Monday, November 25, 2013

Ready for the last part...

...but i am flying soon to visit my family in Asia so i'll catch up after 3 weeks from now.
So sorry, wasn't able to visit blogs the last days...busy busy..
Chris band had been performing again last weekend and i so wanted to add a video here but blogger won't allowed. So, only a picture then...

Had friends for dinner last saturday too, always fun... to catch the ferry and to the airport...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm loving...

...stitching this design. But part 3 have to wait, gonna be busy again the coming days.
Haven't done any christmas stitching yet...
The band where our son Chris was on the front page of the Local Newspaper last week. Was because they had three different performance last weekend. And another one this coming weekend.
Earlier this week, we took my employer's dog for a walk...this time with Kees on the picture. He's home hopefully till after New Year as he'd been away for 10 weeks with his last job. Unfortunately, he's on and off to the hospital for his back and bladder research.

Many many thanks for your continued visits and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I couldn't resist...

Had love this design since it started a couple of months ago but been too busy at work so i let it go but when i saw the third part being stitched i decided to join in. Glad it is still available on her site...Had stitched part 1 in a couple of evenings...the next two parts have to wait for next week...

 Kees finally got home today after 10 weeks away for his sure a very long period of time and hopefully next wouldn't be that long. Atleast, he'll stay home till after the new year.

 Coming weekend will be a busy one, the band had a photo session late this afternoon which will be appearing with the local newspaper this coming Friday as they will be sort of on tour this weekend. Two performances on Saturday and one on Sunday, a coincidence that they were asked in the same weekend.

THank you all so much for stopping by. Do hope everyone's having a good week.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Another Christmas ornament exchange...

Probably the last for a while as i want to... if i can and have enough time to stitch a few ornaments to send out to friends for the holidays. Sorry for the first picture below, it's blurred but that was the only picture i took before sending the piece.
Here's what i received back from Melissa. Lovely and so neatly finished! 
Visited friends at the mainland last weekend and they have a few of these cuddly Rabbits. I was at first hesitant to hold as i thought they're like cats and get scratch but she's quite good to stranger. Isn't she cute!!!
I've been cutting recipes from magazines but not really trying them unless when i am having a party. Or since it is foreign the kids might not like it but i'll never know if i will not prepare and let them taste it. Been off the last days so here's the first...Tacos last Monday, just a simple one though quite some veggies in it. They've love it especially Chris!!
This one yesterday, Korean spicy chicken wings with garlic soy sauce. Grace boyfriend was here too for dinner and he loves it too...Chris finds it a bit hot...but i like it. 
Might try a couple again next week when hubby is home. He is expected to come home on Monday being away for more than two months.

 Thanks a lot for stopping by...hope you are all having a good week.