Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chris birthday card

One of my finished the last days for our son's 7th birthday tomorrow. Chris likes to read and whenever we go to the library he picks up mostly fantasy books, also books for us to read it for him before he go to sleep. He is only allowed to get or borrow 10 books but would rather have more. We are sure happy that he likes reading too like his sister and off course mum and pap!
A couple of finishes were for exchanges and would like it as a surprise so can't show the pics. Whew! I am just done with some preparations especially the treat for his class and made two apple tart, one for the teachers and one for here. We ordered one which will be decorated with sponge bob, his choice as he went with his father to order it. I am sure it will be a busy one tomorrow after school, when everyone will come at the same time.

Many thanks to all for the nice comments on my previous messages. They are very much appreciated.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

SFE from Debra

I am expecting a package from Debra as she've sent a note it's on the way and WOW! She've made a beautiful needleroll with my favorite colours, mainly blue. The words: "Friends share hug laugh love never part." I LOVE it!! Thank you so much, Debra. You are very early with this as i have to receive it all in January/February 2007 but honestly i am glad it's spread it out.

Friday, November 24, 2006

small ornaments

I am done with most of the small pieces finishes that i posted yesterday. Whew! It does took a lot of time to choose the right colour of fabric for the backing and the cord. So these are actually my first x'mas ornaments that i attempted to finished, all sewed it up by hand. Did a few ornaments last year but with the help of a friend with her sewing.
I can say, they all turned up better than i had expected and now i find it difficult to send them all away. I think not all of them, a few will have to be hang on our x'mas tree. It will have to wait until after the 5th of December before putting up the tree, if it's me alone i'd rather put it up next week.

Thanks Anna for dropping by. Sure, what you've chosen will be on the way to you next week. Can't make it before your leave, especially with the postal strike but hopefully it will be there waiting for you when you get back.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tickets are booked!!!! & cards.

YES!!! We've booked the tickets. We've spent almost the whole afternoon to decide the dates, it wasn't easy at all. We would like at least a month and had the dates in mind after we've seen the school calendar for early next year and we especifically like to book it with Cathay Pacific airlines, but most were fully booked already. Finally, it's less than four weeks, starting the last week of February till the third week of March. We wanted Cathay Pacific as we want to drop by Hongkong and stay there for a few days. The children really likes to go and see there grandparents and other family but they don't really like flying. They know about the DISNEYLAND in Hongkong so we promised them to visit there too. So now they are looking forward to both.
WHEW! I was so excited after we've booked i called my sister in Canada and woke her up, didn't realise the time difference. It was 7AM there but it's nearly her due she's not sleeping well at night.
I am now waiting till midnight then i am going to call my mum, i am sure they are awake at six. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

A picture of some cards i made recently, mostly 3D cards and a few stitched ones.
Some will be send out next week and the one for her locally will be after the 5th of December.

Another picture were small pieces i stitched lately and would like to experiment in turning them into an ornaments.

Thanks Anna! I do feel better knowing i am not alone with this such...but i do hope your week will be better soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Feeling so down the last days, actually started last friday after a morning shopping spree with MIL. She's 72 years old but still very active and very quick with her comments without thinking/or realising if it hurts or not. Chris will turn 7 the 1st of Dec. so she ask what's he would like and i showed what's on his list or atleast a few but to her those games aren't good at all, but for me he's still a child and wants to play. So in the end she bought LEGO's, as she thought that's better than the modern games these days. When we were done for some gifts we went for grocery and then i noticed that it's nearly midday and i need to prepare lunch but she wasn't finish yet and said i should'nt have talked to a friend for a while when we were at one of the shops. Okey, that was my fault but she've been busy too, i haven't noticed she was really waiting for me. Aside from that she've said a few negatives comments about Dh. At that time, i just didn't say much but after lunch i relay to DH what has been my morning with his mum. He said at once "what a horrible morning, you'll never want to go shopping with her anymore" and then i started to cry....DH was soo angry he wanted to go to his mother at once but i said i think it will not help as these was not the first time, imean not with me but for him too. He's been angry with her and honest with it to her, before and after i joined the family and no change at all. She's just a very difficult person, too easy to comments about others and compare. Eversince, her favorite is the youngest and so is with their three kids. First and last, are the same age with our children.

That friday evening, we decided to go and visit my family in Asia. It was a coincidence that we were called up to go to school the last days for the kids, kind of report. Both are very good at school, especially Grace so they can miss a few weeks. This morning, Dh has called the head of the school and ask permission and he understands that we can't leave for during the summer vacation because of our work and the temperature where i came from is very warm especially for the children, but actually mainly for our work.

These are the exchanges recently that was sent and rec. for the Praire Schooler group. I made the Santa and received the deer in return from Carolyn.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


First off, thanks so much Margaret & Von for dropping by. Until now we are not yet fully recovered from it, i mean still feeling very tired, i think because of staying up that late and too much alcohol and trying to be alert for everything.
Haven't had a rest the last days, works goes on and a lot of activities for the children and it is getting worse the coming weeks/weekend.

The things i had in mind to stitch/make for friends(online) for x'mas, i'm afraid i can't make it. I am in a few exchanges so that will be my priority.

Just read some messages from the Yahoo group, a few items were received, quite quickly than i had expected. One was a small finished exchange to Kim...

and my SS got her last package which i stitched her a small pincushion and enclosed some charts from her wishlist. With the help of a few freinds from the USA this went well successfully, otherwise she've known it right away who was her SS from the first package that was sent a few months ago. Thanks so much for helping me with this exchange.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Outing with friends

It was finally 14 adults(7 couples) instead of 18, two couples weren't able to come, one was just on the last minute so he has to pay some that couldn't be cancelled anymore.

We arrived at around four at the hotel and waited till the others joined us, at 5:30 we drove to another place for dinner eetcafe Oberon

after that to this place de zevende hemel
for 'laser game'.
We were divided in two groups, men and women apart and whew!! The guys did it seriously so they win. That was really fun!! Such a pity, the games took only about 12 minutes. We did it two times.

The activity the next day(saturday), we arranged it with the
duck tour
They provided us with four of this small cars to tour the area, with a couple of stops on the way for lunch and golfing... 'boeren golf'. Which was really new to most of us, we are really lucky it was dry as it was predicted with lots of rain.

A picture of the whole group after playing the golf at the farm.

And then to a beer brewery , we ran out of time so we didn't stayed long enough to taste the whiskey which was was quite new to them, only the beer or a couple of them as they have different ones. Took back the cars back and went to dinner which was arranged as well where we are expected at six. It was an indoor barbecue, Gonzales restaurant

After 11Pm we are in one of the bar nearby the hotel for drinks and some played billiard. A few went in after midnight while we stayed until after 1AM. But the night before some went in just before 3AM. Since we organize this outing and i know what the activities the next day i went in after midnight, but Kees stayed with the rest.

Sunday, after breakfast we went to the Mineral museum
It was an interesting one.
The whole weekend went very well and everybody had enjoyed it. We sure happy everything went fine as we had planned. Now we are free for the next 5 or 6 six years, i mean for organizing the weekend or whatever.

Well, whoever read this and find a lot of errors, either with grammar, spelling, i am sorry, my english isn't that well and don't have much time to go over and check it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Away with friends this weekend!!!

We are going away this weekend, actualy we are leaving tomorrow(friday) already but before going to the ferry we have to bring the things for the children to grandma, and the list of their activities on saturday, hope grandma wouldn't mind as it's a busy day for the kids. A coincidence that it has to be that saturday where we had scheduled for this outing. Since it is our turn to organize this outing, we had selected this date way back in May due to reservations, so other activities regarding the children wasn't known yet. Atleast, they were going to be picked up by parents of there friends for going to the different clubs(swimming& gym), in the morning and then afternoon will be grandma's turn. Grandma isn't really familiar with our kids, she's more with the kids of Kees sister(three of them, almost the same age with our children).
Oh well, with the outing we really hope the weather's dry as some of the scheduled activities were outside.
Here's a couple of picture from the outing a couple of years ago.

Last year was to New Castle, a there's a couple of pictures way back last october when i started with this blog. See, i didn't really realise it's been a year already since i started blogging.

With stitching, not much progress except of a few small designs i had stitched for x'mas cards and a few others like this mystery SAL on yahoo with lots and lots of FRENCHKNOTS, 44 in all!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My first Biscornu!!!!

I really like the one i made for Outi's scissorfob so i stitched that again with DMC perle number 8 on 28 ct. Jobelan and finished it into a biscornu, though i didn't expect it will turned out pretty small. So i added a cord so it can be use as a scissorfob too. The back i stitched with normal DMC with the words "I'm too busy to be organized".
i am satisfied with the outcome, thought it's too difficult to make but it just needed time and patience.... now i would like to try a bigger one but i don't have pattern or haven't seen appropriate one from the magazines i have. Thought i had seen some freebies before, will look for that later.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Scissor fob received!

I received my scissor fob exchange from Renee with a beautiful postcard of IOWA. The scissor fob is so cute, thanks so much.

I finally completed this block for a quilt and now on it's way to the U.S. Had to work on it whenever i got the chance as the deadline for it is the end of this month and i am really glad i made it. It took me longer than i had expected due to social life which was really busy these past weeks.
It is the first time in weeks that we don't have any scheduled or appointment this weekend, so i hope to sleep in...oh no Grace will be pick up before eight for the swimming club, but atleast no hurry to go anywhere or prepare for anyone. But there's a chance that some friends drops by if they see we are home as ussually happened too.

Thanks so much to all for the nice comments with the scissorfobs i had made for Outi.
I am so sorry i am way behind in reading blogs, i do take a peek sometimes but don't take the time to leave a comment.

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