Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finish stitching, on to the finishing...

...probably all into flat or small pillow ornaments. Not sure yet, noticed though i cut the pieces too close from the stitching area.
 We were not spared with the storm that had passed yesterday, took these pics just after midday when the storm had eased off the island. The roof-tiles were from the neighbor fell off to the Alley & on our yard, and the only damage on our property was the fence but the neighbor came late this afternoon and says some tiles hit or fell off hard unto ours so a few were damage and does need repairs. So glad he came to inform me as i haven't noticed it...thought all tiles that were on the ground were not the color of our tiles so all were intact but it wasn't. There were lots of roof-tiles from other houses that fell off or damage and there were many trees blown down, but on the mainland had been worse with damages.
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Really appreciate it so much.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Abc ornament exchange...

For the ABC exchange, i've made it into a pinkeep/scissor pocket. It's a freebie design which was printed a long time ago, can't remember anymore who the designer of it. Exactly a week ago today, i dropped my Iphone and came face down on the hard tile floor. From the sound ot it at that moment, was really bad...i thought if i will picked it up all tiny glasses will spread around...I was so glad it didn't and still work though difficult to type words as couldn't see the letters clearly. Last Saturday, we were at the mainland and there's a shop that do repairs for this kind of damages on phone, a bit expensive(70.00 euro's)...now, it looks new....
 Friends were planning to go to the mainland for shopping, 7 in all...and fits exactly on our car, will be cheaper than to take the train but i was hesitant as it is my first time to drive to the place they want to go...more than an hour drive... i have the "Tom tom" so why not...so off we go...as you can see on the picture, Chris the only boy and he did enjoyed the attention!
Quality time with friends!!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Exchange...

....at one of the Yahoo groups. Honestly, haven't visited yahoo groups for quite a while, too busy at work and home...what a surprise to see the changes made when i log in recently. A few, i cannot follow anymore and only one stays the same old format. Anyway, here's what i send for the exchange and received back in return from Frances. Sorry, the pictures aren't clear, just had taken with my Iphone  in the evening.
A week ago my daughter who is now studying in the University in Utrecht since last September sent me this picture through WhatsAp. Finally a clear picture with her and her boyfriend, Dennis.
He's been in some pictures with us as group usually when we are out dinning and wasn't that clear so i am happy to receive this one from her. She doesn't like much to be in the picture compare to when they were little kids...

Thanks so much for stopping by and the lovely comments.
A happy weekend to all.

Monday, October 14, 2013

JCS Ornaments 2013

Been waiting for this issue when i've seen a couple posted from the U.K that they received there copy. Last saturday, it was waiting at the doormat when we get back from the mainland so even if it was late i had a quick view and saw a few i wanted to stitch. So after work yesterday, i started one and two earlier today. Hope to finish off these ones first before starting a couple more, only i don't have the right fabric that was required. It was 40ct and one 36ct. which needed to stitch with i ply of thread over two threads. I wonder if i can use 32ct. and use 2ply of threads....

Many many thanks for the Anniversary wishes. Hubby still away in Angola and expected to be home the beginning of November. First time that he is away for a long period of time.

Hope everyone's having a good start of the week!

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