Sunday, June 30, 2024

June ornament..

...realise this weekend that today is the last day of June🥴...after a long day of work today and right after dinner, I went and gather materials for finishing..I did manage to stitch the piece earlier this month but been too busy working and once out of the island and been a couple of times cooking for friends..Days just passes so quickly recently.
Another ornament from the magazine of last year. I still have a few I wanted to stitch from it, I might do all the 12 ornaments from it, we'll see later in the year.

The first weekend of June we celebrated BF birthday with our childrens and just very friends.
The following weekend..i  invited a few of my filipina friends with their family as they always wanted to come at our place 😊 I do love preparing but recently just too busy at work as summer started..
Midweek this week I am off for a couple of days and was so sunny ..lovely summer day, we decided to go out for a drive on the mainland and stayed the night at one of BF son's place. 
So fine to go out and about but nothing get done at home 🤭 though I try to water my potted plants..glad were not so many this year.
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend 😊❤️

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

May ornament..

Busy days at work started plus other appointments this month..very little stitching time, just completed the May ornament ...
and thought to post it at once as coming days gonna be too busy working and preparing for bf birthday celebration this weekend...just our kids and a few friends but still I have quite some preparing/cooking to do..

Hope everyone's having a lovely week😊❤️

Sunday, April 28, 2024

April ornament...Tulips..

Can't believe it's nearly end of April..the days just passes by very quickly..I am just on time again for the monthly ornaments😊
Another design from the JCS magazine 2023..still a few i would like to stitch from it and to use for the coming monthly ornaments.
Here's an update of the flower design, one more flower to add and then fill all the letterings ...
Been wanting to go drive around to see some of the Tulip fields but everytime I am off been usually, still expected rain but we were able to roam a bit and was able to take some pictures before it really started raining..we came across more fields but it was raining so I didn't want to get out of the car.
Anyway at my new work place.. need quite some adjustment also for the the time schedule but I feel fine, as it's smaller work place, less staff so kind of quiet😉...
Upon arriving home this afternoon i thought to prepare a dish which i had always thought kind of difficult  to prepare but actually was yummy.. Chicken Afritada, a tomato based stew😋
Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. Thanks so much for Stopping by and the lovely comments...really appreciate them all.

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Easter ornaments & cards

These are the ornaments & cards I've made and sent/gifts to friends. Posted to the U.S & Canada almost three weeks before Easter..pity the one to Canada arrived a couple of days late. 
I'm glad everyone love their's ❤️

I had worked 5 days in a row instead of 4 days. The last 2 days wasn't so busy and can get home in time for dinner. Weather is rainy cold and windy so not many are roaming around ..though lots of tourist here on the island.
Off these couple of days, so having a rest and doing a bit of stitching:
Worked on thus Spring sampler: well as cooking😋tried a recipe from home I often heard before but hesitant to prepare but now I did and it taste so good even my boyfriend likes it. "Patatim", braised pork leg with spices.Thanks everyone for Stopping by and hope you are all having a lovely week.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

March ornament..

...just finished it today! Another design from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments magazine of last year. Still have a few I would like to stitch from this magazine..
Thanks so much for Stopping by and the lovely comments. I am scheduled to work starting tomorrow till coming at my new work place 4 days in a row as is Easter holiday, hopefully will be busy though weather forecast isn't that good. On and off rain, wind and cold...a happy Easter to all.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

An old WIP, a new start ..& very proud

...parents here❤️. Our youngest Chris had got his Bachelor of Medical sciences last week. He is now doing internship for the coming years.
Honestly, since we live on an island where no university here..students have to go to the mainland and big cities for further studies... I do worry much but so glad he managed and aside of his studies doing part-time works too, working in the kitchen of restaurants. Both my children are very independent as his eldest sister has received her master last year and have a good job in one of the businesses in the city.
After the ceremony we went out to dinner.
This..I started last year and last worked on it April.. afterwards I haven't touch it till☺️
I managed to add another flower.
Started this Spring Sampler of Hands on design and just noticed i made a mistake, miscounted so i have to frog all the blue ones that is circled in red.
Had completed a few easter ornaments too and had posted yesterday and today..hope it will arrive on time especially to the U.S.
Thank you all so much who took the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Happy week to all.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

February ornament..

...finished just right on time. This is my very first into a round ornament. I am so glad it turned out well, though honestly it was quite difficult, it took me a while before it was done. 
Well, yesterday was my last working day after 7 and half years..was really with mixed feelings as I love my work and most of my coworkers..much as I don't like to have a farewell drinks still the Management arrange it after my work at 3pm..I was quite surprise myself as quite some came in to join from different section. I do feel loved..Aside from the Management I got some gifts too from Co workers.
Oh well..we are going away next week for a few days and then we'll see how it goes...
Thanks so much for Stopping by and wish you all a happy week/weekend.

June ornament..

...realise this weekend that today is the last day of June🥴...after a long day of work today and right after dinner, I went and gather mate...