Friday, October 27, 2006

I sent these scissor fob to my exchange partner on the Robin Nest forum last Tuesday and it has already arrived. That went very quick to Finland! And i am so glad to hear Outi likes it. I ended up stitching two as my first attempt wasn't really in her wishlist except the cat one, my mistake as i haven't read it very well about the aida and light colours. Happy to hear she likes them both.

Just read from our local newspaper yesterday that one of our neighbours are celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow, so just made this quick card tonight.

We were not able to go to any attraction park as planned. Kees is too busy with his work. The children are quite busy too, Chris had his friend(Mels) stayed for a couple of nights, while Grace went to stay at one of her friends at the same time. Actually, we had kind of exchange, Grace friend is Mels sister. This isn't there first and we are really happy they get along very well. While the girls did some baking at the other side we took the boys to the swimming pool this afternoon before they parted tonight.
But Chris is going there(to Mels), tomorrow afternoon as we are going to a couple of receptions, one is the wedding anniversay and the other one is an opening of a cafe-restaurant.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I finally took a picture of my first finish of the quilt from our two sessions starting this course. There's a name for this but can't remember it now.

Our third session this week was a log cabin, here's what i've done so far. Will have to finish all the squares before our next meet up after four weeks. As she'll be, the one who is giving the lessons flying to houston next week for quilt exhibitions or something and staying there for nearly two weeks.

I'm nearly done with the ornaments i've started a few days ago and ready to be send out next week. Can't show a pic yet till it's received, also a scissor fob that i've completed lately.
I'm afraid i won't have much stitching time this week as the children's home for autumn break. Have to work these coming days, monday and tuesday and wednesday will be going to the mainland to visit friends and we are thinking perhaps before the weekend we are going to a children's park but it depends on DH's schedule and if he's knee doesn't feel very painful for driving as it's quite far from here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I've been working on this one too for
Karin's quilt Hopefully to be done early next month as it's the due date to be completed.
I need to work on a couple of ornaments as i realised one need to be send the beginning of November.

My computer isn't that good anymore, it just went off this morning while i am checking some emails, i do hope it is not serious as dh haven't the time to look it over.

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been a while since my last post, busy as always with work and other activities but not stitching.
Though I did stitched in between and finished these small christmas designs which at first i intended to make it into cards but now i am not sure, perhaps i can make an ornaments out of them too. Just don't know yet!

Been working on a few older projects too like this Winnie the pooh, made a mistake part of the nose so i have to remove it later before finishing off the backstitching on winnie's part.

Well, we are supposed to go to the mainland again this weekend but was cancelled or rather move to wednesday. At last, we are home this weekend...oh not completely as we have to go to a birthday party on sunday afternoon..........hmmmmmmmmmmm social life has been pretty busy the last months!!! Agenda is filled up until the beginning of next year!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The week is nearly over, isn't that so quick!!! It seems just yesterday when i last posted but it was days ago. hmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks for the well wishes, much as i wanted to rest it was until thursday afternoon when i got to nap for a while. Monday & tuesday had to work quite long days and wednesday, the kids are off for school, i took Grace for shopping at the mainland. She's not a girl who likes shopping, rather stay home and play with her friends but it is really needed. Whew, what a tiring afternoon but we got quite what she wanted, now i promised Chris is the next this coming wednesday afternoon and he's looking forward to it and does emphasis, just me and him!

Thursday evening went for the quilt course and learnt the next step on the cushion, i am nearly done with the quilting and have to finish it into a cushion. Next project for the next lesson which is after two weeks is a 'log cabin', the examples we've seen was really good. I just need to choose which fabric, colours i am going to use. I don't have any here at home so have to rely it on the shop where the course taken. Quite expensive but i do want to learn more.......

Tomorrow, saturday is Grace birthday party for her friends. In the end she decided to go to the indoor swimming for a few hours and then back home for dinner. We will prepare 'gourmet' for them. She has a few other plans of her own but it'll be very busy and also an outside activity, weather isn't that good here the last days, very windy and rainy so we haven't given in to all!!

SUNDAY, have to work!! Not my working day but have to fall in for a colleague who is away for that day. Will be working 3day straight this week and as i can see on our agenda next week is fully book as usual for birthday and other activities.

ohhhhh, i want to stitch, stitch, stitch......................

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Quilt picture

Here's the picture of the quilt i started for the first course we had taken the other week. We will meet again next week so we'll see what's the next step.

Oh what a day!!!! Been to three different houses today, first to MIL's place before noon and had expected some of the family but nobody came, after a couple of hours we headed to one of Kees sister and stayed for a few drinks. I do feel comfortable with her and BIL although they are much older than me and the kids are quite entertained too and not only us adults. There kids are all out for some years now, own house and jobs of their own. After that we went to one of our friend who had celebrated his birthday yesterday evening but we didn't go as i had to work. Thought i might be finished early and then DH can go to the party but i got home nearly midnight as it was so busy. Actually, it's not my workday but i got called up to help as they had many reservations for dinner.
We didn't stayed long, and then left to a restaurant for dinner. During the main course i don't feel well, i think from the glass of red wine i'd drank earlier on an empty stomach. Did take glass of water in between but it wasn't enough. I've a terrible colds too for a few days now. I think it calls for an early night.....

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