Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Peace...Blackbird design

This design was already stitched just after i received the issue JCS 2013 but wasn't able to make it up into an ornament until yesterday. A couple more to go...i am progressing but haven't done any stitching for nearly a week. Kind of busy socializing and facebooking/chatting with my family and friends all over the world. It's a week vacation here for the kids so a few parents organise an indoor football for teens..12-14 years. Every village come up with their own group so 7 villages in all. Quite intense activity so they only play for 10minutes per game. It took the whole afternoon today and was fun to watch them play. Chris group end up the 4th place. Got some mangoes from home brought by a couple of friends who got back from their vacation, i know my asian friends here loves it too so had called them up to share. Was sure yummmmmmy, especially the ripe ones. A pity we cannot buy or they are not available here. Many many thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. Really appreciate them all. The giveaway still open until the end of February...for anyone who wants to join in. Happy week to al!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A biscornu giveaway!

I've been browsing through the box with lots of started on projects as well as stitched but not completely like these two biscornu. Both were stitched around Spring last year and just put aside...Now, these were first of many that i completed this week and since they are two of the same design, thought will do a giveaway. I haven't been much following blogs for quite sometime now as well as groups so i don't know if 'biscornu' finishes still popular...I do still love this kind of finishes and would love a collection of them. Everyone's allowed to enter and please leave your e-mail address with your comments. Saw these tiny beauties during my morning walk yesterday. Haven't expected them this early as it has been quite bad weather recently, wet and too strong winds though it wasn't cold as previous years or snow. We have't had snow this year though we could still get it until the beginning of April. But temperature recently is quite high about 9 degrees celcius... Had an early morning stroll through the forest with a friend today since i don't have to start early at work. Feels wonderful! It sure a perfect place to go for a walk when itś windy and we could choose a path where no cars allowed as my friend have a dog. Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving me comments on my last post. Very much appreciated.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Valentine small cushions!

Hello everyone, It wasn't my intention to wait for my next post for the second month of the year...i did expect and wanted to try and post more often this year but....nothing at all. I am not busy at all as work's very low due to winter season...since i got back from Asia i miss so much home that i spend lots of time to chatting to families back home as almost all we can chat through facebook even my mother so i do chat to her almost daily. So that's where my mind these days. These two where my only finishes last month and both sent to friends as a surprise gifts. I think they are still on the way, do hope though it got to them in time for Valentine's day. With a couple of friends we've been to the mainland to a garden centre last friday and i've bought a few orchids and some spring flowers, just potted them today! I do love how they came out...and now looking forward to Spring!! Last weekend had been socializing as usual, attended birthdays at the mainland and sunday just a get-together dinner at friends here on the island. Many many thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments on my last post. Happy week to all!!!