Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 quilts block down!

Blue Tit baby
EMS freebie
14ct aida
DMC threads

Here is the third i've completed this month for the quilt blocks at ILCS. This one is for Vicky. I just hope she will like it.

I received this beautiful block from Tinna(no blog) for my Friendship quilt. I just LOVE it. Thank you so much TINNA for stitching this design for me.

The winner picked up by Chris for the January giveaway is Helen. Please email me your address info and i will mail it off to you by next neek.

In about an hour i am off with DH to the mainland and we'll be home friday evening. He came home unexpected last night as he doesn't have class today due to exams given, for him is scheduled for tomorrow, but he has a meet up with a few in his class this evening that is why he wants to return earlier and ask if i can go with him. MIL agreed that the children stay with her so now we will be off soon.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I appreciate them very much.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January x'mas ornament SAL

Peace Ornament
Country Cottage Needleworks
Just Cross Stitch ornament 2007
28ct linen
DMC threads

Finally finished it into an ornament. As much as possible i would like to try and finish them off each month.

I am working on this one and it is taking me longer than i had expected. Hope to be done before the weekend though. I am afraid i won't hold a needle this weekend as we expected friends from the mainland coming to stay.

Took these pictures last friday evening when dh just arrived, Max was really excited and wouldn't want to leave his side. Mas was quite relactunt when the owner came to pick him up saturday evening.
I think i am going to pick him up next week monday as dh's home for the whole week, after that he will leave to sea for FIVE weeks this time.

Thank you all so much for stopping by especially to all who takes time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

January giveaway!

Cross stitched coaster
Design: Debra Page
Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, october 2004

It's the same serie as the flatfold i made as my giveaway last month. Everyone is welcome for the draw, but please indicate if you want to be added for the draw and if possible to leave your e-mail address so i know where to contact you. It will be open until wednesday(28th) evening.

After finishing the coaster bearing in mind that's it's for my next giveaway, i love it so much i stitched another for myself, as you can see the two coasters together.

I still haven't find an appropriate car design for a little boy, the size not bigger than 6 x 6 inches. Does anyone know a freebie somewhere? Thanks for any help.
(i've found one from Cross stitcher magazine, thanks so much for all the links shared!)

Dh will be arriving home soon for the weekend, so i won't be online much until after the weekend. If anyone waiting for a response from me, i will catch up later next week. Tomorrow i have to help at the football canteen for serving drinks and snacks i think. It's my first time so i am not really sure of what to do.
And sunday we are going to a birthday party of a friend on the mainland. Quite a busy weekend again!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really appreciate them all.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Thought i'll show how far my start with the new projects i've shown on my previous post, the fourth one of the magazine i will start that next week, which is the 'Home is where....'

Here is "Step into spring" designed by Gail Bussi which is featured at Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, march 2008.

"Live your dreams" also designed by Gail Bussi featured at Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, february 2009.

And this is "Flowers of Spring" designed by Joanne Sanderson, which was featured at The World of Cross Stitching, march 2006.

Now, they'll have to be set aside as i have to finish an exchange for february plus i just signed up for a quick block to stitch for a sick little boy. Disney cars/ or just a car is the theme. will be looking for an appropriate one later tonight.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments on my previous post. It's been raining and very strong winds all day today, my walks with MAX this morning and afternoon was quite short as he hates rain. Everytime we walk back home, he's really ahead of me and looking back all the time, like saying "couldn't you walk faster..."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Max's been to the trimming parlour!

What a rushed i had this morning as the appoinment made last year for Max's trimmings at 9am was quite early, but i have to bring Chris first to school and pick up Max-(the owner can't bring him himself as he has to go to work). Have to drive about 20minutes to the parlour. When we made the appointment DH thought he's home then but ohhh no! He's away for a 2 weeks course, though he will be home weekend.
Took this picture of Max outside the parlour
when i didn't opened tha car door at once. DH had asked me to take a picture before and after the trimming but i was sooo in a hurry i forgot my camera!

Took this picture while he's content lying down on the kitchen floor when we arrive while i am preparing lunch for me and Chris. Grace have lunch box everyday during school days.
After lunch i called the owner at his work if i could keep Max till Saturday as DH want to see him too and he said fine and brought his food. I think he's happy that Max is here as he doesn't have much time due to his work.

We don't ussually take pictures especially on adults birthday so that is why i haven't attach any picture on my last post. Here's a group picture of our friends during one of our outing previous year. Most them came in the evening and a couple came in the afternoon while one couple had called that evening that they are on the mainland, so they couldn't make it.
In the afternoon where mostly family, 2 sisters of DH with their husbands, MIL, a couple of neighbours with their kids and a few other friends.

Three of these designs from different magazines i had started and the 'Home is where... will start it next week, together with Tinna(no blog). We expect to finish it in 4 weeks, now we'll see if i really can make it as i keep on starting new projects while i still have lots unfinished!

A squirrel block for Sharyl's quilt, her theme was animal. Hope she will like it. Next, i am finishing for the quilts are EMS babies and Circus theme. Still a few more on the list but do hope to be done with this before 2009 ends.

Meari: the snacks are off puff pastry(store bought)one was filled with ham, pineapple and cheese while the other one was filled with tomato sauce, salami & cheese.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I deeply appreciate them all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Defenitely NO Stitchy gifts!!

Here's what DH and kids come up with during their short shopping spree friday evening. DH just let the kids buy what they would like to give and they've chosen the two candles in flower form, the red and purple plus a comb and slippers. DH got me a gift coupon, 150 euro's, for me to order/buy a sun glass. He can't just buy it as i need to go and try and be fitted for my eyes. It's a jewelry shop too where the coupon came from so i can use it for jewelry if i want, he said but i really need a sun glass these days for driving.

These are gift coupons too but wrapped in quite big packings instead to an envelope. It's for beauty treatment. As some knows i go for treatment once every 6 or 8 weeks.

This a picture of all the gifts i received yesterday except one as i noticed i didn't include the orchid which is in the side kitchen. Got lots of flower bulbs in pots mainly for outside. But i find them so beautiful to bring them outside in this weather we have right now, it's dark and raining. Aside from that, A couple of books, red wines, a beautiful rose shirt, a dustbuster, lotions&shampoo's.

See, Defenitely NO Stitchy gifts. Almost all our family and friends doesn't know about my stitching hobby and anyway there's almost nothing to buy of it here on the island.

This is just a part of the snacks i made in the morning before visitors arrived early afternoon. Around 15 people came in the afternoon and half of them stayed for dinner. Not many as i had expected, i think a few friends from the mainland had forgotten when i told them last dec. about celebrating it in January. Anyway, after dinner came 10 more people and most of the visitors in the afternoon went home or else the space in the living room is not enough.

It was busy for me but also enjoyed and does everyone or else they won't stay until around 2 AM!!
We cleaned the place at once and went to bed after 3 AM.

And here's a stitchy pic, a start for my next ornament SAL.

Received this one from Sandy at ILCS yahoo group for my Friendship quilt squares collection. I LOVE it! Thanks so much, Sandy.

NOW, i am off to arrange snacks for the kids as their friends are here for the afternoon. Grace and her friend Saar are on the Play Station with Sing-A-Long while Chris and his friend Mels with the Wii Guitar Hero.

A VERY big THANK YOU for all the wishes and comments over my last post. Not even one had said to give in to the challenge for the New Year's Dive. We'll see, as i said i will join too next year.....!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New year's dive & Jan. ornament

Grace and her friends joined the New Year's Dive for the second time this year. From left: Jolein, Helene, Grace & Merel. Chris wanted too but he has colds so i didn't let him. I should have joined them as i had promised last year but since DH isn't here to join us i opted out. The water tempearture then was 3 degrees celcius.

Here they are running to the sea. A pity it was too busy i couldn't go fast to the water front so i don't have pictures for that even when they out of the water, i have to ask one of the other mothers to share their pictures later.

I've been busy today preparing for my belated b-day celebration tomorrow. Here's a picture of the apple & pineapple cake that's just done. A couple of recipes mainly asians are also done so by morning i'll be busy for some snacks.

Country Cottage Needleworks
28ct linen
DMC threads

I've stitched the piece for my January Ornament SAL. Hopefully to finish it off into an ornament next week.

It's 7:30 pm and what a quiet moment i have right now. DH took the kids to town, (shops are open here till 9pm on fridays), i was quite surprise when they said they are going's surely a surprise what they come up with and i think they'll give it tomorrow, so my curiousity have to wait.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I really really appreciate them all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Computer is fixed!

My computer has had a very bad virus, DH tried to remove it last weekend when he came home, spent a few hours but he couldn't remove it. He has took it out this morning from my table...i thought here we go, it might really take a while before it gets back but when i got home this aftrenoon from helping at Chris school, my PC is back at my table. Thanks to DH i can get online again. I really did missed it! Also for uploading the pictures taken since Christmas. I can see now i haven't taken much pictures....

As for stitching, i do have a few finishes lately, small ones but can't show all as most were for gifts and exchanges. Also started a few projects but not much to show pictures off. Had spent sometime reorganizing some freebies too that i've printed last year and which ones that i will do stitch and some have to throw. Next (when dh is off which will be next month) will be some magazines, as i've subscribed to a couple of the U.K Cross stitch magazine for a few years now. I have only one now going, had to stopped the others much as i like them as i am not working anymore... not much income for hobbies.

Helga Mandle Designs
32ct. minster linen
DMC threads

Here is one of my first finishes this year. Will finish it off into a flatfold later.

USA Floss ring tag
Lizzie Kate freebie
32ct linen
DMC threads

Floss ring tag for Vicky, the last one for the SFE at ILCS yahoo group.

An old project "Summer Meadow" & get-away pics..

A couple of weeks now since my last post..not much stitching done as been too tired after work most days and been busy socially as well in b...