Saturday, July 11, 2015

La-D-Da's Tiny Sampler

Hello...thought to post it tomorrow as it is now 1:30am but i'll be working and i am sure won't be online much coming days so better post it now...worked on it for a couple of evenings, especially this evening..stitched and done the finishing at once.So happy, finally have a finish after a long while! Took these pics of my flowers blooming last week after a rain shower. Honestly, didn't done much at my garden but glad still flowers blooming, had added a few here and there lately so hope will stay nice looking these summer. Unexpectedly off early at work so asked hubby that we head out for dinner as both kids are at work till late...unfortunately, the meal wasn't as good as we had expected. Happy weekend to all!

An old project "Summer Meadow" & get-away pics..

A couple of weeks now since my last post..not much stitching done as been too tired after work most days and been busy socially as well in b...