Friday, September 29, 2006

Thanks so much... everyone who's dropping by and leaving comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. I always forget to write this everytime i was done with my message and wanted to edit it but blogger ussually won't cooperate.

I saw this one in the shop this morning, Hardanger magazine from Burda and bought one. There are some nice pattern on it, only some colours were used salmon, i think i am going to use blue or just plain white.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

In addition to the subscription of a magazine we gave to Grace and a couple of deo's from her brother we bought her a necklace too, with her sign Libra on the hanger. Whew! Didn't realise jewelries here are quite expensive on the island or rather not much choices and i think they take advantage of it as they are only two so people really don't have much choice regarding jewelries. We could have look at the mainland but we don't goe there that much and if we go ussually straight to friends place and sundays...shops are closed!

This was the strawberry 'kwark'tart that Grace and Merel had prepared last monday. It taste good as everyone had chosen that to eat. Friends and family dropped by yesterday afternoon after school and she've received some wonderful gifts.

Very early this morning, still dark, i went to pick up MIL's car and drove DH to the ferry. After the knee operation(exploratory)he's not allowed to drive back home. After the ferry he had ordered a taxi to bring him to the hospital. Everything went well and brother-in-law went to pick him up at one from the hospital. We now wait what's the result if he does needed a knee operation.
I do feel better now with driving compared to last week.

This went out last monday for a birthday exchange. Stitched a card and a pincushion.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When i came home last night i started the card for Grace and finished it off this morning before i went to work. I am glad i did as i'm so tired to do anything when i came home an hour ago, i did planned on baking but MIL had already made an apple tart as she knows i work monday and tuesday, and Grace made a strawberry 'kwark' with one of her friend. They've had experienced it at school last school year. I was quite surprised and it looks good, í am sure it taste good too. DH has to go and look for strawberries for them and yes he got some, i thought they are not available this time any more.

I was trying to upload these pictures last sunday too but after about half an hour i gave up, blooger won't let me, though the first series i tried appeared. These was taken at one of the friends we visited, she's the one pictured alone at her kitchen. Me, just looking while Beth and Bobette close to the barbecue or tending to it, i had white trousers so i didn't help them there but did a few things inside. The kids are playing with the x-box! While the guys chatting outside. We are really glad they are comfortable with each other, and have most the same interest even if it's there work!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here are some pictures taken at the park Slagharen .
It was a great day especially for the kids. I did only joined them a couple of the rides. Most of the fast ones i can't take it, i get sick! I am glad DH can manage it all and some Grace just go alone. Just like the boat which go upside down, she did it five times!

Grace took this of me while we are waiting for DH and Chris to leave the park.

We didn't stayed at our friends as planned as DH find it too far to drive back more than two hours, he's just so tired running after the kids. We had booked in on a hotel after driving an hour from the park, so we are half(nearly an hour) to the place we visited today. Eventually, it was an expensive outing but the kids had so much fun and the weather was just perfect.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Away this weekend

We are going to the mainland early tomorrow morning, first to the attraction park
slagharen. After the ferry, i think about two and a half hour drive or more. I just hope the weather's fine or atleast dry as most are outside. It just started raining a couple of hours ago after a few days of quite warm weather for the month of September. Oh well, we've never been to this park yet but we heard it's quite a big one.

For the night we are going to stay at one of our friends who came here last saturday and then the next day, we'll all drive to another friend as they move to another house.

It's a busy weekend again and be back sunday evening. Monday & tuesday i have to work and wednesday is Grace birthday! She will be 11. Not sure yet what to get her, as she doesn't have much on her list. Atleast we made a subscription today to one of the magazine she ussually buy each month.
I do want to make a card too, hopefully monday after work.

Thanks Margaret for dropping by and the nice comments. With driving , i think i really have to do it more often, the problem is i don't drive our car, it's a van(VW) and i am scared to drive it so i have to borrow MIL's smaller car. Can't afford to have another one for me and it's not really necessary too, because going to my work took only 7 minutes with the bike.

A bookmark and a card that were sent out this week for birthdays.

Sorry, i had said last night to take a picture of the started quilt but i was so busy today haven't had time to do so. It have to wait till next week.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

For nearly a year i haven't drive a car i am so happy i did it or should i say it went well today. This afternoon, dh was at the mainland and he called that he couldn't make it in time to bring Chris for his swimming lesson at six this evening. Since it is quite far away to go with the bike and it's windy i don't have choice than to go and borrow his mother's car. Oh my, i was so nervous but i am so glad it went well.

In the end, i am happy i borrowed it and was able to go to the course i joined for beginners in quilting. It started 7:30PM until 10PM and by that time it's dark already and i am kind of afraid with cycling alone. I've waited so long for this as i am really interested with patchwork but the last course that has been started before was during my work days. We started with a small cushion, and just done the cutting. Will take a picture of it next time. I am not sure how long does this course will take, i only know we'll meet again after two weeks.

My Forever Friends round robin came home early this week and it looks beautiful. Everyone done a wonderful work on it, i am really happy with the result. I don't know yet how am i going to finish it....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My needlerol was received! & other pics.

I am so happy to hear that Isabelle received the package for the needlerol exchange. So glad Isabelle likes it. The pattern is from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection. I had used 28ct. Jobelan and finished it off with hardanger, i mean the edges. So far this is my second needleroll that i have completed.

Thanks so much for the best wishes Margaret & Lilie for our anniversary last saturday. We received lots of wonderful crafted cards from one of the groups i belong too as you can see on the picture with the dahlia flowers i bought the day before. I got a lovely bouquet from DH saturday morning but i forgot to take a picture of it. It's still here so i might take one tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of us and our friends from the mainland.

We'll see if this will all appear or uploaded, blogger doesn't cooperate much with adding the pictures, it's nearly an hour now that i am trying to upload them.

It's me with the white shirt and Dh opposite to me, next to me(left) Chris our son, (Right) Jeroen, Friso & infront were Joris & Nicole

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I received my Needleroll exchange from Andrea early this week. It is such a beautiful one!! Andrea's stitching is very very neat. The words above the design were stitched with one thread over one. Thank you so much.

And the goodies enclosed are all great too. Thanks so much for everything.

This card and bookmark were sent to Belgium last monday for one of the yahoo exchange group, imagine my surprise when Veronique sent a note yesterday that it has arrived. It took only two days while from previous experience it has taken about a week.

Done some cleaning today and i am not yet done, so i'll be very busy tomorrow. More cleaning and tidying, get some groceries and would want to bake a couple of cake or tart too. Some friends from the mainland, three couples and their kids are coming for a visit this coming saturday. One family has been here a lot of time but the two were there first.
We hope the weather's stays good just like these last days, pretty warm for this month, really a late summer. I am thinking of having a barbeque but we'll have to see tomorrow what's the weather forecast.
Actually, it is our 12th anniversary this saturday and i had wish to go out with just the four of us but it was the only weekend that everyone can come.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The first week of school went well for Grace and Chris, only getting up early in the morning were a bit of a problem. Next week will be more busy for them as other activities outside school are starting too, like the Chess club and gymnastic for both, and swimming lesson for Chris.

With stitching, did quite a lot mostly for blocks/quilts for the yahoo groups, a few cards for birthday exchange. This morning, got an unexpected call from my boss if i can help them tonight and since we don't have anything planned i agreed. When i get in at six PM, i noticed one of our colleages who ussually work these weekend were not there and heard later that she just walked out the door during lunch as she can't take it anymore, being short staff and too busy. Honestly, it is not that fine with everyone at work these last months!

This is one of my finish this week:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Friday, 1 sept(last day)

Before heading home we went to another children's park in Sexbierum the Aeolus.

As you can see this trip was especially for the kids. Next week, they are back to school!!!

Stayed a couple of hours and then head home as Grace has to go for the camping weekend for the swimming club.
Once home we had to gather all the needed things for her and brought her to the place they are going to stay, as you can see here where DH putting up the tent.
They'll be two of them staying in this tent, also another member

thursday,31st(second day)

Off to another children's park, an outside one, in Oudemirdum Sybrandy's Ontspanningspark . We stayed here the whole day! I was a bit pissed off because i would like to have a look around at one of the place here in Friesland but dh and kids would rather stay at the park. It rained a couple of times and thought they will give up but still played until 5pm.

For dinner we drove to Sneek, another restaurant recommended by Dh's diving teacher, oh well this guy came from this area but now living on Texel. Restaurant Gonzales . It's a nice place and the food were good.

wednesday,30th(1st day)

We left quite late in the morning as i had to packed first. After the ferry, it took one hour and half to the first children's park(indoor) we went to: Ballorig-Heerenveen.Took only one picture as Chris always in hiding if he saw me coming with the camera and Grace doesn't want to.
Chris really enjoyed it and doesn't want to leave, Grace not much, i think she's quite older for this kind already. After a few hours we head off to the place we're we stayed for the evenings, in GROU to leave our baggage and then drove around half an hour to Drachten for dinner at the Yankee doodle restaurant

This was recommended by DH's isntructor (for his diving) and it was indeed a great restaurant,