Thursday, May 12, 2022

Blog neglected... i haven't touch the needle for so long. No stitching to post though busy with this and that, work and everything...

Hope everyone having a lovely Spring!

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

January finishes

These little snowman ornaments has been all received and glad all recipients love it. These friends has snow where they live especially one who lives in Canada so when i saw the pattern i had quickly stitched 3.
Next ornament was for a friend who has a bit down these past months. It was a freebie but i don't know who the designer was.
The card for a friend who just turned 50 earlier this month.Not much stitching done recently, just haven't had the mood..and do work more than normal due to lack of staff at the hotel.
Hope everyone having a good week.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hardanger and a new start on a christmas design

It's been a long while since i work on a Hardanger piece, i started this one last year, Autumn but had to put aside as i was more busy for stitching christmas ornaments. Pick it up a couple of days ago..we'll see how far i can go..
I thought on picking up something Springy but picked up a Christmas design instead😊
A happy week to all💖

Thursday, January 06, 2022

First post of the year...

...with my last stitch and finished into an ornament on the 31st of dec. As i had to work that day we haven't made any plans, glad i had a day shift so i was home for dinner. 
This got me into stitching this Lizzie Kate design and able to complete it way before midnight.
Love how it turned out❤
Beginning of this week i and a couple of my colleagues went to the city, Amsterdam.
Intending to see some of the light displays in the's some of the views:
Can't really capture on camera how beautiful the artworks are...

Hope everyone have a good start of the year💖

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Lizzie Kate finish...

Stitched the design last month but haven't had the chance to make it into an ornament... on my birthday i was way too busy preparing for dinner, i just had lots of dishes i wanted to prepare that i got dizzy i don't know how and what so i went to my craft table and made the ornament while reorganizing my thoughts on what i really can prepare before the kids arrive.My plan on my birthday this year is to go away for  the night/day and not celebrate it at home but we got into lockdown that restaurants are all close too..and then kids wanted to come home so thus feel loved and happy to have them around💖
We had first a few starters...
Followed by some main dishes...
And had a few games afterwards.
I feel thankful and truly blessed that they all get along with the kids of my boyfriend.

Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Our Christmas tree..

Our Christmas tree with 100% handmade ornaments which i had made over the years and a few from exchanges and friends. On this side were all i had made:
On this side received from stitching friends and exchanges.
Here is a few close ups:
here's received:
This afternoon came a colleague/friend for a drink..i had prepared a few snack bites and fun to catch up in work and everything.
Hope everyone's having a good week💖

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

these cuties will be send out soon..

This came as an extra kit with the Okt. issue of The World of Cross Stitching, upon seeing them i know i will stitch it for my friends here on the island, one of the group of my friends..they don't do cross stitch but i know they will appreciate it as it's not the first time i gave them stitching goodies.
This cutie will give it to another friend with small kids. Love how it turned out..oh well, honestly i LOVE all that i finally completed into ornaments and a bit difficult to part with but i just can't have it all.
Last weekend has been busy cooking after work, I do love kids visiting so i do like to pamper them with foodies💖. Here is with my son, Chris.
The following day came the son of BF so more foodies ...on both occassion i opted for Asian dishes as i know they love it.
Many thanks for the lovely comments, really appreciate it. I had tried to search that comnents go to my mail inbox so i can answer you directly but i couldn't find out how. ..

Blog neglected... i haven't touch the needle for so long. No stitching to post though busy with this and that, work and everything... Hope everyone...