Wednesday, March 30, 2011

fobs & Easter SAL

I love stitching these alphabets and finish them off into fobs, aren't they cute!!!!
These was for the March birthdays at ESC yahoo group. Glad they were all arrived safely and in time for the birthday celebrants.

Scissor fobs
from the Cross Stitcher(U.K), january 2011
Designed by: Lesley Teare
32ct linen
DMC thread 115

Stitched part 5 last friday and made another fob/ornament out of the tiny design.

I so love the first part too so i made another one, actually two as you can see on the picture. One will be send out to another blogfriend and the other i'll keep it for myself.

Took these pics from my garden earlier this week. Quite some crocuses here and there. The garden needs some cleaning and new plants which i had intended to do this afternoon but the sun didn't show up, it had rained instead. So it was pretty cold oustside today!

Quite happy this morning as the 'mortgage' thing had some good news after 7 months. We sure need more things to follow up but atleast the big amount were all taken care off. WHEW!!! Really did a couple of happy dance around the empty living room or more like Zumba dance!!

As always, i really appreciate your visits on my blog and THANKS so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. A happy week to all!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring pincushion exchange and the easter winner...

The first exchange i joined in this year, one of the yahoo groups...Friendly Stitchers and it's a 'Spring exchange' finished into a pincushion. Both were received so i can show a pics. Here is what i made for my partner, Niina(no blog). I forgot to take a pic with the threads i included as this exchange we are asked to enclose threads which cost about 5 pounds.

Spring pincushion
Prairie Schooler design
32ct linen
DMC threads & beads

Here is the pincushion i received from my partner. Such a cute spring design. Thanks so much Niina.

I should have picked the winner last friday but hubby just got home i haven't had much time for hobbies as well as coming online. Since he has only a couple of days here at home and then left last sunday to the other island for a week following a course.
Some unexpected papers to arrange yesterday with regards to the mortgage which we had thought it was all done with...ah, seems like unending headaches....Hoping for a good news later this week!

Anyway, the winner picked by Chris this afternoon is....Suzanne from Australia. Congrats and please let me know your address and will send it right away. Thank you all for visiting and to those entered the giveaway, i wish i could give a prize to all...

I hope everyone's having a lovely week and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Easter SAL & "playbackshow" pics of Chris.

Completed part 4 last saturday plus another scissorfob with the same design.((click on the pics to enlarge)).

Chris and his friends joined the "playbackshow" here at the village which was held earlier this month. They did a song from one of the groups here locally which was about "teenagers". They had their own interpretation of the song or how do you call it "dance moves" and did it very well. They won the "originaliteit's prize", just as last year! The same group of friends and same prize. Quite a lot of children, 15 in all in their categorie so we didn't expect they will have a prize.
Picture below was when they were practising here in the living room.

Pictures taken during the show doesn't look that good. I don't know if it is of my camera or th background.

Finally, hubby is coming home tomorrow after six weeks away this time. He just arrived in Aberdeen today! He has to bring the new ship from Italy to Aberdeen and i think it took them 12 days. I am really glad they arrived safely and will be home soon.
He will be home a couple of days and off again, to the next island as he has to follow a course for a week over there. Not happy, he has to leave again but it is needed for his job.

Thank you all for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. I might not be around much these few days but hope to catch up next week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amaryllis, Tulips & an ornament!

Isn't this a beauty!! I bought a couple of stem last week, exactly a week now and they are looking beautiful!! Took these pics last friday but they still looks the same till now, do hope they stay a bit longer...
Thought to show some flower pics from inside as it was misty and cold outside today. Not spring-like at all!! ((click on pics to enlarge))

I am very disappointed today as i thought the weatherman said last night it will be sunny today just like the last two days, but the sun didn't show up here on the island, isntead it was misty all day. I had planned to drive around for some spring pics...should have done it yesterday, oh well maybe later this week.

An ornament completed a while back but always forgot to show a pic, it is on the way to the new owner. I hope Karen will like it.

I hope everyone is having a good start of the week. Thank you so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them so much.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Just wanted to show a couple of pics i took yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day so the crocuses have opened! Aren't they gorgeous!!
((you can click on the pics to enlarge))

You can see lots of these along the roads too, was just too busy where i drove to bring Grace to one of her friends to stop to take pictures. So turned on to not a busy one but wasn't too many...

I hope you are all having a lovely sunday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Easter SAL & looks like Spring is on it's way...

Received the third part of the Easter SAL from Carole last weekend and started it right away...can you see my mojo is back. In between baking, promised to make appeltart for MIL's birthday last sunday and going out for a walk...while Chris on the mainland for his football match and Grace doing her homework....this is quite a pretty quick stitch. ((all pics can be enlarge))

Such a cute design that i started another one and finished off as an ornament or can be use as a scissor fob.

Thanks so much Carole for sharing your design. I am really enjoying stitching each part and looking forward for the next...

I haven't had my camera with me when i saw these, about 45 minutes walk from our house, so went home and took the car since i had to pick up Chris anyway and i can stopped at the place and took some pictures. Aren't they lovely!!!

After picking up Chris we pass by through the woods, (another area where the snowdrops are), were the crocuses are from my previous post.

Young lamb with mother enjoying the sunshine!!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Thank you so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them so much.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A beautiful surprise!!!

When i saw the package delivered and no return address though i know it is locally, i was quite nervous thinking had i forgotten an exchange from the dutch group to do and send out...When the package finally opened and saw the cute cute design which i had admired earlier at Annette's, blog and read the card....tears started streaming down my face. Knowing she is thinking of me and sending these beautifully finished ornament. Thank you, thank you so much, Annette. ((pics can all be enlarge))

"opkikkertje" means 'to cheer you up' in Holland. ussually people send cards with frogs on it when people need a little bit of cheering up.

Completed the seccond part of the sal Pasen 2011, also the third part but will post a pic another day.

I went to the hobby shop this week intending to buy a skein of floss DMC 420 so i can contineu working on this LHN piece but i was surprise when i saw the prize that it increase, i mean 1 floss which was 1.30 euro(1.81 U.S dollar) a piece last year, now is 1.35 euro(1.87 U.S dollar)...that was tooo much so i didn't buy any. Thought, i have other projects to work on....

An ornament completed last month. For this very small one, it took me almost a month to finish it off...haven't had the mood for stitching...

It's been sunny this week here, so i went off for a walk with my camera.
With the spring sunshine, the lambs are out...though i see these are a bit older now, saw a few this afternoon that were really young but haven't had the camera with me.

Beautiful crocuses too!!! Took these pics at the small forest nearby here.

The mortgage thing was finally signed this week. It is all in working now and hopefully everything will be covered and finalize next week. A couple of weeks more then hubby will be home...really a long period that he is away this time, six weeks!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all your lovely comments. I really really appreciate them all.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

...mojo's back with a giveaway!

Oh yes!! Stitching mojo is back especially when i've seen this ongoing SAL through Shari's blog earlier this week. Isn't it a cutie!! So, i thought of making one into a pincushion and offer it as a giveaway to all of you my loyal followers. I am so grateful of all your visits and leaving me comments, really appreciate them all and it does help me to get on here....

((all pics can be enlarge)). Please note in your comment if you want to be included and leave an e-mail address especially to those who doesn't have a blog. This will close on March 25, so there's plenty of time to send out before Easter.

About the mortgage is still not finalize..unbelievable!! But we are glad the insurance co. who is proccessing the papers had almost covered all the cost we had, atleast he has trust in us.
So, as you can see it is a bit empty....The walls are all white, nothing hang seems i prefer it this way...i am not sure if i will hang any stithcing, maybe if we have more furnitures later. We would like some new ones but have to wait....

The added room is full of boxes yet...have to wait if we can build a new barn besides the garage, also need a big cabinet in the kitchen...

...bought some tulips almost every week, from one along the road going to town-it is cheaper, but this is not for long!

Some more pics from my visit home. My parents had given us a small space so we decided to build a simple house, which is on top of a hill! I miss the place and my family & friends. If only we can afford to go home every now and then.....

One of my Sis-in-law have lots of flowers! Don't know how she does it as she works six days a week. I think i'll ask her to bring some in our house...

I hope everyone's having a good week. Atleast here is dry after days of fog and rain...hope the sun appears soon, still windy though so it feels so cold outside!

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