Friday, November 30, 2007


I am halfway through my cooking tonight, or rather started it mid afternoon with cutting and all the preparations. I am just finished for now and having a glass of red wine before turning in as it's nearly midnight. DH have to go out with Max, but have to wait till it's a bit dry as i hear its stormy outside. We ussually go together late at night and mostly it's quite good weather, we sure lucky we live so close the dyke for taking a stroll for Max.
Just taken a couple of pics of what i've made... meatballs(beef) in cream tomato sauce, spicy pork though a little bit sweet because of the mango chutney, boiled eggs filled with cheese,yolks and spice and baked an apple and pineapple cake.
I said i am half way as i have to prepare more tomorrow morning like fried rice, fried noddles and boiled or fried plain vegestables. Aside from that, i wanted to make a couple of snacks too and a little bit of tidying after MIL takes Max to her place for the afternoon.

I am not sure if i can take a few pictures tomorrow, it depends how busy it is. The meat recipes i've just made were new to me, i do like to try new recipes whenever i get the chance, as I love and enjoy cooking but because of dieting i have to restrain in doing so.
I ussually prepare lots of food during our birthdays, that if i haven't had much time in one of the birthdays and didn't prepare much, i got comments like we are coming for the food and you haven't made our favorites...
Did mentioned to all previously that i am not going to celebrate my birthday as we are away on vactaion and hmmm..yes they'll miss my cooking!!!

Before i sign off, many many thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog and also for leaving comments. Very much appreciated!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not much of a good news...

Not so much of a good news with this post, though i've finished stitching the name of Chris with the football alphabet which i wanted to make it into a pillow but couln't find a fabric that will match the theme. I've been to a craft shop and a quilt shop here on the island but they don't have any with sports theme on it. I think i have to find a plain colour to use but i am afraid i don't have time anymore to complete it before saturday, his birthday. Atleast i've finished a card for him and will give the pillow when it's finish.

Another down moment for me is my cholesterol. For years now i am taking medicine to lower my cholesterol so have to be check every now and then. It was nearly a year since the last time i've been for blood test and now i've lost weight and been for a blood test expecting 'my cholesterol is near to the normal but unfortunately it went up compare to my last check up. Now, i am adviced to consult a dieticien but i said i will try first to really see what i can do with my food intake. Í did it with the dieting but didn't really consider the cholesterol.

YES, i lost 4 kilos after seven weeks and reach my ideal weight for my size. Atleast i am very happy for that! My weight 53 kilos and height of 152cm, now to maintain it...............!!!!!!!!!
Now about the cholesterol, i've mentioned to our family doctor a few of my favorites food which are shrimps, squid, fish, beef...and he said shrimp and squid are quite bad for my cholesterol and oh i do love those. Oh well better lessen that one then!!

It's been pretty busy here, what with the dog to take care and doing some preparations for Chris Birthday. Been for groceries today but haven't got all what i need so have to go for more tomorrow. Will be doing some cooking as well as cleaning too. Whew, theres so much to do...

I remember a comment earlier about how can i let the pakages unopened, it's just that i really don't have much time and if i will open them atleast i feel a bit rested to enjoy...but i will do it soon!

The birthday boy who has been to the barber this week. A pity the colours had only stayed for a few of hours and had to be washed!

Lastly, thank you all so much for visiting and leaving comments. They are very much appreciated.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Needleroll finish

I finished a needleroll from the serie of the World of Cross Stitching magazine i've stitched a while back. The others are nearly done too, just the cording to attach, either as a hanging ornament or a pinkeep.

Haven't been to town today for the fabric i needed for finishing Chris cushion, tomorrow i will go to the mainland to shop for clothes, will try to see if i can find a craft shop. I am not so familiar with the place, only go there when i need to go shopping for clothes mainly for the kids.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Welcome Sampler is done! & Max & Packages

Finally finished this sampler. It's of Jeremiah Junction and was on the magazine Cross Country Stitching, April issue 2004. I've used DMC linnen 28ct instead of the given fabric which was Aida, and used DMC threads. I would like to frame this one but not so soon, have to save first or atleast after the holidays!

Yesterday morning when i and a friend got back from our once a week meet up for a long walk(nearly two hours), had a big surprise when i opened the door and greeted by MAX! Really forgot he'll be dropped this week to stay for a week or so i thought till Kees spoken to his sister and learned that the owner is away for two weeks. The owner is the ex brother-in-law of Kees and didn't even called yesterday. He's now with his son and DIL in Gran Canaria, Spain. We love having Max with us but but not for long, a week is a maximum as we have our own schedule. We have to reorganise everything to fit him in, especially taking him out for a walk and that he won't be alone for the whole day.

Received a couple of big packages yesterday and cards kept coming almost everyday, that's for my birthday and soon christmas cards will be coming too...
The brown big envelope is from Barbara from Malaysia, i think that's from the stitching blogger b-day exchange, and the big white one is from Anna from Poland and another from Nic Wray, not sure yet which exchange is this. I haven't opened them yet, i would like to wait till after Chris birthday which is next week saturday, i won't wait till my birthday for opening them up as we are leaving the 21st, to Germany and be back the 28th. You might be wondering how can i not be tempted to opened it all up at now, it's too busy here and whenever i get the chance i tried to work on my stitching as i am not yet done with a couple of exchanges to be sent.

Have a nice weekend to everyone!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prairie Schooler exchange

I received the Prairie schooler ornament from Pat all the way from New Zealand. Thanks so much Pat for this wonderful pillow. Your stitching is sooo neat, just love it.

I still have two ornaments to finish and a x'mas card for next month's exchanges but I had to take a break to stitch something for my son's birthday next week. I've seen this alphabet design on one of the U.K magazine and thought to stitch his name. Just don't know how will i finish it off. Might be into a pillow, not sure yet...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SFE for Kim

Just read on Kim's blog that she received the exchange.
The last Small Finish Exchange(SFE) on ILCS yahoo group is now completed for me, way ahead for the deadline which is next month.

Monday, November 19, 2007

SFE for Debra

Just read the message that Debra received the SFE i've made for her. Due date in sending this exchange is the month December but knowing how busy the postal with that month i thought to send it early. Her theme was July 4th, and this ABC sampler was a freebie from Celtic stitchery. I've completed it into a pinkeep and glad to hear Debra loves it.

Weekend in Groningen with friends

The weekend went well with friends, we've all met friday late in the afternoon at the hotel we are staying for the weekend, it was on a boat, pictures can be seen
here. Afterwards we went out for dinner and then to the cinema, where we've watch a dutch film. Before heading back to the hotel at midnight went to one of the bars first for drinks, that's were the two pictures were taken.

The next day we had quite some activities, first to the Martini toren, you can read more of it here, we've climbed up to the top with i think 322 steps. I can still feel it on my upper legs!!! After lunch we took a short cruise
of the city and then to the Groninger Museum And before going to dinner we went for the
Laser game first. We had played twice, 15 minutes each. It was mens against the ladies. With the first game, scores for the ladies were all low but the second game i ended up second between the mens. I did my best as they were laughing at us with the first game...

I haven't taken much pictures during this outing, just not much in the mood. I've added most of the websites of what we've done so you can have an idea as i am not that good in describing it all in details.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Away for the weekend!!

These group of friends are out for the weekend(friday to sunday)! This time to GRONINGEN, the northern part of Holland. That's the only thing we knew and the rest will be a surprise, oh except that we have to walk a lot so no high heels!!
This picture was taken last year, when we had organized the outing.
DH wasn't feeling well for a couple of days now and really didn't feel fit to come so he decided this evening not to go. It was not an easy decision as expenses were already paid(200 euro's each person) but he has to think of his own business too if he'll get worst when we come back on sunday, wouldn't be good for his clients.

Have a great weekend to all!!

Prairie Schooler ornaments

I heard that Pat opened the package i sent for the x'mas Prairie ornament exchange so i can show a picture. I made her a pillow ornament and a scissor fob. So glad to hear she likes them both. Hers is on the way to me from New Zealand so hopefully be here next week.

Still a few more ornaments are on the way so more pictures coming soon, glad for that as i don't have much to show for the moments stitching especially that we are going away this weekend(friday till sunday) for fun!!!

Have a nice day to all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dragon dreams pinkeep

I just read the message from Dawn that my packages for her birthday had arrived safely. I stitched her one of the dragon dreams design as i know she likes those designs and a card, but i can't find any taken picture of the card i made also the goodies enclosed. I had forgotten to take a picture before sending but Dawn have a good picture of all enclosed. So if anyone wants to have a look it's on her blog:
I sent the stitched items separately with the sweets and glad they both arrived at the same time. I'd rather not enclosed sweets as i know some postal wouldn't allow it and might confiscate it.

Edited: Dawn, i hope you won't mine i took one of your picture.

Haven't done any stitching the last two days, having a terrible headaches lately since sunday actually. Glad it was busy at work the last two days so wouldn't noticed it much but once home in the evening not much in the mood for crafting.
Hopefully later today, but CHRIS is home. We didn't let him go to school today as he's been unwell last night, vomitting and diarrhoea(did i spel that good??).

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A card, Welcome WIP & losing weight!

First of all, many many thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my blog. I Really really appreciate them all. With my weight loss, to be honest it wasn't easy. I really have to count how many calories and carbohydrates per meal i have to take. With this, it was calculated with my height and age. Actually, this diet started with DH. He has to lose some weight for his back and knee and consulted a doctor. He has very good progress after a month so i decided to join him. Aside from my work, i goes 2 to 3 times a week for a long walks about one or two hours and i don't get lose weight. But now, after a month following what DH does gives me really satisfaction but.....a very very strict descipline!!! No snacks in between, small portion of food with meals especially very little meat, lots of water...
But the results within a month motivates me to go on.

Anyway, here's a couple of stitching update. a card which is going to my sister in Canada for her daughter's first birthday in December. And an update of the Welcome sampler. Besides that, i am working on finishing christmas ornaments! Hope to show pistures soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Free to good home...

These are all gone please go to my other blog for other Free items:

I subscribe to a couple of cross stitch magazine from the U.K for a few years now and sometimes they have free charts enclosed or small kit like these ones. I came across a few while browsing and i think i'd better give/send it to somebody who would love to stitch it.
I'd thought at first to send it as a RAK but i am not sure if that someone would really like it.

Just leave a comment here or send me an email with your address. First come first serve!!

Edited: Beck R.--Bird chart
Vicky----Winnie the pooh kit
Viv------Giant(winnie, tiger..) chart

50 most wanted designs was sent to Caroline, haven't heard yet if it was receive.
I removed the ones that are already receive.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dieting is.....& sampler WIP!

..... wishful shrinking!!! I've stitched this one a while back and just made it into a pinkeep. I am not really satisfied with the result, i think i had leave too much space to the folding, should be smaller. Good it's mine and be on my table. For the past four weeks i've lost nearly three kilos and i am so happy for it.

With the sampler, i ran out of the WDW thread i've used so i have to put this one aside till i can get a new one. I thought i had enough...

Thanks so much everyone for visiting and all the comments.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Arbre Sampler

As i said with my post last night that i am a bit fed up with stitching x'mas themes, i started this Sampler which i've printed out from
Anne's freebies
before. I've mentioned finishing it in a day or two but that's what i've manage to do last night and having worked today and came home quite late and soo tired i am not in the mood for stitching anymore.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments regarding my christmas stitched pieces.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Christmas pieces!

Aside from finishing a few christmas and non- christmas ornaments, i've stitched these cute ones from the magazine 'The World of Cross Stitching'. I might stitch all of the six charts but it depends as i have to stitch two more for x'mas ornaments exchange, haven't decided which ones yet which makes it a bit difficult!
A few ornaments are sent out these week, hope it reach the recipients quickly and that they'll like what i've made for them. A couple more are going out these week, already done a while back but i find it so difficult to send it away.

Now i have had enough with christmas themes..ha ha, so i will take a break...a day or two.. and stitch something else.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Free to good home..

I subscribe to a couple of cross stitch magazine from the U.K for a few years now and sometimes they have free charts enclosed or small kit like these ones. I came across a few while browsing these afternoon and i think i'd better give/send it to somebody who would love to stitch it.
I'd thought at first to send it as a RAK but i am not sure if that someone would really like it.
Just leave a comment or send an e-mail to me and if it's more than one who would like it then i have to make a draw.

A picture of the indside of the booklet. Sorry for the quality of the taken pictures, i think i will try it on daylight if needed.

Edited: The kitty kit will go to Dawn. Please let me know your address Dawn.
And the rest goes to Maribel..can you send me your address??

Thursday, November 01, 2007

SFE for Vickie!!

Tne ornament finally got to Vickie. It seems mail/packages takes so long to get to the U.S, this one took nearly two weeks and a few others took more than two weeks while i sent them priority. They will not allowed standard or surface packages here anymore. That's what i heard from the post office here on the island. They said most won't arrived if it's sent standard. It is quite expensive to send overseas now a days.

I see the link didn't work on the group so i thought to show it here. The picture wasn't that good either but can't get a resent one as i don't know where it is at the moment. I have to look for it next month when we put up the x'mas tree.

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