Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Last glimpse of these beauties...till next christmas season. Just took them down from
the Christmas tree.


Friday, January 01, 2021

Today's start & finish for the first day of 2021.
A freebie of plain & Fancy Merchant. first post  after years of  not updating, don't know how anymore...


Friday, March 11, 2016


The monthly SAL at Joyfulworld by Maja. Released around 9pm and glad we just got home from a party so i was able to start stitching and couldn't stop till i am done and that was around after 3am. Tried to sleep for a few hours and up at around 8am for kid to go to school. When he left i did the flatfold finishing and then was on time for me to go to work. I can say, i do love the results..though all in a hurry but good for my troubled mine and keep me busy... Happy Weekend to all!

Monday, February 29, 2016

February ornament...

Stitched a while but just had completed into an ornament last night. It is a freebie of "Sandy from Montana". Second time i stitched this design, last time was for a couple of years ago for gifts. I am trying to stitch freebie designs for my monthly SAL...just hope i can fulfill it each month. I am working on small designs for Easter as it is three weeks away from now...I'd like to make a couple of ornaments to give to friends so...we'll see if i can finish something soon. Kind of busy at work and lots of unexpected things lately...Hope i am strong enough to face whatever unforeseen changes soon... Thanks to all who stopped by and leave me lovely comments on my last post. Really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


...i was happy i am off today and had been patiently waiting for the released of the March block...It came out before 4pm so i gather the threads and start but had Zumba lesson after 5pm and couldn't miss it as i am gonna miss it next week being away for the week...anyway, back home after Zumba worked on the March SAL...unfortunately frogs keep visiting me and not just a couple of stitches, it was lots especially the whole upper border. Was late and wanted to give up but thinking i will be working these coming 5 days so i did pursue and finish it off. Weather lately hasn't been good but when it looks dry we try to go for a walk....oh well, quite good when we started this morning, half hour later it started raining so instead of having a cup of coffee at my place both friends went home as we were quite wet all over. While waiting for the chart, March SAL... i've made one of the Filipino dish, "Puto"..rice muffin cake. Oh so sweet and love it...too bad for my diet though... Haven't been to mass for a while and since i am off last sunday i joined my friends for the sunday mass and ended up at their place for lunch. Had a good catching up and so much fun. Love this Amaryllis, pale pink colour but looks so lovely and it stayed a while in the vase. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Many thanks for stopping by and all the kind comments.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Social Book

I ordered my third book a couple of weeks ago and it didn't take long and it arrived...sure happy of it. Yeah, had been more active on facebook than blogging, think because it is quite easy to post anytime and especially most my family and friends have access to it compare to blogging. Also, was glad i had posted pics over there otherwise i don't have nothing..our pc crashed around september and i've lost ALL pictures of 20 years over here. I haven't done much stitching these last couple of weeks, this small piece was stitched first week of January and was sent to Mouse in the U.K for her 50th birthday which she wants to make a quilt out of stitched pieces fro m stitching friends. Glad to contribute for it. When weather permits, with friends been for walks and have some drinks and enjoy the sunny moments. I do bake, sometimes twice a week but sometimes i made the same cake or tart so don't take pics all the time..unless when it is new i do take pictures of it. A couple of evenings had a furry friend stayed. The first morning has been quite a good weather so we were able to go to the dike for a walk but the next day has been stormy. This friend rather not step out the door when it's raining, either! Thanks everyone for stopping by and for taking the time to leave me a comment. Really Appreciate them all.

Friday, January 22, 2016

"Give love..."

A very quick finish while waiting for the pea soup to be done. Stitching is pretty quick but deciding how to finish it off is another story. I had difficulty finding how to finish this one off. I don't have much choices for fabric and so fort...well, Love how it turn out...It is a 'Valentine freebie' at the Little Stitcher. Stil available. I ǘe noticed that lots of the lovely previous freebies on the net aren't available anymore. Such a pity for me, as our pc crashed last November all i've saved were all gone. Been out for a walk in the woods with friends at midday...a winter sunny morning though very windy so we opted to go to the woods. A productive morning for catching up as we haven't seen each other in a while. I had a problem with my foot though, it was 0 degrees at that time and can't seem my foot to get warm while walking. Valentine giveaway is still open...the post below. Happy weekend to all!