Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flatfold & PS Scissor Fob Exchange

Stitched this block a while back, it's a freebie i know but can't remember the details as i can't find the copy right now. My fault, i do write some of my finishes on a book i keep(just started this year) with a few details like who the designer's are, the kind of fabric and fiber but i do forget sometimes.

I love this one and thought to finished it off into a flatfold so it will stay here on my table.

Here's a scissor fob i made for The Prairie Schooler scissor fob exchange. It's from the PS Book No. 115. Glad to hear it has arrived safely to Australia and that Georgie likes it.

Thanks for the tip about the camera, Dani. I do wait till the batteries are consumed before recharging them.

Many many thanks for stopping by and all the nice comments. I deeply appreciate them all.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. Our's started at the football field for Chris this morning and ohhh was pretty windy and cold! Can't feel my toes when we got home! It has been sunny though the whole day, me and dh went for a long walk mid afternoon, not at the dyke as you'd feel the wind quite strongly out there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Biscornu's at Hooked On Exchanging

Quite good surprise coming home from work to see and read some good news! First, i read Jen received the biscornu i made for the exchange. So glad to hear it has arrived safely. I took your picture for here too as the one i had taken is blurred, which happened very often lately.

The other good news is the package waiting for me from Nicola for the biscornu exchange. The biscornu is sooo lovely, worked with beads on it and the button looks great. Also enclosed were a piece of fabric, beads, ribbon, a couple of different kind of thread and the postcard. I just LOVE them all. Thanks so much, Nicola!!

Thanks so much everyone for all the lovely comments on my last finishing. A pity still no sign of SPRING, instead it's been on and off snowing lately but not enough to see the whiteness around, atleast for here on the island.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Pinkeep

I didn't have much time for stitching last weekend, and after works last monday and tuesday, too tired to pick up stitching either. So yesterday i was trying to catch up especially for a couple of exchanges which are stitching on to linnen and my gush! The frog visited me so many times in the end i packed them all away.....

... and pick up an easy one and stitch on Aida!! Finished it in a couple of hours last night and made it into a pinkeep just now. Got the chart from Quick & Easy magazine, issue February 2007.
It is far from SPRING though here as it's been raining almost the whole day today here, the temperature went down too and as expected coming weekend is pretty cold and wet!

We do miss MAX!! I came home tuesday evening expecting him still with us but the owner had picked him up before dinner. He lives alone so we think he misses MAX too so when he's back from his business get-away he came straight to get Max.
Inspite of the cold and wet weekend we did had a good walked with Max at the dyke.

In a couple of weeks he'll be back again as the owner's going away for nearly a week.

I've uploaded some pictures of charts/magazines for anyone who wants to have/stitch them. You can see it here...Free to good home

Thank you all so much for dropping by and leaving comments, i really appreciate them all.

Friday, March 14, 2008

x'mas ornament & MAX!!

I've just completed my february x'mas SAL into an ornamnet. March ornament will have to wait as i don't know what to make with it. That was the blackbird design on my last post.
Can't show any pictures of my stitching this week as it's all for exchanges. Yes, it sounds more than one as it's actually many, not only for exchanges but also for birthdays. I am afraid all these items will be reveal around MAY, that's quite long so better do some other stitching that can be shown or else might not be blogging for a while....

Max was dropped at six early this evening and will stay until wednesday. It is still daylight so we took him for a walk at the dyke, took my camera with me and here are some pictures taken. Kees & Max at the waterfront

and i & Max on the other side with the background of the village we lives in!
If weather permits and we can spare the time we ussually walked here a few times a week, mostly for an hour. Sometimes, if i am with a friend we take this route too but we go further than the dyke and to the farm route, not really a farm but where the sheeps or cows are. We've seen some lambs

around lately when the weather
was quite nice but haven't had my camera with me. I sure will take some pictures next time.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments with my last post. I really appreciate them all.

Hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"A Stitcher's Prayer"

Thanks to all for the input over my last post regarding the Little House Needleworks project. I thought at first to backstitch it but i haven't seen any LHN projects that has backstitching on it except on doors and windows. So I decided to frogged it and had stitched white instead. I like it better this way and happy to say my first bigger project that i have completed this year as most where ornament size!!
Sorry, the picture isn't good, i had taken it in a hurry just now and thought to post here before going in as i don't know how busy it will be the next coming days.

Many thanks for all the nice comments over Chris. He's all smiles last night when i came home from work, ussually they are asleep when i got home from work but he has Chess club every monday evening so he goes in a bit later than normal. With his reading, he has achieve the level 8 and now on to level 9. He's so happy as he's reached the highest too, on that level only 2 boys and 3 girls.

Ohhhhh yes, our daughter is entering the puberty stage! Atleast, she's really doing great at school as we've just received a note with the results of the national exams they had lately and her percentage is above 90. I find it so difficult to expalin how the school system here as it's very diffirent compare to what we have where i was brought up which was nearly like the one in the U.S. Her latest(midterm) grades were quite excellent too, we will know more specifically at the end of the school term this coming June! OH well, i can say just lots and lots of patience at this stage.....

Friday, March 07, 2008

x'mas SAL & LHN...advice please!

Here's my ornament for March for the x'mas ornament SAL. It's from the magazine JCS 2004, a blackbird designs.
I don't know yet how to finish it off, thought of finishing it into a hanging ornament or into a pinkeep.

Thanks to Judy for the threads she sent lately, i'm able to go further with the "Stitcher's Prayer" of LHN and near it's end when i realise i find the given number for the apron which was 3866, it's almost the same as the fabric colour i've used. On the model picture it looks more white so i am thinking of frogging the one i already done and replace it with white. What does anyone recomend?

Last January, Chris received a certificate for completing the table from 1 to 5. Not long after he completed the whole table from 1 to 10, since this certificate was signed 14 of February but i always forgot to take a picture. Until now they are only two in the class who had completed the whole table of 1-10. We are really happy for him and also he'll stop doing the numbers all the times, we encourage him to give more attention with his reading but it seems he isn't keen on that.

Julie, it's the Book No. 115, for the PS pinkeep.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and all the wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated.

Hope everyone will have a good weekend!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Prairie Schooler pinkeep

All pictures shown last week were all works that was done a while back. I've stitched but most were for exchanges so couldn't show any progress. I did this one though in between as i have in my goals for 2008 to finish about 5 Prairie Schooler into pinkeeps. So here's the first. I was able to finish it yesterday before MIL dropped by for a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

We ussually go to her place sunday morning if we are home but we went there saturday afternoon so we decided to sleep in and relax.
She didn't stayed long so we went to the small forest here for a walk. The children

aren't happy as they are glued to their own computer especially Grace. As you can see on the picture she's quite angry she will not join us along. Chris fine and can't stop talking!

Had seen lots of snowdrops around! Aren't they beautiful??

Thanks all for stopping by. About the high water at the harbour it had subsided after 4-5 hours. Business or rather the restaurants were opened that evening so no damages done.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend away was cancelled!

The weather was quite bad with very strong winds starting last night that the football game for Chris this morning was cancelled so we let the kids watch a program on TV that ends a bit late but we know they can sleep in, no need to hurry to leave for the mainland. When we got
to the ferry at 10:30AM, the ferry can't sail for a couple of hours because of high water so went back home. We went back 1:30PM but still too high and doesnt really know when it will be resumed. Expected was about at 4PM, then for us will be very late, as we have to travel 2hours after the ferry ride and will be at our destination at around 7PM. So we decided to cancel the outing and will make another appointment next time.

We drove back to our village and had a look at the harbour and WHEW! Now i've seen it for real, last it happened was November last year and only saw pictures of it, now we've taken it ourselves. This doesn't happened very often, it does depends on the weather and the direction of the wind when its really bad.

Grace doesn't want to join me and Chris for the picture and busy calling her friends.

Since our outing was cancelled we decided to go out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurant.

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments with the needlecase.

I can say, it was very difficult to part with them all. But so happy the recipients like it.

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