Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peace Inside, flowers and wayyyy behind....

Peace Inside
Midsummer Night Design
28ct linen(sorry, don't know what kind)
Sampler threads

I so wanted to finish this one so it can be packed, i've worked on it everytime i get the chance even if it was bit by bit. With all the rushing, i can see on the picture right now that i miss one stitch.....can anyone see it...? I think it is too obvious for everyone to notice. (( all pictures can be enlarge if you want))

I've taken these two height chart down to wash before packing in and thought to take picture of them. Since my old album were deleted i think i'll try and take pictures of the older pieces before packing and putting them aside.

As of yeterday, here's how my flowers at the side and back of our house. Still haven't bought new ones, no time! And even no time to really sit outside and enjoy them but do have to water them almost everyday as it's been sunny and quite warm the last days except today-cloudy and a bit windy.

I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind on my blog reading! Been out most days, attending parties and other activities. I've picked up hubby last monday and he will be home for 2 weeks only for this time. Now, it is way tooooooooo warm to continue with packing and we are having issues with the renovation-the contractors and all...way toooo expensive it seems not worth it. So we are still thinking if we will continue...we are waiting now for one contractor and then have to decide if we will push through or look for another house. We even think of going out of the island and sure we can get a good house(much, much bigger than what we have now) at the mainland but the kids really doesn't want to leave and us as well, so we have to pay the prize for staying here.

My MIL is still in the hospital, i know i didn't mentioned it here on my last post but to a couple of the yahoo groups. She had knee surgery last week(monday) and suppose to be home by friday last week but the doctor found out a problem with her lung so they keep her their and suppose to be out today but heard from DH's sister who visited her late this afternoon that she have to stay longer. The knee surgery went fine and recovering well but still her lung issues aren't fine. So, we do keep turns to go and visit her.

I will try to catch up on everyone's blog though it takes a while.... Enjoy the summer everyone and Thank you all for visiting here and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend stitching was a waste!

Last saturday, thought a break with all the packing and sorting for the weekend and do some stitching, finished off the January LK stamp and started the february block as you can see on the picture below....((you can click on all pictures to enlarge))
Sunday, noticed i had made a mistake with the counting, thought at first to just go ahead and might not be noticed but i know where the miscounted one is and i don't feel well about it so i frogged it all out! I do hate it it when that happens.....

Finally, finished both blocks. This a new SAL on one of the Dutch yahoo group i am in and do love these series. I am not sure though how shall i stitched them all together.....

Received this wonderful RAK from Lindsay-ann a while back. Thank you so much. The bag is sure very handy and have it with me all the time.

Isn't this gorgeous!!!! It's been bright and sunny today and these peonies looks gorgeous. One of the group on yahoo mentioned about drying the flowers so i might try to do that with these. I never did it before so i hope it work work out fine.

The petunia's are doing great too....

...but i think time to change the pansies! I know i haven't taken care of my flowers lately but hopefully with the weather getting better might go out more often in between packing.

I started this post after dinner(7pm) but a friend stopped by and we had a good catch up with everything...and she just left half an hour ago, it is now nearly midnight. Better off to bed and will catch up tomorrow on blogs and groups.

Thank you all for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. Have a good week to all!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


...spending time on the computer, oh yes i am keeping myself busy! And the weather isn't that good for walking so i did Zumba for about half an hour every evening except tonight as Chris wanted to watch the football game U.K versus Algeria!!

Here's my finishes so far, the june block for the RR-Margaret Sherry designs.

And a PS design for a quilt, will be assembled later this year for one of the yahoo member. This is a pretty quick stitch compare to the block above where lots of backstitching.

Took this picture of the pion rose a few days ago, the flowers are blooming now.

With the strong winds last week some were bend down so i cut a few for inside.

Here's how they look like today!

Boxes are piling up in every room. I still have lots to do and have a week before hubby comes home. He sure expect most are ready to be transfered to the hired container or space when he gets back.

Please take a look at Olenka's blog as she's having a lovely giveaway! She has also some gorgeous designs!!

Thanks for visiting and HAPPY WEEKEND to all!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A few Hardanger pictures!

I know i had pictures of most of the hardanger pieces i've completed the year 2000-2005 and was searching for it today but i just couldn't find it. Now, i remember they were on my old website(mylene's hobby), that hubby had deleted earlier this year. That wasn't a free website and because i haven't work on it for a few years now he asked if he will delete it, i said it was okey. I didn't realise some pictures there aren't on my album anymore.
A few hardanger weren't pack yet so i took these pictures of them this afternoon, ((you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))

most were already packed away-i didn't want to put it all in one box. The last two dark pink table runner are in used here in the living room and in the kitchen table so that will be the last to be pack. Now, i really regret over the deleted website as i don't have pictures anymore of all the hardanger pieces i had given away as gifts before.

Yesterday was the last football tournament. Am i glad the football season's over for a while, as saturdays most part of the day were spent at the field.
We were lucky the weather was fine although very windy. It has been raining most part this week and i think these coming days too.
Here's a few pictures of the boys and at the field. Chris team finished third out of 10 teams.

No stitching update! Although i did stitched on and off in between packing but not much to show off.

Thank you all for stopping by and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Happy Dance!..Edited-thanks Cath and Julianne

Edited: I went out to visit a friend just after sending the post and when i got home thunder and lightning started so better not get online. Glad it didn't take long. Thanks so much Cath and Julianne for the scan-of the Margaret Sherry design.

What would you do in between packing and sorting with no internet?? Stitching!!!

Summer Breeze
Prairie Schooler book no. 137
32ct belfast linen
DMC threads

While sorting, i had found one of the unfinished RR and thought to do the two blocks.

I had only added my printed copy with the piece when i put it aside before, now i cannot see clearly the different colour for the purple flower.

I don't like to go and open up boxes to see where the original copy is. Does anyone have this design and can scan it for me? I really appreciate it.

Also found an unfinished hardanger which i nearly threwn away before when i made a mistake pulling out the wrong thread. I was nearly finished with it when it happened.

As you can see below where i went wrong. I decided to finish it off and will use it one day, i think not everyone will notice the mistake....i hope!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Thanks so much for stopping by and all the wonderful comments. I really appreciate them all!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The last tulip fobs!

These were all stitched and finished last April but it took a while before i sent it out and also quite long underway to the new owners. But glad to hear it has finally arrive to Suzanne and Jackie. The other one, i just hope it has been received haven't heard anything yet.

I took a few pictures when i assembled the fobs, hope it helps for anyone who wants to try it with beads. ((you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))

Recently i've joined a bookmark exchange on one of the yahoo group here in Holland. Both were now received so i can show the pics.

Took a few pictures of some of my potted plants scattered all around in the backyard. These were planted early April.

I needed to go out to get some summer plants but been too busy here sorting and packing. Now, hubby just called this afternoon that he will be home end of June for a couple of weeks and then off to sea again for a month. I wonder if we can manage to get most of the stuff out of the house and the needed arrangements for the contractor and all. The expected date for pulling down the house is August 15 and he hope to be back around the 12th. They are shortstaff so it continuosly changing over their working schedule and where are they going to be posted.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Thanks so much for visiting and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all!!

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