Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

busy...busy over here,,,

Hello everyone...thought i'd share what's keeping me busy the last days. First of...i am working on these few small designs, i really wanted to finish these off before christmas as i wanted a couple of these will be given as gifts to friends. I still have a few days before leaving for a very short leave to the southern part of Holland with friends. Finally potted these plants that we've bought at the garden center nearly a week ago. I wanted something different but couldn't find the right plants to be added for the pot so...this is it, plain and simple. I've so wanted chicken wings which tasted hot and did try a few before but not really what i had expected...yesterday, did another try out and marinated a few...seen a recipe at pinterest hot wings and hmmmm these does taste good! i am sure going to use these often. Coming home from work last friday evening and unexpectedly Chris and his friends are in and playing games said they might stay here instead of going out as it's a bit of party weekend in town...spur of the moment, i made a cake and some snacks. Was ready bringing the cake to the game room when they suddenly appeared ready for chilling outside but seeing the cake they sat down and had a piece of cake. Since the snacks where too much for me and hubby, i quickly put it in a box and one of the boys took to his parents...ah, youth so unpredictable!! This chicken stew tasted delicious too as well as the apple crumb cake. The last few days had been a very good winter weather, so taking advantage of it spending time outdoors. So lovely walking along the beach. Added some other items for the Christmas tree...i think it turned out pretty well! Many thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments. Happy week to all!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A day out with friends... a garden center! Arriving at the ferry early this morning saw the sun coming out but we had to wait till we can drive into the ferry and can get a good view of the sun. After parking i ran to the farfront of the ferry to get a good picture and i wasn't the only one...we had a good laugh at it as we are acting like tourist! I was'nt planning to buy much as we had booked a mid-week vacation first week of school christmas vacation. I really wanted to get out of the island during my birthday on the 24th. I joined my friends for the fun and catching up on news as i haven't seen them in a while being hubby home and had worked much lately...but can't resist all the lovely things out there so i did bought quite some lovely things. Came home in time for dinner so had to prepare that...still enough energy in me and i just discovered that i had an appointment with the dentist early tomorrow morning and afterwards to work... prompted me to start on the items i had bought. ...especially this arrangement i had in mind. Kind of happy how it turns out. Not all were done but atleast i had a start.. Wishing you all friends a happy week.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A really quick finish!

Saw this freebie posted at one of the Facebook cross stitch group yesterday and thought to stitched it up with one of the DMC varigated reds...stitched it quite quickly. Can't decide how to finish it off last night so i waited till this afternoon, still i wasn't happy with how it turned out. Oh well, just need to keep trying... This one was stitched up last year and finally finished it off into a flatfold...Again, it is a freebie and i don't know who was the designer. Years ago, after stitching up a design i noted it all in a booklet but lately just don't bother it anymore. After a grey and stormy week, the sun shows up finally this morning. Glad a friend called up to go out for a walk, she've like it nearby my place along the dyke but it was quite windy so we opted out to the forest instead. Was always lovely to walk out there and so engrossed with chatting that we were lost a couple of times, even her dog had lost sight of us so we've been yelling at somepoint. Luckily, it isn't a big forest. Tried this mini apple tarts last sunday morning and quite delicious. Took some to work for during coffee break but i think these are goods for as desserts as well, with cream or ice cream. Hope everyone's having a good week.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Our Christmas tree

While it's stormy outside i've kept myself busy decorating our Christmas Tree...I was supposed to go and watch the football game of our son as it is here in town instead of at the mainland but it was too strong winds and cold. Here's a pic of the tree with only the ornaments...noticed the Prairie Schooler ornaments? I have quite a collection of them. Thought i had lots of Little House Needleworks too but quite some were sent out either for exchanges or gifts. Here is a picture of the tree with other ornaments. Might add a few more here and there later. Didn't want to stay long in the kitchen for preparation so we opted out for hot plate grilling this evening as our daughter from uni came home this weekend and a niece joined us too for dinner. Saw this recipe sometime last week and i know our daughter loves chicory with ham cheese so prepared it especially for her before i left for work last friday, our son doesn't like chicory much but with that combination of the creamy potatoes he loves it too. Last weekend, i was invited by friends at the mainland for an early christmas party celebration with lots of dancing and we did dance a lot...had difficulty walking back to the car after midnight due to the high heels i had...but we sure had lots of fun! I am struggling stitching this motive, i find the fabric i've chosen isn't an easy one to work with especially in the evening. This taking me a long time and i nearly gave up but i do like the design so i am going to finish it off. Happy Weekend to everyone!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

How quickly time flies....

Our youngest turn 16 today. In spare of the moment had quickly open up albums for some pics and realised i am way behind of more than 10 years that i haven't made a proper album as i had done since their birth. Besides stitching, i hope to work on that this winter too. Since, he didn't want to celebrate it at home we decided to go out for dinner and at the last minute he wanted to take a couple of his friends, was fun and the food's yummy. Happy week everyone!