Monday, May 24, 2021

...orchids...Tulips..not much stitching..

A couple of weeks ago i noticed so many new buds and spike on my orchids, didn't realise i had quite of them and also see almost all are pink colours. These are on the living room and i have a few more in the kitchen. So happy they are really doing great as honestly i forgot to tend to them once so busy at work and came home quite late and if it's dark i won't go and look at them. Hope to buy new ones in colour yellow or white soon. Just notice so many new buds and spike on my orchids

Last week been to the mainland and along the way finally saw a Tulip fields with the "Queen of the night" tulip, thought at first was black but more on very dark purple. I haven't came across yet a real black colour Tulip. These are the last pictures for these spring flowers as most all flower heads were cut off.

Work on and off with this project and i am undecided about which colour to use for the hair. Thinking of black or DMC #3371. 


Love preparing foodies when kids come join us for meals. Not so often nowadays due to their studies and work. 

Hope everyone's having a lovely week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Teeny tiny spring finishes

 The 1st of May, we drove around here on the island in search of Tulip fields and there were quite some blooming. So beautiful to just stand out there and admire the view. Can't pick a favorite as i love them all. 

Couldn't stay out long as Chris and Emma will join us for dinner and needed to stop by for groceries, glad what i had in mind was quite a simple one. "Poke Bowl" with ready made Tuna & Salmon, i fried the shrimps and prepared a few bits and pieces of veggies.

When they left i went in search for a small design of Tulips from magazines i had and saw this red one. Started it and finished the next evening...into a scissor fob.

A week ago, been for a family visit at bf's sister...along the way were lots of Tulip fields and most were quite far from the roads..Can't resist when i saw one pretty close to the road and went for a few pics. 

Had a lovely catch up at bf sister's ...and such a beautiful garden they have. Very neat and clean.

Stitched this cute spring lamb and finished it into a flat ornament. Was a surprise gift for a friend and Glad she loves it.
Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments. Hope you all are having a lovely week.

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