Sunday, March 24, 2013

@ Friendly Stitcher's exchange

These had been sent and received for quite a while now
but haven't had the time to update or post on here.
Had chosen a LHN design and finished it off
into a mattress pincushion. Glad to hear Chris like it.
((You can click on all pics to enlarge))

                                        Here is what i received back from Chris. I so love what
she've chosen and very neatly finished.

As usual too busy socially and some i haven't have pictures
taken from gatherings we've been too. 
Chris band had performed a couple of weeks ago
at one of the event which mainly for adults but
they try to invite young ones too and let them 
performed earlier for the youth. Do hope the video
works (below the picture).

Hubby was sick when i attended one of the birthday
parties so he wasn't able to joined us. He had a nasty
flu that lasted more than a week so he had missed
out on a few occasions even the performance
of the kids above he wasn't able to go and watch.

By the way, about Grace with her test for the Pilot study,
she didn't make it at the last test. Now, she'll have to
re-organize what she'll going to follow after this school
year. Quite a difficult decision for her...anyway, exams
ahead for them so they'll have to concentrate on that first.

Many many thanks for visiting and all the kind comments. I really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March update...

(All pictures can be click to enlarge)
Gonna try and work on these designs, the LHN was started last month
but wasn't able to finish it off. The Orchids serie has been a w.i.p's
for a couple of year now, just found it and hope to work further on it.
The others were quite small so i am sure will complete them for this month.

I was the lucky winner by Lisa's  giveaway last january.
Really love the bird ornament enclosed. Very
neatly finsih! Thank you so much Lisa. I
LOVE them all!!

Took this picture of the baby lambs playing and running around during my walk with
a friend early this morning. Been a grey day after a couple of days sunshine. Pity,
wasn't able to go for walks the last days due to other commitments.

Spare parts for the car arrived so took it to the garage for repair. Was finished just
in time to bring Chris for his guitar lesson and for my Zumba class afterwards.
It feels good driving knowing the car's fine. Will be for test tomorrow as we're
going to pick up our daughter from where i had left her last sunday. Her father
got home last night so we will be going together. Kind of curious, so far she
stayed till the last day which is thursday...because there is a chance she will be asked to go home the last days if she didn't passed the test each day that were planned for.

Many many thanks for your continued visits and for taking the time to leave me a
comment. I truly appreciate them all.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

March finish!

I've a couple of finishes but can only post one as the other one is for an exchange
and i don't know if she is checking my blog, would rather as a surprise.
Hopefully, i can finsih these serie each month...

I have a few projects for these month but haven't took a pic yet,
too dark now for taking pictures and if i wait for it i don't know
if i have time to post again coming days. I took these one earlier.

I had a scary moment with our car this afternoon at the mainland, bringing
our daughter to the city, half way where she goes for the school for further
test for the pilot study. I cannot drive her all the way as it will take me 3-4
hours there and 3-4 back. i am not use to that kind of long driving so i had
to bring her half way that she can get the train straight to the school campus
which is better. But along the way, after nearly an hour from the ferry the car started
to have troubled so i got panicked as it is a highway and everyone droves very
fast(130km/hour). And the car slows down...glad we were able to reach the parking
area at the train station and from there i called the car services, lucky we are a
member of it and one came for help after half an hour. Glad wasn't that really serious
and i could drive back home but have to do it slowly.  Have defect of the throttle
position Sensor, so  have to bring to the garage soon.

Thanks so much for your continued visits and all the lovely comments.
I so deeply appreciate them all!

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