Sunday, September 14, 2008

A blogger's break for atleast a month..

I think i haven't fully shared the changes we have had these last months. Kees has his own business in 'automatisering'(computerization) base here at home. He had started it more than ten years ago after he had to stopped working in the dredging business due to his back and knee problems. With his business here at home, he is always on call even if we are on vacation, although he has a couple of people who can take care of it but still he isn't really free.

The beginning of this year he started thinking about going back to sea and went for the medical examinations and it came out good. Unfortunately, his officers license wasn't valid anymore after ten years. But he's lucky when he went to the company he wanted to work for they agreed to provide his re-education which he've started last february till July. So, he's back to sea and work for 4 weeks and 4 weeks home.

Now, he's first 4 weeks at sea is nearly over, he'll be home either tomorrow or tuesday.
Since, he won't be working with his computer a lot anymore it means i'd rather not be much online too or whenever i want, as well as stitching. And we do have a lot to do here at home and we might be away visiting friends during the weekends especially to those at the mainland except the 27th, sept. for Grace birthday.

Do really hope he'll be home by tuesday as it's our 14th Anniversary. I have to work though but atleast he's home waiting for me, oh no...not at he's to go to parent's evening for Grace!

Have to send this post tonight as i have to work monday and tuesday and be home quite late and tired!

Will leave you the finishes for the monthly finishing challenge and for the Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long:

It's from the same serie of my last month scissor fob challenge.
Halloween Floss Ring Tags

From: Cross Stitch Crazy magazine (oct. issue)
By: Lucie Heaton
Used: 14ct white aida, Dmc

It's from the serie of my last month x'mas ornament SAL.

Love & Peace ornament
Joan Elliott
Quick & Easy magazine
14ct aida & DMC threads

For the exchanges, i will post to the respective blogs/groups when i send and receive. I'll read my mails everyday, unless if we are away, so if anyone wants something or whatever feel free to send me an email.

Lastly, thanks so much for visiting my blog especially to those who take the time to leave a comment. I do appreciate them so much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tea Time pinkeep

Can't resist to show one of my finishes, as i mentioned yesterday i've been working on a few finishing. Wasn't able to work further today with it as the weather was sunny this afternoon so i've worked a bit more on the garden and then on the phone too. Chris friend Mels came here at midday not knowing he has to go to a birthday party. His father tried to call but get voice mail so he came over and he said our phone isn't working. And then Grace said she did called yesterday and also got the same response. I was in panicked as i don't have any idea how to work this out, having been used to Kees being around. Glad i was able to contact him just in time, as they are leaving for sea and then we can't call each for about 2 to 4 days.
It did take a while before finding the right phone numbers to call and also the connection to the helpdesk! In the end, before i got connected Kees call on my mobile to try another way, removing the plug for about ten seconds and then back. Oh yes, it did work afterward! Thanks God!!

This pinkeep is for the yahoo group SFE at ILCS. Actually i had hope i could find an appropriate fabric for the back when i went to town yesterday but they don't have such fabrics with cups. But i LOVE how this one turned out, do hope the one who will receive will like it too.

Barbara, your last comment made me smile!!! Me here thinks, whenever i came to visit yours you've been too busy and i do wonder how do you do it and would love to know how but never mention it. I do feel i am slow compare to some out there with there so many lovely finishes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's wet & getting chilly!

After a few days nice and warm weather it turns out wet and getting cold today. Glad i did started cleaning up our garden last wednesday and bought quite lots of new plants yesterday and had ordered a few more which will arrive hopefully coming wednesday. Thought to do the mowing today but it started raining at midmorning so i started to gather some stitched finishes and materials for finishing. Yes, i am in finishing mood, just a pity most were for exchanges and the monthly finishing..... but aren't ready yet, will have to continue the finishing this weekend.

Am i glad, except football game in the morning for Chris and Grace swimming lesson(she can go alone with the bike, unless when it's too windy and wet-i have to bring them), there's no obligation like b-days or other party's. I can say, for the first time in weeks!

I am getting worried over the HoE Needleroll exchange, as i sent two weeks ago to the U.S together with a couple of pcakges and the two were already received with in a week except the needlerool. I'll give a week more i think and if i still won't hear anything i shall better start a new one.

Can't leave without a picture, here's an update of 'Pure Indulgence'. The picture is blurred, i think battery is an it's end.

And the Sun! I am still behind on two parts with this one.

Thanks so much everyone for all the nice comments over Grace, she just read them before going to bed tonight and she's quite surprise to see her picture and happy over all the comments. Chris on the other hand wasn't happy seeing/ reading the note i've written that he/they lose the game. I said, he can try his best tomorrow!

Well, hope everyone will have a good weekend!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

...was a busy weekend...

....started Friday, i had an appointment in the morning for an hour for 'face treatment' but it took almost the whole morning as we've been talking a lot. After that had to hurry home for Chris coming home from school for lunch. When he left for school after lunch, i had to drive to town for a bunch of flowers and then headed to a birthday party. I stayed only for an hour, as it's Grace swimming camping weekend and we have to put up a tent for them. The girls form a group of four together and luckily one of the parents of the girls have a big tent where they can stay or used. Okey, arriving at the camping area, it was raining but we have to put up the tent and what a coincidence all 4 mothers and no fathers to help. It did took us quite long to figure out how put up the tent, pity i didn't took any picture!

Saturday morning came, i had to dropped Chris before 9am by friends to take him for his football competition at 10am. And then i head off to have a look at Grace for their swimming competition which started at 9am. I only saw a couple of the competition and then head off to another village as i want to see atleast half of Chris competition too.

Grace is on the third row from left.

She did win all four of the competition she was in.
While Chris, haven't had much luck...they didn't win the game!!
Anyway, after the game we headed straight to a birthday party and came home at around 2pm. At 5pm, me and Chris went to another birthday party as well as 20th wedding anniversary of one of our friends. Stayed there till 11 pm, we were actually the first to leave as Chris got bored and wanted to go home.

Sunday came, much as i wanted to sleep in Chris got up early and wants to join his niece to go to church with Grandma, so he was expected to be picked up a 9:30am. Grandma came and she said she will bring the kids to church but will not attend the service herself as she isn't feeling well. SIL picked up the kids after an hour and both had fun at the sunday school. We then go for a cup of coffee at MIL's place and then i've brought Chris back home, he has to stay alone at home as i had to go to the camping area of Grace to help out break the tent and to all their things back home.
I was really tired last night, so went in quite early as i have to work today. Still busy at work, thought vacation's over(school i mean) but we get now mostly older people or couples with very young children.

No recent finishes to show as i didn't do much stitching the last days. But thought to show a picture of my little biscornu collections that i've worked on and off but i think i will send a few to friends.

This is my update so far with the sun. I still behind on this with the group, i think one part but it will not be send to me unless i am done with the last one sent last month.

Thank you all so much ho stopped by and especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm really spoiled!!

Look what i received yesterday!! It's from Stephanie, i'm her partner for the SBEBB Garden Exchange back in May. A coincidence that she stitched and finish a LHN design exactly the same as one i received late last year from another exchange. She feels bad about it and said to make another one. I did send a message back that i did feel guilty then mentioning about it and not to worry, no need to make a replacement. But oh my oh my, she've
been busy stitching for a replacement and here it is. Isn't it beautiful! She stitched and finished it beautifully and it's definitely an original!! I LOVE it!!
Thank you so much, Stephanie!!!

This is a 'The Sampler Design'- "In The Garden with Jane Austin"

Finally finished Winter of the Season's SAL. I am not sure yet how to finished this one and i have to finish off the Autumn one too. Probably into a flatfold same as i've finished the Summer one into.

Helga Mandl Designs
28ct cashel linen
DMC threads

Many many thanks to all who stopped by and especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Small Santa Exchange

Just read on Anna's blog that she received the small Santa for the Prairie Schooler Exchange. I was getting worried with this as it's in here Europe and thought it doesn't take that long. But happy to hear it has arrived safely and that you like it.

Coming home this evening is Joke's package waiting for me. It's for the Small Santa Prairie Schooler exchange. Thanks so much Joke for this pretty ornament!

Thought to post a picture of the eyelets i bought during my shopping with Grace last saturday at the mainland. Saw it unexpectedly by V&D and took 3 to the counter not knowing how much each box cost, it did took me by surprise when i heard the cost, 17 euro's(25 dollars). Quite an expensive pieces!!

More had nominated me for this award lately, Thanks so much Vicky, Lilie, and CJ. This really means a lot to me.
By the way, CJ mentioned about my adventures here in the Netherlands, i can say.... not much living in a very small island(i try to write more about the island next time), theres not much to tell/show, unless if we will visits or go to the mainland but it doesn't happened very often now because of school of the children and weekends were devoted to their respective clubs. Really a pity actually.

I am behind with my blog reading as well as the yahoo groups i am in, i do hope to catch up later this week. For now i am off to bed.....
Hope everyone will have a good week.

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