Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Udderly gorgeous!

I don't know what for title to use so i just pick the wordings on the block i've just finished! ((all pictures can be enlarge)).

The last block of my rr Margaret Sherry design. Now, this RR can be wash and join the rest to be pack up soon. Will complete this into a bellpull one day.

These designs of Margaret Sherry came with one of the U.K magazine The Cross Stitcher years ago. I am not sure which issue and year, all my magazines were all packed so can't have a look.

Completed this Lizzie Kate freebie into a pinkeep for Kay's birthday. Just heard it has arrived and less than a week to the U.S.

Received these lovely RAK goodies from Sue. A couple of Little House Needleworks design and piece of 32ct linen. Thank you so much, Sue!

I've won Olga's giveaway on her blog and look at all these wonderful goodies that she had sent. Aren't i the lucky one!! The stitching piece on the box is on one over so delicate and neatly finished. I Love them all. Thank you so much, Olga!

Nothing much happening over here, the weather is cooling off so kids aren't happy as they can't go to the beach. As i am sure all the tourist around haven't expected too. Most comes on the island to go to the beach. Me, feeling down...missing hubby so much as well as my family back home.

As always, i really appreciate your visits on my blog and THANKS so much for taking the time to leave me a comment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

...all these fobs has been sent out today!

Been working on this small designs on and off in between other projects or while watching movies with the kids. I just hope all the reciever will like them.
((you can click on all pictures to enlarge if you want))
Here's my x'mas monthly ornament SAL for July!

Visited the Prairie Schooler site yesterday and saw this freebie, printed and stitched it right away. Hubby isn't home so i can stay up and stitch the night away...not really i finished it around 1:30am.

It's a pretty quick stitch and with this kind of finishing is an easy one too.

I've lost about 5 rr's a few years ago so i decided not to join anymore but when one of the yahoo group had asked if i can join her round last year i couldn't say no, atleast with her group everything went well in the past. Now, all pieces were back to the respected owners, just received mine yesterday.

I've chosen a summer theme which was from one of the magazine, The World of Cross Stitching.
I haven't had much time to stitch my block before sending out last year which was the one on the middle. Hope to work on it soon.

Thank you all so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments! I really really appreciate them all. I hope you all are enjoying the summer!

Monday, July 19, 2010

April block is done!

Thank you all for the input over these Lizzie Kate serie. I thought of finishing it into a bellpull when all the blocks done so i chose the 3 across and 4 rows down.
Just finished the April block last weekend, now can put this aside until after two weeks.

I don't have the buttons needed for each block but hope to hunt for those when all the blocks are done.

I've completed this needleroll and sent it to Anna in Norway end of May. I don't know if she receive it as i haven't heard anything till now. I did sent out a few e-mails but haven't recieve any reply's.

I've stitched it on a smaller count of fabric as you can see the difference with the one i had stitched for myself which is a bit bigger.

These pictures below were more for hubby as he is outside the country exactly a week now and hopefully be home second week of August.
A picture of Chris of last week where he joined "bouwdorp"--soort of summer day camp from monday to friday. Where about 140 children(6-11 years)where they are entertained and do some fun and other activities. Only, the weather wasn't really cooperative as it rained on and off and since this was an outside activity they weren't able to do much outside. Atleast they had some fun and full of stories each day. The day before it ends parents were invited to go and have a look so that is why i was able to get these pictures.

Many thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments. I hope you all have a good start of the week. We've spent the whole afternoon on the beach and if the weather stays warm we might go there more often.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiny biscornu's!!

A small quick finishes. These two tiny biscornu scissor fobs for the Yahoo group monthly ornament prizes that i offered to provide for 2010. When i offered to do this for the group i thought to make different small finished pieces but until now were all tiny biscornu's. Haven't had much time to be more creative for other finishing techniques.

Just finished the march black today and now...i wonder if i do the April one next to it or under the January block. Does anyone have done these serie into one piece? I am curious for any picture of this serie if it is finished or stitched into one piece.

A few weeks ago i sent out a couple of boxes of some older crafts but mainly cross stitch magazines, i've only asked for the postage to be paid but if possible not in cash, just any crafting materials like threads or fabrics. Here's what came to my mailbox recently. Thanks so much Carine and Janina. I love them all!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks so much for stopping by and all the kind comments. I realy appreciate them all.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Today's outing.....

The last day at school for Chris-- rather morning as they are free after 11:30am, while Grace went to get her grades at her school.
It was quite warm so we decided to go to the beach again, Grace went earlier with her friends just after receiving their grades.
We arrived at the beach after lunch and took a couple of pics...This time i went in for a swim, water temperature is around 17 degrees celcius!!
((you can click on all pics to enlarge if you want))
Only stayed a couple of hours at the beach as we had to visit MIL and then off to town for Chris swimming, for getting his "diploma C".

The children had to do lots of diferrent swimming strokes and one of them Chris wasn't really goed at so we were a bit afraid he didn't made it. He was asked to do it again the said swimming stroke and it seems it was alright so he got his certificate. On the last picture, one of the examinator had whispered something to him...i think Chris favorite teacher during his swimming lessons.
Been stitching but very very slow and not much to show for progress. The card below was completed a while back as well as the summer pinkeep and the Hardanger for a friend's birthday.

It is Shari's big day today. Happy happy birthday, Shari!! I do hope you will have a lovely day!!

Many many thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We sure have a busy one...saturday--to a birthday party and then to friends place for BBQ. Sunday--visiting family and then out for dinner as hubby is leaving monday to sea. He just had two weeks off this time. Hopefully, next will be longer...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

While everyone's watching the World Cup...!

Edited:! are they really winning!! Chris is here screaming.... 3-2, "oranje team" made it! Congratulations to all our players!!

Finished this ornament a while back, only forgot to add picture with my last update.

"Noel" ornament
Olenka's stitches design
28ct linen
DMC threads

The July block of Sylvia is done! A pretty quick stitch while watching the serie "Bones" last night after a long day drive at the mainland.

One of the new built platform supply vessels has arrived from India and the captain of the vessel had invited hubby to go and have a look, hubby hesitated at first as it's too far away from us but his curiosity wins so we went yesterday. This is the first of the four series that are built in India, another on the way and the last two, they are still working on it. Afterwards, he said it's worth the long drive which took us the whole day.

As you can see my eyes closed. I cannot count how many taken pictures of me that my eyes closed. The flash wasn't even used in this one!! Oh well, any tips on how can i stop my eyes being closed on photos??

Last sunday, we were able to go to the beach. It was bright and sunny but it was a bit windy. A cousin of Kees with her family joined us. The boys went in for a swim, on the picture below you can see hubby and his cousin's husband swimming. The water temperature is about 16 degrees celcius. Way tooo cold for me, although i did thought of going in too but because of the wind which was getting stronger i really find it toooo cold!

Right at this moment is the World Cup semifinals between Netherlands-Uruguay. It was just 1-1 so everyone's tense for the next round.

Thank you all for visiting and for taking the time to leave me all the kind comments. The missing stitch is the red bird's beak, I think only Carol had noticed it. MIL came home end of last week and recovering well. While our renovation issues....we've asked another two contractors on their opinions and hope to hear more from them in a couple of weeks.