Thursday, February 28, 2013


Whew!!! I didn't expect to complete these all in time, i mean before the end of February.
Happy dancing here!!!
I still haven't finish off into ornamnets the two christmas designs i stitched last January though...

The kids had a week vacation last week(Crocus vacation) and
Grace had been out with her friends most days while Chris stayed home
as almost all his friends went on vacation.
So last weekend, while his sister out, just the two of us went to dinner,
quite had fun together!!
Last night was booked to have dinner out with a couple of friends so i had to missed my
Zumba! had laugh a lot during the evning, glad it wasn't so busy at the
restaurant we went too. Imagine, went in at 6pm until after 11pm...

Thursday, February 14, 2013


...bouquet of flowers showed up late this afternoon.
Such a lovely unexpected surprise from hubby!
He is at sea so i presume he had arranged it with

....and a

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

part 2..Jan. Finishes!

Here are the other ornaments or finishes i've made last month except the two x'mas designs-those aren't made into ornaments yet. All of these were all sent out as gifts & exchanges.
((click on pictures to enlanrge))

Joined the Valentine exchange at Friendly Stitchers and here's a pic of what we sent to each other.

As usual a busy weekend but this time more on activities for the kids. Saturday, it's an open day at both their dance/music too as i have Zumba once a week out there but that was not promoted these time. It's more on the kids..

Today(sunday), Chris band were asked to play at one of the community hall where mountainbikers passes by. They had fun but was so called waiting for them even if it is inside. I think it was about 2 degrees celcius as it was windy.

Tried to upload a couple of videos but it won't get it in. Until now i am not familiar how blogger works.

Thanks so much for your continued visits and all the lovely comments.
I so deeply appreciate them all!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mattress Pincushion

I noticed this one wasn't included in the picture for this month's w.i.p's, i nearly completed the stitching with this one when i took the picture so i thought i'll quickly finish it & completed it off into a Mattress pincushion. I couldn't find who the designer is, printed it out last week and forgot to take note from who. I am not even sure if it's a recent freebie or from previous year. Do hope somebody can share or know who is the designer.
I used DMC: varigated thread, #48 on 32 count linen. I do love how it turned out!!! Now, i hope i could fine some of my previous February theme i've completed before....

Yesterday, our daughter Grace(17) passed the second test to join the academy for commercial pilots. We are really happy and proud she've made it being the youngest in her group. Although she still have 3 more test to go...Hopefully it will be scheduled soon. Because she doesn't have any other options to follow after her term here which will end this coming June. Kind of heavy for her now as it's her exam year too...

Many thanks to all who stopped by and all the kind comments, they are very much appreciated.

Monday, February 04, 2013

February. w.i.p's

So far here's what i started and would like to finish this month of February. While my mojo still going great, probably because i don't have work for a is just too quite here on the island so we are close at the restuarant during weekdays. ( you can click on all pictures to enlarge)
Well, probably this last weekend the last social gatherings as hubby just left this evening heading for Scotland tomorrow morning. He'll be away for four weeks. And no plans for the coming weeks...kind of good for me as i gained lots with all these get-together activities. Have to really work on Zumba and probably go for long walks if the weather permits. Too strong winds and on and off rain expected so not my wweather to go out.

Thank you so much for your continued visits and all the lovely comments. I really really appreciate them all.