Friday, September 29, 2023

Sept. ornament...

...finished it just on time. Another Lizzie Kate design, a freebie from years back..year 2011. I've stitched it a couple of times before but then sent out as i want one for my collection. Been a pretty busy month at work due to short of staff, had really been working much that is why almost nothing done with stitching.
First weekend of September, together with my kids we went to Bingen am Rhein in Germany for the "Winzerfest". 
Had such a lovely time and sure lucky the weather was great.
We were able to get out and about...such a beautiful place out there with all the vineyards around.
A day and a half was just too short to explore the area..well, we had all enjoyed and hope to go back next year.
I haven't prepared much foodies this month too...ussually, friends or our kids comes for a visit but everybody's busy...oh well, just want to share this,
got this Lobster from one of our fisherman friends and prepared it in court broth, yummy😊
Thanks much for stopping by and the lovely comments. Wish you all a happy weekend😘

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

August ornament...

Think the last Lizzie Kate ornament from this booklet:
Here are they altogether:
Today, after a long day at work..had drinks with BF outside and noticed all the blooming flowers, really looking gorgeous...though i try to tend to them almost everyday before or after work we haven't had much time to really sit and enjoy them. Hopefully, our schedule wouldn't be so busy coming weeks or before summer ends so we can have some time to relax en enjoy the flowers.
Last sunday been out for a drive at the mainland, this year was really too busy working and other appoinments haven't been out much..
The band were my son play the guitar had played last weekend..glad was both after my workdays so was able to go see them, first was friday evening at the beach:...then Saturday afternoon at one of the village event here:
During Summer  we have quite lots of events here on the island and we do try to attend if i am off work...
Still try to have get together with friends too, like a couple of weeks ago and i had fun preparing a lunch for us..really prepared quite lots but glad friends loved it:
Hope everyone's having a lovely summer & Thank you all who took the time to leave me a comment😘

Monday, July 31, 2023

June & July ornaments...

...been a while since i last posted here..busy busy with work mostly and other activities.
I did manage to finish both ornaments this month and honestly no other stitching done besides these:
June ornament: Lizzie Kate design
July ornament..another Lizzie Kate design, both from the same serie as the one above.
Aside from work..socializing much too and lots of cooking: especially if one of my kids joined us for dinner. Here, my daughter came for a day on the island from the city.
My son joined as most in the weekend if he is home from the university.
Even after a long work day i do try to prepare foodies for us and do try to spoil them❤️
Picking black raspberries with friends.
Love it into smoothies❤️
Hope to pick some stitching coming months though.
Happy week to all❤️

Friday, June 16, 2023 flowers outdoors, old wheelbarrow that i filled with flowers. Really looks gorgeous now.
Other flowers also doing great❤️
And how i wish it will gonna rain, been a month now with out ..
Sure a lovely weather for staying outside...had a couple a days off beginning of this week i decided to have a bbq with the neighbours, kind of last minute..still i manage to prepae some snacks as starter and a couple of salads that goes with the meat for the BBq. The meat..has been ordered though🤭
I did manage to finish the Spring design  that i had started earlier this year. "Welcome  Spring Sampler" design by the Heart- NeedleArt by Wendy. I don't know yet how am i going to finish it of.Thank you all so much for stopping by especialy to those who leaves me comment🥰very much appreciated.
Happy weekend to all❤️

Friday, June 09, 2023

Finally an off day...

...without plans for the day. Ussually, recently after busy work days been out or entertaining here.
Noticed my blooming orchids, can't believe quite many and almost all re blooms except one. Had washed their leaves and soaked them for a while and thought to take pics of the blooming ones. Aren't they gorgeous?
Yesterday, had to start at midday for work so i thought to go for a short jog along the dyke as it's a lovely weather. Saw some lovely blooming daisy's which made me stitched and finished this one will be send out to a friend later❤️
May ornament,..i stitched and finished a couple of days late🤭
Early this week, been with friends visited an elderly friend at the mainland..took her for lunch 
..and then bring her to her appointment. Still early for heading back to the island so we went playing tourist at one of the known tourist place, Volendam❤️
Hope everyone having a lovely weekend. Thank you all so much for visiting and all comments are very much appreciated❤️

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Quick update ...

...before the month ends..don't even know where to start🥴it has been my plan to write on in here but it has been pretty busy..if it is not at work then it's socially. Right now, out of the island and staying at one of my BF's sister for the night. BF birthday today and we've been out and about..have a couple of days off and quite a lovely sunny weather thus we are the mainland visiting his family.
Anyway...stitching..not much done this month, just a couple small finishes:completed the spring flowers which was featured at TWOCS march 2023, design by Jenny van de Wiele.
A quick card which i had manage to finish in an hour:
Well..aside from stitching i love preparing foodies too:
This was beginning of May, when ex gf of my son came for dinner.
One of BF stayed wirh us ..has to prepare a quick meal after a long day at work.
One weekend son with his band performed in town.
Last weekend we celebrated BF birthday with our kids and just a few of his friends. I did all the side dishes and small bites...the meat for the bbq were ordered. Lovely weather lovely company❤️
Hope everyone having a lovely week💖

Sunday, April 30, 2023

small finishes & update on the Flower design..

Daffodills, which are every where recents weeks. This design from Jenny van der Wiele.
I am just on time stitching and finishing this Lizzie Kate dedign for my April far these are all the Lizzie kate's design i stitched for the monthly christmas ornament SAL.Made a progress on the Flower design ...busy at work and other events not much time to stitch.Hope everyone having a lovely weekend. Thank you all so much for visiting and all comments are very much appreciated❤️

Sept. ornament...

...finished it just on time. Another Lizzie Kate design, a freebie from years back..year 2011. I've stitched it a couple of times before...