Friday, August 29, 2008

Scissor case

The scissor case i made for the SFE for ILCS yahoo group had safely reached Mare. Actually my original plan was to stitched one of the cats of Brittercups design to go along with the last one i sent but i wasn't sure how to finish it off and i was running out of time. And then i realise you had stated two themes to chose from: cats or hearts. When i started stitching this pattern i realise i made it earlier and into a needlecase as well. So glad to hear you like it Mare and haven't this kind of finishing yet.

I started the third and last serie of Pure Indulgence. Atleast this one don't have that many frenchknots unlike the second one i did.

Thanks so much for stopping by, the lovely comments and the best wishes. I think i know the reason why i have this headache on and off especially last week. It just it's the first week that DH's away for work, and there's so much to do....
The children have to go to MIL's for lunch and dinner and wait for me there till i am done with work which is between 8 to 9pm. And tuesday after school Chris have football training and it's in town, glad there are a couple boys from here who are going so one of the parents will take Chris too.
Still a while before DH's comes home so we have to get use to it.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend. I will take Grace to the mainland after her swimming tomorrow to go shopping, Chris should be coming with us too but we just heard that they have a football match tomorrow and he doesn't want ot miss it. So he will be pick up before 9am.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biscornu exchange, WIP, Sail...

Receive a note from Joan that she received the biscornu yesterday that i made for the exchange on SBEBB. This one is a freebie but can't remember where from. I do really hope Joan likes it. I did enjoyed stitching this with WDW Sky and finishing it with beads around. Well, that is one received from the

three packages i sent the same day exactly a week ago today. Still waiting from Norway and another from the U.S.

I've just received this wonderful exchange from Linda today! Great stitching and finishing Linda. I just LOVE it and all the extra's enclosed, especially as i can't buy these kind of fabrics and colored ring tags over here.

So far, here's my update on Winter SAL.

I haven't done much stitching since my last post last week. I see it's nearly a week already. It's just that before the weekend i had headaches for a few nights so i am not in the mood for stitching. Weekend came, we had Max for company and been to birthday party's too.

DH is away for work for a while now, so these previous evenings i had to picked up the kids at MIL's. It's really different being alone with the kids, as i am used to having him around though his working home but atleast he's home for the children.

Last saturday afternoon we took Max at the dyke for a walk at around 2PM, i didn't expect a lot of people are already around as i know the SAIL PARADE in Den Helder will start at 3pm to 5pm. Max was too curious at the people around and not everyone is happy to have a dog so very near so we decided to take back Max home right away and wait till the parade's over.

You can have a read and see some more pictures here about the Sail, Sail-spektakel in Den Helder (this one in Dutch)
The Tall Ships' Races 2008 (and this one in English)

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and all the lovely comments about the fob. I really appreciate them all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Halloween fob!!

Haven't done much stitching since sunday, i thought today since it's been raining and windy i need a very quick finish!!

Halloween fob
Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Lucie Heaton
14ct white aida, Dmc, beads

This magazine came in last week or was it beginning of this week i am not sure anymore but it's on the pile with other magazines that came in the last days, which most unread yet! Oh well, when i turn over the pages and saw the halloween motives, that got me an idea to make a quick scissor fob for the monthly challenge for this month.
Vicky asked how did i add the beads around it so i thought to add a couple of pictures and do hope it will give an idea how i've worked on with the beads. I am sorry but i am not that good in explaining, i mean my English isn't good enough for it.

I see the pictures aren't that good, i think the battery need to be recharge.

Thank you all for your kind comments with my previous posts about the ornament, WIP and about my work. Your visits and comments mean so much.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Productive weekend & an Award!!

I can say my weekend was really productive, wish i can show all the pieces i managed to complete. There are five of them, and almost all were for exchanges except one and that's what i can only show for today.

My x'mas ornament SAL for August
Home ornament
Joan Elliott
Quick & Easy magazine
14ct aida & DMC threads

I also manage to start the 4th part of Helga Mandl Seasons SAL too.

I think this will be it for the meantime as i have to work these coming days and since school started i see the different activities(outside school) for the kids also about to start.

Received the SFE(small finish exchange) from Viv
this week too. Thanks so much Viv, i LOVE it and all the extra's too.
Do hope you'll have a great vacation here in Holland for these coming weeks!!

I just received this award from Heather today!! Thanks so much. It really means a lot to me.

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated

...passing this award to:


Thursday, August 14, 2008

2nd serie of Pure Indulgence

I have been stitching quite a lot lately...i do have too as i realised i have to send out 4 different items for exchanges end of this month. As of now all were stitched just have to finish them off but i don't have much inspiration to go on now, hopefully this weekend.

In between i manage to finish this piece, actually this was nearly done a while back except the backstitching and frenhknots where there lots of them and is now finished.

This was the first one i've finished last April.

This is a picture of the whole serie i wanted to complete.

It's from the book of Joanne Elliotts. I do really have a few list of her designs that i want to start just like the sampler on my last post. I think i better not sign in for exchanges for a while and work on some of the list i want for myself...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the comments you left with my last post. I really appreciate them all. After posting that message it got me thinking about my family where my mother and her three brothers are all with heart problems. I think my mother started at age 40 and she's now 56. All four of them are on medications for quite a while now. That did pushed me to call our family doctor yesterday morning and got an appointment in the afternoon. After the check up (blood pressure, heartbeat) she said all's fine but to be sure she made an appoinment for me to see a heartspecialist which is in the mainland. Glad she made the appointment and we were able to go this morning otherwise if i have to do it myself it will take a couple of weeks before we can get an appointment. With all the check ups that was done he (heartspecialist) said all's fine, so probably what i felt earlier which was ussually when it's too busy at work was stress. But he said, since it is high on my family with heart problems, he will not disregard it all at once as safe and expect to see me again after six weeks. So we made an appointment at once for september.

At work, i heard that the owner's aren't happy with my decision as it's not easy to get staff here on the island. After working here for seven years i do feel a bit bad for leaving a couple of my colleagues who just like me stayed for so long. But there's a lot that wasn't fine and it does bother's me so i am quite happy to give in my notice before it will end up with misunderstanding. I do hope all will be well till my last work day which is the end of september.

As for finding another work, not at once as we are undergoing some changes here at home too with Kees job. He might not be home most for the children when i am at work so we decided i will wait till next year before looking for work.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Max is here....

.....for a long weekend! He was brought yesterday while i was still at the mainland with Grace. Been for a shopping spree for her as School begins for her after next week while Chris starts coming Monday already.

These pictures were taken this morning during our walk at the dyke. Max's really needed a hair cut but the owner seems not to notice it. DH called a barber yesterday so he could bring it himself but they are full for these coming weeks.

The last weeks at work was giving me an unhappy feeling, as it was quite busy. Sometimes i do feel pain above my breast and under my stomach. Plus the way people(costumers) were treated wasn't pleasant at all. I rather not go into details here as i don't know if people reading my blog here on the island. I've work here for nearly seven years and do like it but it is changing so i decided to QUIT!!!
I went in last wednesday and gave in or rather told them i will stop but since they can't get anyone at this time i have to work until the end of September. DH wasn't happy about it as he wanted me stop immediately!

Received my copy of this magazine this month and i am in love with the sampler of Joan Elliott. This sure go into my list to stitch. I am working on one of the 'Pure Indulgence' and hope to show a picture soon.

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and all the nice comments. I really appreciate them all.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Definitely NO Stitching but FUN!

We had friends who came over from the mainland last FRIDAY and stayed till MONDAY!
Four adults and two kids. One family stayed(slept)in the tent at the backyard while the other couple slept at the playroom, the only extra room we have but atleast big enough for two.

Saturday, we went to "Garnalenvissen op de Waddenzee " (shrimp fish on the Waddenzee). Took some pictures of it but now i can see i haven't had enough, still waiting from my our friends to email some of what they've taken.

Here, we are waiting to take off, while my son Chris complaining that it's a boring trip and so on....(he's been here a few times)

The young couple!

Here's where they let down the fishing net. Sorry can't get a good picture of it.

We were able to see some seals too on the way back

After the fishing trip which was ended at around four and we were able to bring home some shrimps already boiled, we sat down and started eating them.
After half an hour, i had to quit to prepare the Barbeque! After i've taken this picture and sat down myself it started getting dark and within 10 minutes it started raining so everyone had to go in. It was a mess!!! At least we could all sit at the kitchen table, 10 people in all!!

The next day SUNDAY, it was dry but a bit cloudy and windy. Still they wanted to go to the beach(they are from the city) so we went. Oh well, they find it really cold to go in for a included. But DH, Grace and Chris been to the water!

You can see Chris here, not afraid at all!! But i was, as it's near the danger zone, we really have to keep an eye of him.

A view of the beach, not busy at all because of the bad weather!

Finally, here's a picture of the 'Hamster' in his cage! This is of sister-in-laws daughter and asked Grace to take care of while they are on vacation in GREECE for a week.

MONDAY came... after breakfast i had to leave for my work so they had to cleaned up a bit before they went home!

It was quite a fun weekend! Now, my two days work are over and was really busy....more about it next post!!!

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by especially to those who take the time to leave me a comment.
I know i am way behind on blogs and yahoo groups but i am so sorry, just don't have time to come online.

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