Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas...

...and a Happy New Year!!!

We are leaving early tomorrow for Asia, so we'll be spending the holidays with my family and friends at home!!
Kind of hectic lately, glad hubby was able to get home the other night after 8 weeks away from home. So sorry wasn't able to visit blogs and wouldn't be till we get back the first week of January.

These finishes were completed a long time ago, heard most were received except one. Actually, i had planned on making more for friends but haven't had much spare time lately, hope next year for the others. I do feel guilty....

Taken yesterday afternoon with some of Chris friends who came earlier for his b-day party.

Hope my new plants will stay good while we are away...

Went out to dinner last week with the kids.

Thank you all for visiting and the kind comments!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

couple of ornaments...

hanging ornaments
Design by: Sandra Longan Miller of Log Cabin Needlework's.
stitched on 32ct. linen
DMC threads

((you can click on all pics to enlarge))
One of our friends turned 50 "Sarah" last weekend so off we went to place the doll at midnight(friday)...

...celebrated it the next day with a singer so lots of dancing...

Saturday afternoon..just a get-together, a family came from the mainland and staying with friends for the weekend.

Sunday afternoon, at another venue here on the island... it was a busy busy weekend, from one party to another but LOADS of fun!!!

Many many thanks to all who took the time to leave a message on my last post. Your kind words meant so much.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Rest In Peace Apo Joaquin.....
'Apo' means Grandpa...

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The season's SAL..."Autumn"

WOW! I can't believe i haven't posted at all for the month of October! The past months actually has flown by so quickly. Since i started working last May, it has been crazy busy at work as well as at home caring for the kids and house, that no energies left for hobby! First time in years that i haven't join any exchanges which i am glad i didn't sign to any at all, only the prizes for the monthly ornament SAL on one of the yahoo group...which i am way behind!

First time in months that i got a day-off on a monday, i took the chance of finishing the Autumn season SAL. I've manage to stitched bit by bit during my off days and when hubby was here a few weeks ago. He's away for 8 weeks this time, really long but hope he'll have a longer off too when he comes home.

Hope the receiver of the flatfold will like it. I am not really satisfied with the ribbon but couldn't find a better one...

Thanks to all who visited especially to all who had took the time to leave me a comment. I really really appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The season's SAL..."Summer"

First of all, a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for all the lovely comments on our anniversary. I really appreciate them all!!

Actually, these both pieces of the SAL was stitched a long time or just after i received my copy from Carole last May but i've waited till i've completed the flatfold one which i've finally made this morning. It's been on my mind lately as i know Carole will send the next season this week. Just received it this afternoon, Thanks so much Carole!! The flatfold finish will be flying off to a friend later this week, do hope she'll like it.

No new finishes or stitching to share but i am working on it though not as fast as i've wanted. Our daughter celebrate her 16th birthday with her friends here this coming friday evening and she's expecting about 25 young girls and boys. So quite busy with preparations of what they needed, tomorrow after work for a couple of tarts and the next day for some small snacks and then me and hubby will be off for the evening or atleast partly and be back around 11pm. Hopefully, they'll take care of the place or themselves not to get tooooo drunk. We had bought quite some heavy drinks/alcohol which they've asked for and we will be calling a few parents tonight if their children are allowed for the said alcohol.

I hope everyone's having a good week!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 17th Anniversary to us!!

Found this 'gorgeous' bouquet of flowers in our bedroom late this afternoon when i came home from work. Thank so much, lief!!
Was allowed to get off work earlier to go out for dinner, just the two of us and had a lovely time together!!

Many many THANKS to all who stopped by and all the kind comments on my latest post. I really appreciate it so much. Have a GOOD weekend to all!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Greetings from Texel!!!!

Hello!!!! It's been a while since my last post... i really apologize for not visiting blogs and being behind answering mails. I've been very, very busy working so i haven't touch a needle for the last months. Last night, was able to pick up a small design and thought to look up a few pics i've completed last June to share.

Prairie Schooler ornament
32ct linen
DMC threads

Scissor fobs
from the Cross Stitcher(U.K), january 2011
Designed by: Lesley Teare
32ct linen
DMC thread 115

This is the design i started last night, printed a while back and forgot to write down who's freebie is this? Anyone know??

The living room getting filled in...the dresser for the tv, but mainly for the front living room with the arm chairs and tables.

Since working long hours, i haven't had much time for the garden, also we haven't had a good summer this year. Very windy, wet...on and off so my plants are quite a mess. Took a couple of pics this afternoon in between periods of rain.

Do hope everyone's having a good week. Things are doing well here, my two off days over and back to work for the coming days....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

PS ornaments!!

Finally completed these ornaments! Actually stitched a while back but haven't had the mood for finishing 'till i realized yesterday that it's the end of the month again and i am way behind sending the promised prizes!!

Prairie Schooler Design
..both freebies
32ct linen & 28ct evenweave
DMC threads

The 'Summer' part of Carole's SAL...

...a bit more progress on the Tulip design.

I sure miss my stitching but been pretty tired lately, working long hours these i prefer reading than crafting especially in the evening.

I noticed these flowers a couple of days ago behind our fence, i don't know how they got to grow there as before were small tress we've removed end of last year as we planned to built a barn here one day. I did saw these flowers before but i cannot figure it out how they called. Anyone knows???

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

scissor fobs, WIP's, plants/flowers...

Fobs that were sent out since March till June. I ran out of the light cream ribbon and couldn't get the same at the shop where i bought it last year, i think the red one does fits too.

Here's my progress on the Jane Austen Sampler...

...and started a new project, though this is the second time i am stitching these serie, ordered by one of my cousin's.

Wonderful surprises from the mail lately. Thanks so much Nia!! It smells lovely!!

Lovely fabrics, threads and charts...Thanks so much, Nita.

Been to a Garden Center with a friend last wednesday, she had booked us a worksop for an hour but our main purpose was to buy some pots and plants.

Above pic where the plants i've bought for outside and inside and a big pot also for indoor.

Was able to arrange the plants for inside and for ones outside...still have to do,
been working long hours since thursday and though off day today we were out to a birthday party and visiting family.

Hubby is home and be staying for 3 weeks and he'll be off following a course for a week. The same place as last february if it's not of my work i can go with him but summer vacation started so it's gonna busy here on the island!

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mattress pincushion!

Mattress Pincushion
Prairie Schooler Book No. 144
32ct linen
DMC threads

This was actually completed the beginning of May...recently, i am more into reading than stitching. Reading keeps my mind from thinking of my love ones who are far away, hubby now 5 weeks away..expected to be home end of next week. My constant worries about my parents...and quite busy here too with work and voluntary work for the children at school and other activities. Honestly, can't wait for summer vacation, still a couple of months away!

..cut some peonies from my garden and brought inside!

A few potted plants outdoor, would like to buy a few more but i am not sure what kind, perhaps next week as a friend had booked us a day joining a workshop which is in one of the garden center at the mainland. Just got a text message from her so i am not sure yet of the details.

Near summer vacation the kids have ussually a few different outdoor football was the first which they had to play against different school here on the island. Chris group won after 5 different games! I wasn't able to watch all the games as i had to work a couple of hours at the canteen, somebody had too(all voluntary works are quite a lot here...which is sometimes very frustrating especially now that i am back to work. Quite lots of parents are working so you really notice almost the same parents who are present when help needed! These are not common from where i came from...i wonder how is it in other countries....about voluntary works at elementary schools!!

Many thanks to all who stopped by and all the kind comments, they are very much appreciated. I know i am behind reading/visiting blogs...i am sorry, do hope to catch up soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The season's SAL...

...stitched two, which i finished one into a flatfold and the other will be all seasons in ONE piece. This flatfold one will be a gift for a friend. (( you can click on all pics to enlarge))

A huge package arrived last week all the way from Canada....

...see all the goodies! Infact the back fabric of the flatfold is from this package. I LOVE everything!! Thank you so much, Suzanne for your generosity!

Last friday, our new neighbour had a couple of friends visiting from the mainland, and the man works on guitars, they know Chris have guitar lessons so they asked Chris to try and play with him, so he took the instruments out to the front...

As Gillie mentioned wouldn't be a post if it didn't have flowers somewhere in while i still have some blooming flowers around to show, these are from my garden which i've taken last week while it was sunny. Some spots needed more plants but haven't had time to go and buy some. Forgot the flower pots though. Today is so dark and very windy so hopefully this weekend we will have a better weather. We sure glad of the rain but cold winds came along with it so temperature dropped down.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments over the Tulip fields. It's just a pity season's over, just too short actually. Oh well, something to look forward too again next Spring!

I hope everyone's having a good week!!