Tuesday, November 30, 2010

...still CHAOS over here!!

NO STITCHING update at all!! Too busy and too tired to sit and stitch. I had planned on making a couple of christmas ornaments to send out to friends before the end of November but it is now the last day of November and i haven't made any at all. Looks like not much stitchy gifts to send out this season.

Here's a few pictures of what's been done here the last two weeks. Pictures from yesterday haven't uploaded yet.

Hubby is nearly done with all the electricity wirings especially for the living room and the barn...the 'barn' acually will be turn into a guestroom.

The door from the living room to the kitchen.

The workmen are really working hard, even took overtime last night till around 10pm as they had to remove the kitchen, the wall connected to the playroom and the old cement floor as they had to place the new cement flooring early this afternoon. It was planned for thursday but because of the expected frost the next coming days the cement mixer wouldn't be able to come.

It means, i can't do baking anymore till the kitchen will be return, hopefully after two weeks if all goes well as planned with the works.

CHRIS 11th birthday tomorrow and he wants some sausages wrapped in puff pastry for treats at school so i asked one of my friends to use her oven for this. Chris is a bit disappointed that we aren't going to celebrate it as we are too busy and too small place for visitor's where we are staying so we promised to celebrate it end of January when we are settled back to our house and hubby is back from his work as he is due to leave sometime next week to Italy.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and having a good week.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...tiny finish, a b-day party & renovation pics.

The only stitching i could share, finished the November block of Sylvia's SAL.

...another of our friends turn '50' next week but he will be leaving this week to Brazil for work so his wife and kids organise a surprise party for him last weekend. So friday midnight we went & installed the doll at their frontyard.

They had celebrated it at one of the pub with live music. We sure had fun, lots of dancing...

Here are some progress pictures of the ongoing works at home. These were of last week works on the house.

And as always tried to make something for the coffee break. Also, always made some extra for their lunch break like soup or snack. It is sooooo cold over here so they does need something warm to eat.

As always, many many thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments. All are very much appreciated. I hope you are all having a good week.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

LK stamp, the winners... & work continues...

We don't have oven and washing machine here on the rented house so i went sunday evening to our house to make the apple cake and do the washing, while waiting for the cake i stitched on the LK December block and now the piece is done. Will have to wait for the buttons probably sometime next year, i am just glad it is done and can be store away.

I am so sorry this took me a while to pick the winners of last month blogoversarry. Finally here are the names: ,
Maggie, Cath, Nia, Sally Irene
Please do let me know your address info details and hope to send the ornaments beginning of next week. Thank you everyone for the blogoversary greetings!!

Work continues and here are some pictures taken from last week progress. Worked on the barn, filled in the footing with concrete as well as the flooring.

Last friday they started working on the timber wall frame inside for the living room.

Took a couple pics of some of the cakes i've made lately. Just simple ones as i am not good with decorating the cakes. Sometimes the whole cake is just enough for a day, as they have twice coffee break.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Many thanks for stopping by and all the kind comments.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nov. x'mas SAL ornament & other pics.

This was my first finish last January this year and just finished it off into an ornament last weekend. I haven't stitched for a while now but i have a couple of small stitched designs that needed finishing so i am working on them bit by bit in the evening if i am not that sleepy.

Frosty Fun ornament
Prairie Schooler design
JCS 2009
32ct linen naturel
DMC thread

Concrete floor were put in last week wednesday, thursday the workers went somewhere as the concrete have to get dry. Friday they are back and the living room is full in working again as you can see on the picture below.

Late friday afternoon hubby worked on the barn trying to get rid of the old concrete flooring but it is too hard so he gave up and asked for a crane to help with the job.

The crane was provided yesterday and as you can see the barn tottaly removed by the end of the day.

Hereś what was done today, started placing the foundation for the barn which will turn into an extra bedroom. The weather isn't cooperating though, raining on and off amd expected for the coming days.

I've had helped whenever i can especially shoveling out the dirt/debris yesterday and then went to my Zumba lesson(every monday evening) in the evening....i had difficulty getting up this morning. I still feel sore until now, i think i better skip the Zumba dance after a hard days work next time.

I haven't had the time to pick the winners yet, hopefully before the weekend.
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.

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