Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chalk it up!

 Finally a finish! Chalk it up!!  Designed by Lucie Heaton and was featured at The World of Cross Stitching magazine, issued February 2021. My very first stitching on black. I can say it was quite challenging working on black and think i am not going to use this kind of colour though it looks great if i say so myself...this finish piece! 

Weather's been summery these days and restrictions open up a bit like eating in and out doors are allowed, Lots are coming to the island for vacation or to unwind... we then decided to get out of the island last weekend. 
The room we stayed looking unto the harbour, i just love it. I think and hope to go back there again next time as i love the place sorrounding it too...
....catching up with one of my colleagues over a drinks and a bites.
And lunch out with my daughter. I am out of insperations to prepare for foodies lately.
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.

Last week of May...

 ...has been so busy with this and that...                                                                                                      First, i am glad my cards and small ornament was received on time for  friends birthdays and so fort..

This still remain until now...i do wanted to finish it off for Spring but haven't manage it.                           
Family quality time weekend...well, had to quickly improvise these foodies after a long day at work.
End of May, bf birthday..had to work and due to the restrictions of no big groups indoor we opted out for a drink and dinner out at one of our favorite restaurant at the harbour.

Monday, May 24, 2021

...orchids...Tulips..not much stitching..

A couple of weeks ago i noticed so many new buds and spike on my orchids, didn't realise i had quite of them and also see almost all are pink colours. These are on the living room and i have a few more in the kitchen. So happy they are really doing great as honestly i forgot to tend to them once so busy at work and came home quite late and if it's dark i won't go and look at them. Hope to buy new ones in colour yellow or white soon. Just notice so many new buds and spike on my orchids

Last week been to the mainland and along the way finally saw a Tulip fields with the "Queen of the night" tulip, thought at first was black but more on very dark purple. I haven't came across yet a real black colour Tulip. These are the last pictures for these spring flowers as most all flower heads were cut off.

Work on and off with this project and i am undecided about which colour to use for the hair. Thinking of black or DMC #3371. 


Love preparing foodies when kids come join us for meals. Not so often nowadays due to their studies and work. 

Hope everyone's having a lovely week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Teeny tiny spring finishes

 The 1st of May, we drove around here on the island in search of Tulip fields and there were quite some blooming. So beautiful to just stand out there and admire the view. Can't pick a favorite as i love them all. 

Couldn't stay out long as Chris and Emma will join us for dinner and needed to stop by for groceries, glad what i had in mind was quite a simple one. "Poke Bowl" with ready made Tuna & Salmon, i fried the shrimps and prepared a few bits and pieces of veggies.

When they left i went in search for a small design of Tulips from magazines i had and saw this red one. Started it and finished the next evening...into a scissor fob.

A week ago, been for a family visit at bf's sister...along the way were lots of Tulip fields and most were quite far from the roads..Can't resist when i saw one pretty close to the road and went for a few pics. 

Had a lovely catch up at bf sister's ...and such a beautiful garden they have. Very neat and clean.

Stitched this cute spring lamb and finished it into a flat ornament. Was a surprise gift for a friend and Glad she loves it.
Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments. Hope you all are having a lovely week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 Last year i had completed 8 of the complimentary charts that was graciously offered by different designers for #bewellandstitch.  Here's #09..i had stitched beginning of this year and finally finish into a pinkeep.

Here's all of the pieces i finished from different designers.
Had made a bit of progress on Chalk ip up Sampler, this is my first stitching on black fabric..i do like how it is turning out but it is not really my favorite colour to stitch. I find it a bit difficult to work on it
Before and into the weekend we had family/friend for dinner came and stay..luckily i got a week off from work, though i had actually other plans but having family and spoiling them with my cooking was also fine as we don't see them otfen.
Was able to go out for a walk once and so lovely to see lots of Daffodils everywhere, along the roads, in the farmlands, bushes..this picture below took it during my walk at the small forest here, when i noticed there were different kinds.
Hope everyone's having a lovely week!
Many thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

...out & about mood, thus less stitchimg moments...

 First of, many thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, i do really appreciate it. Haven't taken the time to search to a better lay out to my liking, did try a few but still not satisfied and i am actually illiterate when it comes to working on my laptop. 

The other weekend came my daughter with her boyfriend for dinner. Quite abrupt when she texted at midday that they are coming to the island and fine if they come to dinner...sure, always welcome that is if i am off from work. Well, had a few hours then for thinking what to prepare, going for groceries and then cooking. Glad i made it in time..a few asian dishes.

 A day after came my son with his girlfriend for dinner, thus cooking mood continous. I love spoiling them when i can and try to prepare what they like everytime they come which is not often anymore as they both living on the mainland due to their studies. The horse card i stitched for my son's girlfriend for her b-day. She works at giving riding lessons here on the island.

Last sunday, was quite sunny and i wanted to go in search of tulip fields here on the island. We've only encountered a couple of fields but most were still daffodils and hyacinths. So i think the tulips still all flowering yet.

Yesterday, we went to the mainland to visit a family, and on the way we've seen quite many flower fields..Lots of Daffodils as well as hyacinths, here and ther tulips fields and lots are still greenish, still a while before they will bloom. And since temps goes down coming days i think it will slow them to bloom.

We've been for a walk at one of the nature monuments nearby the family we visited and WOW! what a spread of Lily of the valley in some areas.. i can imagine the beauty of them when they open up.  Seen a squirrel quite near us and seems like not really afraid of people. Saw a couple of deer grazing and quite some flowers blooming. Such a lovely area for a walk.

After the visits to the flower fields, it prompted me to work on this project, i can say i made quite a good progress with it.
That is all for now and hope everyone having a lovely week.

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Out to the mainland today..visiting friends and then after
lunch we drove off...i thought we are going to pick some
auto parts but when he park nearby a park..i was
totally surprise.. My friend knows i LOVE flowers
these cherry blossoms only stays for a couple of weeks.
He thought to surprise and bring me here ...


Chalk it up!

 Finally a finish! Chalk it up!!  Designed by Lucie Heaton and was featured at The World of Cross Stitching magazine, issued February 2021. ...