Friday, March 27, 2009

2 finishes!!

Here is "Step into spring" designed by Gail Bussi which is featured at Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, march 2008.

"Flowers of Spring" designed by Joanne Sanderson, which was featured at The World of Cross Stitching, march 2006.

Both finishes in time for spring but i don't have any idea how to finish them off. Not much inspirations for finishing these days....i've also stitched a couple of small Easter designs which i had planned to send it this week but they are still here, just not in the mood to do anything with it so i am afraid it will not arrive on time so i am not going to send it out.

Barbara and Viv, honestly can't say much about the landal area as we only been there for the nights. The house we stayed in was quite fine, 3 bedrooms, good space around. Our stay was just too short to look around especially where or what they have for facilities, i am sorry i am not much help with it.

Brigitte of Needleand pins, can't find your e-mail info but here are a couple of links: Mattress Pincushion & Scissor fob
Hope it helps.

Many many thanks to all who stopped by and especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend!

Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend in Zeeland!

We had a GREAT weekend! Thought to share some pictures taken, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.
It took us 4 and a half hours drive isntead of the expected 3hours, there's quite some traffic along the way. One couple who had taken the next ferry took them 5 and a half hours.

We've just arrived at the park where we are staying. They had booked two houses at Landal Port Greve. We've only stayed half an hour and then drove to Middelbug for dinner and the first activity which was indoor karting.

We had dinner at Koperen Ketel.
The couple from the right was the one who organize the outing this year.

With the indoor karting, pictures weren't that good. I've only did two rounds or race instead of the four rounds. I had pain on my right foot, i think i am too short for the car. But was fun to try. Actually, we didn't know the race was official and with winners and prizes in the end.
DH won the first prize and the second and third were husband and wife.
The game started at 9pm so we were really surprise when it was over and see the time it was already 12:30 am and we had to drive an hour back to the park.

The next day, Saturday, it was actually booked to go blokart sailing but it must be windy for that activity and it was bright and sunny and no wind so it was postponed for the next day. We went for a long walk instead and then to the Deltapark Neeltje Jans. It was quite late when we arrived at the park so we had to miss the boat trip.

Dinner at Eetcafe het Opstapje. It was a walking distance from the park and we've arrived at 7pm and left around 1pm.

Sunday, as expected was quite windy so off we went to the beach for the blokart sailing. Thought all were ready but we have to assemble everything first.
Everybody was really excited as most were for the first time but most of the boys wasn't able to make much of it. It was not windy enough, but the ladies had quite made some rounds and i did well too, as you can see on one of the picture.

After the blokart we went for a cup of coffee at one of the pavilions at the beach and then everyone headed back to the island, oh except the couple who organized the outing as they stayed till monday. If it were not for the kids i think we had stayed too.
It was really a FUN weekend!

I haven't done much with the hardanger pieces, i get dizzy while doing it on the car.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hardanger & away with friends for a long weekend!

First of all, thank you all so much for stopping by and all the nice comments. I do appreciate them all.

DH is home so haven't been much online lately and no stitching done too.
Only these afternoon i was thinking what to take during the long drive tomorrow and then went to look over my hidden hardanger projects but they are all quite big and i just want a smaller design so i just so
I started these two small pieces early this evening. I have these fabrics and threads for years now or since i started hardanger more than ten years ago but haven't done much lately with it. I came across a couple of projects i can't remember i've started it, really a shame. Hope to sort it out soon though.

The yearly outing with friends is scheduled this weekend, it was ussually around October or November but the one who should organise last year wasn't able to make it at those months so he rather move it to March this year. And now it is this coming weekend and all the way to the southern part of Holland, in ZEELAND. No kids, so our children are going to stay at MIL's place.

We know a couple of activities we are going to do like on friday evening after dinner we are going to 'indoor karting' and saturday to the beach for 'blokart sailing'. Both i've never done before so honestly i am not really looking forward to this.
Two couples couldn't make it so there's only 5 couples and one without a partner who will joined us for the drive. So i said to hubby i am not going to drive as we had planned earlier.

This picture was taken on the ferry going to Newcastle the year 2005.

Hope you're all having a great week and wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

simple flatfold

This is one of my finishes last January, designed by Helga mandl and now finally finished it into a flatfold a couple of days ago. That's the fabric i used for the backing and do love how it turned out.

It's been pretty busy here lately, yesterday i've been at MIL's place for the day till evening helping out for her 77th birthday. Came home last night with a headache so i went to bed quite early. As i had to get out early this morning dropping Chris to one of his friends who took them to their football match at 10am, while i had to help out at the canteen for the football club from 9am to 1pm.
Chris team had won the match and it's the first time he did manage to hit one goal so he was very proud. Now, i've missed to watch that game.
It was dark and had rained as well so it was quite busy for us at the canteen serving coffee, thee, hot chocolate and other drinks, i was really tired when i got home and had to lie down for an hour before heading to a birthday party this afternoon. Came home at around 7 and went to picked Chris at once. We finally made home around 9pm. i think it will be an early night for me again tonight. Not in the mood for stitching at all!!!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

pictures from yesterday

It was sunny yesterday so i took my camera with me. Here's some pictures i've taken: So many lambs are outside when the weather's good.

And aren't this beautiful!!! White and purple crocusses. A pity it will not stay that long.

As for stitching, i had started another small project and half way of it i ran out of DMC 498. I want to ask to my readers here in Holland as there was one selling DMC which is half the price of what i pay here on the island which is 1.30 euro for one skein. I've heard about it last year but can't remember anymore.
Instead of working on my recent other spring projects i've found one of my old WIP and had done some stitching on this one. It was a long time ago since i had worked on this one.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog especially to those who take the time to leave a comment. I do appreciate them so much.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rain rain go away...

I should be going out for a walk but not in the rain, it's predicted though that it is rainy the coming days. It has been busy the last days i had missed my walks. Oh well, i can catch up on my stitching instead.

Chris picked up the winner for my March giveaway...congrats to Sandra /Mollycaff!!! Please send me your address info then i can send it right away.

Live your Dreams
designed by: Gail Bussi
featured at cross Stitch Crazy magazine, Feb.2009
stitched on 14ct aida and DMC threads

Finished off this one but i don't know yet how to complete it off, might be into a pillow.

I've had a good catch up with our friend last thursday but instead of coming back home i drove to the harbour where DH's staying as they came in for supplies and be staying for the night. We had kind of expected it but not really sure, because sometimes they'll leave middle of the night to sea. So before leaving the island i had already arranged for the children where they are staying so i've just called late in the afternoon that i won't be home for the night.

Been a busy weekend, Chris to football for the most part last saturday. It was indoor and they had played 4 games, where they win two and lost the other two.

After the game had to rushed home for lunch and then off to SIL's birthday. Can't stay that long there too as the children wants to go and watch the playbackshow here in the village. They didn't joined but some of their friends did.

Took a few pictures of some of the show but i think i was too far from the stage, it really comes out dark.

Thank you all for stopping by and all the lovely comments and entering the giveaway.
Hope you all are having a good week.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March giveaway!!

Primitive Irish Cupboard Sampler
Mattress pincushion and scissor fob
Freebie by: The Sampler Girl
32ct linen & DMC threads

Just completed these items for my 'March giveaway'. It's a freebie of The Sampler Girl.

I finished it into a Mattress pincushion and took a part of for the scissor fob. Actually, when i've seen the chart i had in mind to finish it off into a floss tag for my next giveaway but when i was half way stitching it, it was quite big for a floss tag so i thought to finish it off into a pinkeep but can't find an appropriate fabric for the back and i am running out of time, i really want to finish it off this week. So again, i decided to finish it off into a mattress pincushion and made a scissor fob to go along with it.
I do love how both turn out and kind off difficult to part with, i think i will stitch it again for myself later.....
Everyone is welcome for the draw, but please indicate if you want to be added for the draw and if possible to leave your e-mail address so i know where to contact you. It will be open until monday(9 march).

Thanks so much Tanya for this wonderful design.

Thank you all so much for the best wishes for Grace, she feels fine now. One of her best friends didn't go to school for a couple of days now or after she had the injection last monday, she didn't feel well a kind of dizzy and weak. But i heard tonight she's fine now and be back to school tomorrow. She and Grace had to babysit this evening but Grace had to do it alone, i was a bit anxious as she have to take care of two girls(age 3 and 1 year old). Glad all went well, though she came home later than usual(10pm, instead of half hour earlier) so i was even more anxious.

I'll be off to visit a friend at the mainland tomorrow, and might not be online for a couple of days. Hope to catch up this weekend, i just saw lots of updated blogs but can't come and visit now. I'm off to bed now as i have to get up very early tomorrow to do some errands before leaving.

Again, i really appreciates all your visits and all the comments. Hope everyone's having a good week.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March x'mas ornament SAL

Merry ornament
Glory Bee
JCS 2008
32ct linen
DMC threads

It was quite stressful over the weekend regarding the vaccination as it was so short time for the scheduled vaccination last monday, after school time. From what i gather or read through the internet and relay to dh we decided not to let Grace attend the vaccination but sunday evening after a couple of friends had contacted their family doctors as well as the owner of the pharmacy here on the island that it is safe to take the said vaccination so in the end we let her go. (Our family doctor is quite difficult to reach especially on mondays and he isn't available on weekends.) Almost all from her class went for the said injections and as for the side effects a bit of pain afterwards, itching and redness. We might hear more over it later this week i think. The second injection is scheduled the first week of April and the last will be in September.

Thank you all so much for stopping by. Hope you all are having a good week.