Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Keukenhof" the garden park of Holland!!

Been there with friends last week. My first visit was 1994 and this was my second one and sure see some new changes. I cannot remember seeing so many different "orchids" then. ((you can click on all pictures to enlarge!))

I hope you all enjoy viewing the pics. I had to make a collage of them otherwise it just too many. I will post them separately on my FB account soon.

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all. Have a lovely week to all!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wishing everyone a "Happy Easter"!!

Such a lovely surprise came in this week from Annette. A very cute cute crocheted piece!!
Thank you so much, Annette. You are very creative and i feel so honored to receive one of your creations.

A coincidence actually that one of my spring finishes was on the way to her too.

So glad to hear it has arrived safely and that she loves it. It was a freebie from:
mausimoms freebies. Isn't this a cute one and love the backing fabric too...went to the shop where i bought it last year for more but they don't have it anymore.

It's been lovely weather over here, more like summer than spring so we've been for walks almost every evening with dh...i sure gonna miss it as he is leaving next week to Ireland.

Thought to show a pic of a few snacks i made for sister-in-law's birthday last week. Prepared these too for hubby's b-day but just haven't had the time to take pictures. Placed it unto tupperwares so SIL can arrange it the way she wanted.

...flower pics will be next....a happy and blessed easter to all!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The "Easter SAL" into a flatfold!!

I sure love how this turned out, though it took me a couple of days to really decide with the backing fabric as i had in mind to use some kind of green but i don't have the appropriate color green that was used with the stitching so i opted out with this pink one.

Many many thanks to Carole for sharing this lovely design. I really enjoyed stitching and making different finishes with some of the designs from it.

I hope everyone's having a lovely week and enjoying the spring sunshine. Thank you all for visiting and all the kind comments.

Monday, April 18, 2011

...a few more pics of hubby's b-day!

It sure was a lovely SPRING day! ((all pics can be enlarge))

Asked Grace to take a couple of pics while we were preparing one of the last salad..sorry about the mess...and then friends from the mainland came in. From then on i forgot to take pics of the 'buffet' we prepared and all the tarts/cakes i've made.

Tried to take pics here and there, this from the living room...

...this from the kitchen, i think more people standing in the kitchen than in the living room. The couple of friends who came from the mainland were the one helping me for the buffet and we had to work in between the people around the kitchen.

One of the main food available were fried fish, which were prepared outside. We were very grateful to one of our friends who provided the fish and borther-in-law with the huge fishpan as well as doing the works(frying...)

After the meal, a couple of friends did an 'act'....

It was busy but FUN!! There were 38 adults and 10 children that day and we were very lucky the weather was lovely so the children were able to go and play outside. Adults had been on and off outside too especially those who were smoking. It was after 3am when the last guest left.....

Hubby was spoiled with gifts, here's just a few...and lots of different bottles of liqour, coupons and cash!

...and i received these lovely flowers!!!

A HAPPY WEEK to all!! Thank you all so much for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter SAL & mattress pincushion

The 7th part of the easter SAL made it into a mattress pincushion, completed it just in time for the last part which we had received yesterday. I really enjoyed stitching this design and kind of sorry it is over but hopefully not the last.

Many many THANKS for all the birthday greetings for hubby's birthday. It was a great success! I will show some pics later as i haven't sorted them all out yet. TOO busy here...socially, i'm not much home the last days. Have lots to show as i went to "Keukenhof" flower park yesterday with friends. This weekend...more activities to go too so hopefully next week will be back to normal schedule...i hope!!!

Everyone a "Happy weekend"!!!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Birthday dear "Abraham"!!((hubby))

A quick post before going in as it is 1:33am, friends just left and see what they had placed on the front door!

...when i let one of the couple out i've seen another 'doll' place by hubby's brother and sisters.

Will show more pics from daylight later.
Been the whole day in the kitchen, forgot to take some pics of what i've made but this is the reason why it is quite busy here...

A happy weekend to all!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Flatfold, easter SAL a few flower pics.

Actually stitched this before the end of March and completed it into a flatfold the very last day of March! The finishing always gives me problem as sometimes can't decide which kind or i don't have the needed materials for it. Well, this is done and i Love it!!

Here is a current pic of the Easter SAL with a bookmark finishing!! Just bought that book last week when i couldn't find any english ones that i wanted to read at the library..they haven't taken any new ones yet. I think they take in a few every 3 months and sometimes not my favorite.. I do read some books in dutch, have too but i still miss english ones and do them alternately!!

Lots of Daffodils along the roads these days, crocuses are gone!! Took these while hubby was driving last sunday when we went to one of his nephew.

Saw many fields of Daffodils along the road when we were on the way back from Amsterdam last tuesday. If we weren't rushing to catch the ferry going home we could have drove over nearby one of the field for pictures but Chris was waiting to take him for his guitar lesson.

Just took a pic today of some flowers here inside...

Honestly, i haven't touch the needle this week...too busy. I am sorry i haven't been visiting blogs or groups too, just don't have time lately.

Many many THANKS to all who stopped by and all the kind comments. I really appreciate it so much. I hope you are all having a good week.

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