. This afternoon, we had to say goodbye. We had asked the vet to come here in our place and everyone's here with him, also the owner.
Over the past three weeks we know he's in pain but he is still happy to be with us. He follows us everywhere when he can. When i am here at my desk, he often nudges me for pets. He will not go out with the others for his walks without me.
Max... You will always live on in our hearts and memories.

((you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))
These were some of his last pictures at his favorite place, at the dyke looking out to see.

Thank you all so much for your visits and all your kind comments with my previous post.

Friday, March 26, 2010

tulips alphabet scissor fobs!

So glad to hear all these scissor fobs finally arrived to the new owners. After finishing the fobs out of Sylvia's monthly Sal early this month i decided to do more fobs and add beads around it and using the tulip alphabet. I so love this design, i hope to stitch the whole alphabet someday....! I am so happy to hear Betty(no blog),Lindsay, Kay, Shari, and Tracy likes them.
((you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))

Just taken a couple of pictures of my simple Spring flower arrangement inside today...

...and a picture of a few blooming flowers on my garden, i really need to clean and do something out there!

Made this deviled eggs just before dinner as we expected friends for the evening...
It's way over midnight when they left and we had a nice evening catching up on each others news.
As for Max, he is sleeping a lot. Since yesterday, he is not interested with food although he has taken a little bit of what i've made during lucnh time today but this evening nothing at all.

Thank you so much for all the nice comments. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adopted Max!

After taking care of Max the last weeks we decided to continue taking care of him and talked to the owner last night about it. He lives alone and doesn't have much time for Max. It was no problem and we had agreed if we are away for a couple of days especially during weekends we can bring Max to him.
The owner was here last night, Max was happy to see him but when the time's come for him to leave, Max just stayed where he was ...lying infront of me and doesn't want to follow seems he did expected to stay behind!

This picture was taken last sunday at the dyke. It was sunny, really nice weather so quite some people are out with their pets.

((You can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))
Received a couple of surprises lately!

This is from Anna from Poland! See the very cute cute bunny. I LOVE it! Thanks so much, Anna. HOpe you get my e-mail last night.

And this one from Anette. Thanks so much. I haven't made any Easter ornaments yet this year so i am very happy to received these lovely pieces!

Here's a couple of pictures taken during my walk with a friend yesterday afternoon. Lovely crocuses, isn't it?? Just a pity it will not last long! I am glad i am on time to take pictures, i think in a couple of days these will be gone.

Thank you all so much for visiting especially to those who takes time to leave me a comment. I really, really appreciate them all.
I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

mattress pincushions!

'Spring' mattress pincushion
Prairie Schooler freebie design
32ct linen & DMC threads
flower mattress pincushion
Primitive Bettys freebie design
32ct linen & DMC threads
I've completed these two mattress pincushions last month, gifts for friends and now both were finally received, the Prairie Schooler one to Nita and the Primitive Bettys to Karen. The one to Nita took a while to arrived it did got me worried.
(you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want) On our way home after the football games of Chris we went to get some potatoes by one of the farmers here and saw this field of Snowdrops nearby their house and these crocuses infront of the house, although you can see lots of small bunches of crocuses along the road these days.
We came home after 2 in the afternoon and Grace said Max didn't want to go out with her for his round so off with him to the dyke. He loves his walks over here but when we first took him home after he hasn't eaten anything at his home he was so weak he couldn't manage to walk up the hill to the dyke so we only goes along the small bush beside the park infront of our house.
These past few days, i prepared extra meal for our dinner and give some to him, he likes it so much that i began prepareing more food for him during meal times. Maybe why he kept following me wherever i go.
Yesterday, i wasn't feeling well but i had to go out for his rounds as he doesn't go without me unless if he doesn't saw me all day.

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog and for taking the time to leave me a comment. They mean so much to me! Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The owner came and picked up Max last monday and took him to the vet. He called us later that day about the test, found out he has tumor in his stomach, not one but more. So sad to hear it but it cannot be help. The next day(tuesday) we went to visit him, he is outside again so we decided to take him with us. We don't know for how long he lives but atleast he is here inside and sorrounded with company. We'll see how long we can keep him. He sure happy when he saw us especially when we called him to come with us, so eager to climb in the car even if he was very weak, had to help him up. We are very attach to this dog and it is so difficult thinking he doesn't live that long anymore. We had given him some soft foods and he does takes it, so i am cooking extra during our meals for him too and as off yesterday he is eating quite some and seems improving.
I was out all day with a friend yesterday when i came home in the evening he's been following me and lie down next to me. (you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want). Took these pictures this morning. He does looks fit and didn't take a pause during the walk as he ussually does previously.

Sent a couple of pictures to one of the magazine in the U.K end of last year and one got featured. It was the Russian Doll which was finished into a pinkeep. I didn't renew my subscription early this year so when i received an email that it will be featured i'd asked Karen to help me out for the magazine. Thanks so much Karen for sending the magazine. Hope you got my emails. It seems a few aren't receiving my mails lately, anyone who is waiting for an email from me please check in your spam mails.
A close-up picture of the featured letter on the magazine.
Received a wonderful surprise from Edit earlier. Thank you so much, Edit! I Love them all especially the stitched items as i haven't made any Spring stitching this time.
A close-up picture of the Spring pieces!
Took a few pictures during one of my walks with a friend last week. Lots of lambs are out these days especially these last couple of days as it has been sunny and warming up a bit.
We came across the girls too, Grace and her friends, in-line skating!

Ah..the said sorting i had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, nothing was started yet. Pretty busy socially and also we are in the process of negotiations with a few different contractors for the renovation. Hopefully, we will know more and be able to decide who will do the job before hubby goes back to sea the end of this month.
My back is getting better only have a very bad colds again, stuffy nose and headaches. I do hope it will be over soon.
Before i end, I did have a new start, a Prairie Schooler-Summer Breeze.
Also completed a few scissor fobs but they are on the way to the new owners, will show pictures when they are received.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who come and visit my blog. All your comment are very special to me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Max is not well!

(you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want) Thought to share about Max here on my blog as i know some knows all about our relationship with him. We received a very late call the other night from hubby's elder sister that Max isn't that well, haven't been eating for a few days now. So we decided to go and visit him yesterday morning after stopping by at the owner's work place. He said, he took him to the vet last monday but they couldn't find out why he isn't eating at all. Said, probably because he is old....(he's now 9). We went to see him and oh my...he is outside with the temperature of 4 degrees celcius... really in a pitiful state. We can't understand why the owner let him stay outside. They're just two of them, Max and hubby's ex-brother-in-law. He works all day so Max alone!
We are really crazy of Max especially hubby so we decided at that moment to take him with us and call the owner and it was no problem. I thought Max really likes to stay outside so i expect him that he go and stay at our backyard but since we came home yesterday morning he's been inside all the time except when we took him for a short walk in the afternoon. We don't know if he's sick or because of old age, it seems like more he's sick though. He has lost a lot of weight as you can see on the picture above... and the pictures i've taken last February during his short visit here. When we took him to the dyke yesterday afternoon he has to stopped a few times to rest, he is really weak... till now he hasn't taken any food yet. Atleast he drinks bit by bit. I just don't know what will happen next...or how long he will stay here...

Since i am here thought to share a few pictures from our weekend. Chris and his friends joined in on the playbackshow last saturday evening here in the village. They had chosen "kiss" (i was made for loving you) for their act. As they are four of them they had started early painting their faces, me and hubby been to his elder sister's birthday but not for long as i felt guilty while the other mother's are doing the works, glad we were on time to help out as you can see on the picture, hubby painting one of the boys.

On their category were so many acts, i think around 21 and some are really very good. In the end they got the prize for originality!. It was around 1am when we finally got home but atleast the kids had enjoyed it.
The next day, sunday...we went to visit friends on the mainland. I've seen the baby a day after his birth as i went to visit them at the hospital but not hubby and the kids.

My lower back hurts! It happened last saturday morning while preparing to go for Chris football game. I thought it will disappear after a while but still hurts. oh, i hate to go to the doctor but if it will persist i think i have to go. I haven't started sorting the albums yet as it's busy everyday, mostly socially!

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog and all the kind comments. They mean so much to me! Hope everyone's having a wonderful week.

Friday, March 05, 2010

PS flatfold & taking a break from blogging!

I've finished this one before hubby came home and decided to finish it off into a flatfold but can't find the right cord - of what i have - to attach for the sides, will have to look at the shop one of these days.
((you can click on all pictures to enlarge))
This one got me worried as it took a while to arrive, so glad to hear it has finally reached Nita earlier this week..

....and the winner of the fob giveaway is....Christine. As you can see i added two more, the only stitching i did since hubby got home last tuesday afternoon. These goes to....Deb and Carolyn!. Congratulations ladies! Please send your address info and they will be send off next week.

I'm taking a break from blogging- visiting and commenting- for a couple of weeks. Although i do try to visit and leave comments if i can but i can't promise... This coming weekend we are out attending birthdays, visiting friends and other activities of the children. And then hopefully next week i will start to sort out pictures(lots, i think i am three years behind now) to the respective albums. I have album for Grace, Chris, for me and hubby and album for my parents in Asia-this if we don't send it we take it with us when we go for a visit. Now, this is one of my problem aside from my stitching stash, all the albums to be pack later for the renovations. I really hope they will be safe.

Thank you all so much for stopping by. Happy weekend to all!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Happy, Happy! hubby is coming home...

...just got a call that he is at the airport and will be taking the train to the ferry. I'll be off soon to the ferry but would like to post a note here incase i couldn't post the coming days. The children doesn't know yet so it will be a big surprise for them when they get home this afternoon/evening. I've no time for the draw at this minute so i will try before the weekend.
Thanks so much for all the well wishes for Chris. He is fine now and back to school. I think it was really from the cold and wet weather during their football match as they haven't been that exposed i mean not even for training the last couple of months.

A quick note about my surprise package.....
See these stash!!! It came in yesterday, i was expecting a package from Nita as she've mentioned it earlier that one is on the way to me but no idea what was in. Imagine my surprise when i opened it up. Thank you so much, Nita. I LOVE them all. You are all probably wondering why i receive such a generous gift, it started when Nita signed in for the 'grant a wish' that i offered last year but that she wants to send something back in return. That wasn't what i had in mind because i offered it freely and not expecting anything back. I was very hesitant with her generous offer so i didn't give my address when she was asking for it. It took a while before we did have a kind of agreement. Still i do feel guilty now but hope someday i'll be able to do something in return. Once again, Thank you so much Nita!
It seems most of my finishes lately were fobs! So glad this arrived safely to Edit! as it took a while... thought it was lost.

As always, i really appreciate your visits on my blog and THANKS so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. Wishing you all a wonderful week!