Sunday, August 31, 2014

I am still around...

WOW!!! It's been more than two months that no update here, can't believe it myself but was crazy busy here especially at work, working more than 40 hours a time was nearly 60 hours for a week. So, days passes so quickly. With all the hectic here no time for picking up my stitching instead try to catch up socially whenever possible.

 Finally off this weekend and noticed my cherries in the garden are starting to ripen. My first time planting these, wasn't planned at all but early spring a friend gave me a few of these and insisted i have to plant it on my garden as she has, looking at them kind of happy i did. I do look out for these plants daily how they grew up and spread all over. I should have put sticks to hold them up so they won't spread all over but i didn't know it.

Saturday was really spent sociallizing, been to a birthday of one of my husband's nephew in the afternoon, stayed an hour and then off to the next where stayed for dinner and afterwards to a Festival that held here on the island every end of August...

The Tropical Festival and yes...had dance through the night. Sure had lots of fun with friends!

 Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!