Thursday, January 31, 2013

January finishes (part 1)....

...but first the winner of the Valentine giveaway is~~~ Jan! Congratulations! Please send me your address info and will post it as soon as possible. Do hope you will see this post as you haven't leave your e-mail info.

 Kind of happy i manage to finish all the charts i've posted the beginning of january and added a few more. The ones completed into ornaments were all sent out for gifts & exchanges so i couldn't show a picture of them. These will have to wait for completion as i am out of inspiration how to finish them off.

Last weekend get-together with friends at the mainland.
I'm afraid i gain lots with all the gatherings lately, and with the
weather we have these days is not a good one for walking.
Doing Zumba an hour almost daily doesn't really help
me lose the extra's. Hope to keep off from food and alcohol
very very soon...

Coming weekend is booked again with friends...might be the last one for a while. Hubby will be off sometime next week and will be away for a month.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. Hope you are all having a good week.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Valentine pincushion giveaway!

A few finishes lately, just can't post pictures as it's for exchanges & gifts! I want to celebrate it with a small giveaway, a Valentine pincushion! Please note in your comment though if you want to be included and leave an e-mail address!
This will close the 30th of January as i want to send it out at once and hopefully be receive in time for Valentine. Outing with colleagues and the owner of the pub/cafe we are working...Too quiet here on the island so we are close for a while....
Below pics were taken last weekend, with friends here for dinner! ...was till around 4am!!
Here's eating out with friends and ended up till around 3am at home. Was quite a late nights weekend but FUN!!!

Monday, January 07, 2013

January w.i.p's...

...aren't i at a good start for January???? Just smalls to begin with but hope these all be done before the end of January though especially the Valentine's designs! Let's see how far i can get with my stitching this year. Last year was very very POOR!! Too busy and un-organized!!!
Thank you all for the lovely comments on my previous post!! I do hope you all have a lovely start of the week!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Nieuwjaarsduik 2013"(New Year's Dive 2013)

Yeeeeees! I did it again!!! I wasn't planning too when a friend called a couple of days before the event. It was rainy & strong winds so i said i rather not but during New Year's Eve it was dry and wasn't so windy anymore i decided to join for the dive the following day!!

Here's a couple of pics....Brrrrrrrr, it was coooooooooold when we arrived at the beach, outside temperature out there was only 2 degrees celcius because of the wind and sea water temperature was around 6 degrees celcius!
(you can click on the pics to enlarge)

I wish everyone a great start for 2013!!