Saturday, May 26, 2007

ABC Birds

Started this freebie from 'Aurelle'.ABC Birds , stitching on 28ct linnen and using one of the Sampler Threads, cherry wine colour.

Have a nice weekend to all.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quilt Blocks

An update with my quilt blocks. I am not making much progress with this as i wanted or expected but at least i have all the blocks done that i needed, though i have to make a small change in one of the blocks to keep all the outside or edges at the same colour.

Here's all the blocks together! Will find the fabric for the blocks in between and then will start sewing them all together.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments with the Winnie the Pooh, and the best wishes over my foot. It was still painful at work last weekend but i had to force it and glad it is nearly over now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Winnie The Pooh is done!!

Finally completed this project in time for a friend's son birthday next month. I am really happy it's finished as i had promised it to her, i just can't remember if i have to frame it first or she'll do it herself. Will ask it next week.

Coming days will be a busy one, after swimming and football of the kids, i have to work end of the afternoon till evening. Just hope my right foot feels better then as it is still painfull from yesterday's walk. Sunday, will have to go to a birthday of a friend at the mainland(hoofddorp) and kids are staying behind with their friends as the one we are going to don't have children yet.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

20 kilometers/12.4 mils

Had walked 20 kilometers today with a friend!!
This was organized by
Gouden Boltje, and we can choose different distance from 5 to 30 kilometers, we've chosen the 20km and that's the longest i've ever walked here so far. And this is my first to join this kind, i was not really sure i can make it at first. If not i have had called DH to come and pick me up somewhere but so glad we did it and in 4 hours time.
I feel fine, just a little painful on my right foot at the moment, hope it's over tomorrow.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend update!

Weekend went by very quickly! We spent the whole afternoon at the football fields for Chris. They are having tournament for these three saturdays, two more to go and then the season is off till September again.
Last saturday, they had played four times to different teams and they've won all four so they were the first on their category. We were so in a hurry to leave that midday i forgot to take my camera with me, glad one of the mother's has her camera so here's a picture of the boys with their medals.

Sunday, mother's day, Grace and Chris came and woke us up at around nine with a tea tray and presents. So we had all tea together on our bed while opening what they've made and bought. Chris painted a flower pot at school and placed seeds on it, he can't remember anymore what's the name of the plants...
Grace painted a flower in watercolours and it came out great. I hope to frame it soon.
Aside from that, their father took them to the shops last friday for them to picked what they've like to give me. They've picked up lotion(Nivea, and a big one as i use that daily), shower gel and perfumes. Isn't that great of DH!!
After all that, we prepared and been to MIL's place. Together with Kees two sister's we bought her a terrace bench as she've thrown the old one last month.
For dinner, Kees had reserved a table at a restaurant where he especially asked if they have a children's corner. When we got there, the table was really close by the area for the kids to play, i know how small kids can be very noisy so i asked if we can have a table a bit further away as Chris showed no interest in joining the small ones to play. he's 7 and he feels big enough and doesn't want to join the smaller ones (ages 2- 7). We had both their game boys so they were busy with that.
Anyway, everything went well and we had a nice meal...!

This is a small finished recently.

Thanks so much for dropping by and the nice comments on my recent biscornu finishes.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Biscornu scissor fobs

I've finished stitching these last weekend and finally completed it into scissor fobs. These are presents for a couple of birthdays these month. I am working one for a card too, and hopefully work a bit on the Winnie the Pooh these weekend, but it depends again on the activities of the kids, as well as sunday as it's "mother's day"!!!

Wish everyone a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

School Football of Grace!

We've been to watch the football competition of all the different school here on the island this afternoon. There were four teams from Grace school, one group of girls, one of boys and two mixed(boys and girls). I am not sure anymore how many teams there were all, according to DH, there were about 16 teams.
Grace team had win all their match, which was three in all so they were qualified to the finals and finally win as first!
One of the mixed team been qualified to the finals too and win as first! So they were really happy and we as parents too. It was amazing to see them play, didn't really expect they are that strong and fast. Their ages range from 10 to 13 years old, some are really quite tall!
By the way, Grace is the keeper with the red shirt!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Update on quilt blocks

There's not much progress to share with my quilting. Here's a couple of pictures that i've managed to do the last days. I'm just too busy with other things to really concentrate on these. Anyway, i think i'll just need a couple more blocks then i am done and can be all piece up together.

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving comments lately. They are very much appreciated.
As for the Winnie the Pooh design, i know Raymon(will be three next month) wouldn't mind if it will be late but it's to the parents i had promised to be done before his b-day so they can frame it.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Received a wonderful surprise today!

This magazine from Anna. I LOVE it and hope to start a couple of projects from this magazine. I didn't know they have Hardanger chart in this mag. too. Since i haven't have one framed yet i might do this one to be frame. Thank you so much Anna.

It's spring break for the children here and Chris friend (Mels) had stayed here for three nights, after that they went to Mels place for a night, that was thursday night and then Grace called from her friends place if she can stay for the night there too. A pity i had to go to my quilt course that night and came home around eleven at night, DH wasn't that happy with that....

I had mentioned earlier that this one should be finish by August but when i checked my birthday calendar, his b-day is the third week of JUNE!! It's next month already, i don't know why i thought it's in Aug. Now i really have to work on this and hopefully be done the beginning of June so it can be frame before the kids birthday.

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them all.

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