Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year To All!!!!!!!

Hope everyone will have a nice evening welcoming the new year.

At first, we thought to stay home, just the four of us, as i have to work the next day(new year's day), but then Grace and one of her friends wanted to be together with the fireworks as his father's abroad and his mother wouldn't actually want to go outside, so we decided to have it here and invited more friends to join us. I did mentioned i would like to have it over around one as i needed my sleep for the next day. Atleast, they are all arriving around eight in the evening.
For the day, one of our best friend from the mainland is coming for a visit. She's been so busy we haven't seen each other since March. She ussually comes for a weekend here so we asked her to stay for the night but she'd rather go home.

Before x'mas CHRIS was allowed to take the swimming test and glad he was able to passed it. These was quite difficult for him but glad DH took times once a week to go and have an extra exercise for him, to trained him better with his arms and all.
They are very strict here with getting swimming certificate, so we were really happy when he received a notice to take the test.

Since i had to worked on x'mas day, the gathering's with dh's family was the next day at one of his sister's place. It went well and the kids enjoyed it too. The next morning, MIL called that one of her sister died, quite unexpectedly actually. Her husband is in hospital, recovering from a heart attack now we just heard that it got worsed and can't talk anymore. Both are on their eighties. We came home tonight from a visit to the family and received a phoned call from one of our friends that one of DH's friends father just died too. So, just after new years day we're on to isn't fine but oh well....can't help it.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Prettige Feestdagen!!!

Wishing you all a merry christmas!!!

I'll leave you with a pics of our x'mas tree and x'mas cards. Got to go to work.......aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Just hope it will not be so late!

Received these cards for my b-day. Goodies pictures will have to wait.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More parcels and lots of cards, mostly b-day cards now i think and a few x'mas cards are waiting for me last night. I've been to the mainland to shop for clothes but before that i joined a friend for a long walk in the morning, we've covered about 8 kilometers, that was quite heavy for me as i don't go that much for a walk, ussually about two or three km and once or twice a week, that is if weather permits.
So i feel so tired last night and dh wasn't feeling wel so he went to bed very early while we still have something planned to do. I had to do it alone, i had to filled in a large box to be parcelled to Asia, most things we needed when we go there next year.
Glad, after a night sleep he's fine early this morning so he is now on the way to the mainland to bring the parcel box for shipment.

Today will be another busy day, but wanted to fill here up first as i don't know when can i get the chance again. I have to start cleaning and empty the childrens'playing room as friends are coming to stay tomorrow. Planned what's for dinner then as well as a few snacks for saturday...i know i am so late with this one..!
In between i have to prepare some food for school for their Çhrismas dinner early this evening, and for two groups as i promised one for Grace class and another for Chris class.

After school this afternoon we will have to pick up Chris and bring him to the swimming pool, for his final swimming test for A. I wonder why they scheduled it during this very busy time...!! Sure is a busy day for him too.
Ooohh, and i want to go to town to get something for him..ahhhhhhhhh well see. with all this i don't have time for the packages i want to enjoy when opening them and not to put it away at once...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The package from Anna!!!!!

First of all, thank you all for taking the time to have a look and nice comments. I really appreciate them

After the children were off to school this morning i opened up Anna's package first and WOW! I don't know what to say, i mean this came as a great surprise as we are not on an exchange, this is simply a gift from her and as you can see on the picture, so many things she've enclosed and a her gorgeous stitching where she finished off into an ornament. I LOVE everything!!! Wish, i have the time right now to start one of these but will surely do soon...Thank you so much, Anna.

Another package was from an exchange for the 12 days of x'mas which should be here before the 14th of december, in time for opening the first on the 14th, oh well i opened six pieces this morning as it shown here on the picture. Like the things that my partner enclosed and looking forward to opeing one each day.
The red packages was the ones i sent to her, luckily it reaches her before the 14th.

Another package was from one of my penpal from Scotland. Can only share a pic of the things enclosed as we haven't opened any yet. Most are names for the children. We've known or starting writing each other way back the year 2000, she's younger than me and no kids but we still have great contacts with each other.

Okey, the last package is not yet opened and another came in today plus some b-day cards, will wait in opening them...

Monday, December 18, 2006

more ornanemts & packages...

These are my last finsihes into ornaments, did it in between all the hectic activities these last days here at home. I still have some more to finish off into something but i am afraid i don't have the time now until after x'mas. This week especially is a very busy one, for school of the kids, need to go shopping for clothes so i need to go to the mainland, and have to do some cleaning for friends are coming over to stay before the weekend. And i am going to celebrate my b-day the day before which is the 23rd instead of the 24th and i am thinking of preparing some food/buffet for dinner but i am not yet sure as we expected quite a lot though i had hope most comes in the evening, that is after dinner then the one who are going to stay for the buffet/dinner will be friends from the mainland and some family. Still have to think of that....

It was a nice surprise coming home this evening to see packages waiting for me and lots of x'mas cards, the cards were already opened by the kids but the packages...i will have to wait for tomorrow. I am so tired and will go in early as i haven't had enough sleep last night.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Leslie's RR completed RR

Just read Leslie's comment that i can show the whole picture of the rr, thanks so much Leslie, so here it is. Hope you'll like it when it gets back to you, Leslie.

A friend of Chris has stayed for a couple of nights and still wanted to stay for the whole weekend but his parents miss him too especially that his father is away during weekdays and only home at weekend. It seems we have sleep over contineously, as Grace has friend staying over early this week too. And next week friday, friends from the mainland are coming over for the weekend and my birthday too. So the week ahead will be a very busy one!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Leslie's RR

Completed Leslie's rr, the winter. All four blocks are done and it looks great. I can't show the whole piece without asking Leslie, she might want it to be a surprise. Will send it on monday, i am sorry i am a bit late with the posting as it should be officialy be posted today the 15th.

Here's an ornament i received from stitch & stash exchange. It was secret who was sending to everyone, i did made a guess on the group but still don't know if it was the right one. Anyway, whoever made this thank you very much. It's bautiful and so neatly done!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pinkeep & CSE ornament exchange

My first attempt at making pinkeep, though without a ribbon as i ussually had seen from others, i added a longer cord so it can be hang on the x'mas tree. It's here pictured with another ornament and also the backs. I am quite satisfied with finishing the pinkeep, i thought it was so complicated. Now, the next thing i would like to try is the "flatfold". But that will be for next year.
It's been very busy here, so many acivities of the children as well as socially.

Received Viv's ornament for CSE exchange and WOW! Such a cutie! Very neatly finished. I LOVE it.

The one with the red cording is what i've stitched/completed that i've sent to Viv.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Card for my niece & an ornament rec.

Stitched a card for my DS which is now on the way to Canada. She did asked a favor to stitch something, a bigger one with the name and date of her baby, i am still looking for an appropriate one. I am afraid i won't be able to finish it though before we left for home/vacation in Febraury. I have a few more items for exchanges that i have to finish before that date.

Received a wonderful ornament from Veronique ,such a little cutie and very neatly done! Thank you so much, Veronique!!
I am planning to put up the x'mas tree tomorrow, now sinterklaas is over. I just heard though that a couple of kids are coming over as their parents are off to a party. Friends of our children, perhaps they might help or atleast busy with other things. Dh expect a couple of friends too for some events they want to talk about. I hope they wil left me in peace for the decoration...we'll see tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Made these one for Debra and are now safely with her.
I still have a few more pieces that i want to complete it into an ornaments or something but i don't have much inspirations, oh well i might try to finish one into a pinkeep...well see.

By the way, thanks so much for reading and dropping a comments. I really, really appreciate them.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mikylla Jannine

My sister just sent a few pictures of my niece, hers and dh. Ohh really wish to see them all in person.
We are trying to call home to share the news but we couldn't get through. Might be with the recent typhoons that some areas where disconnected. I did had connection a couple of days, but mum says another typhoon is on the over there. It is really a disaster at this time of year. so pitiful, especially x'mas getting closer!

With my note last night, it was not only about the gift that i was down about but dh has written a small poem for everyone including me and a few of the contents did hurt, it was about my hobby. To term it all, he thinks it's useless!!!! I am really hurt, since aside from the house, the kids, i do work too a couple of days a week and with those days that i have to work i always prepared their warm meal to make it easy for him and all the needed items for the different activities they are in that day, as i ussually home around 9 in the evening.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Down moment.........!!!!!

is over.......... celebrated it tonight mainly for the kids and glad they've enjoyed it and loves what they've got, really surprises for them especially Grace where she got her own computer upstairs at her room. DH has been busy with it almost the whole day, first with the new table and then all the connection for the computer. She've never expected it to have one herself. Oh well, they have one which they share together at the playroom but always fight over it especially if they have friends around and since Grace is going to high school(sort of), (VWO), we decided to give her this one instead of a TV. Aside from that some books, perfums and other small stuffs.
Chris has his "play station" for his b-day the first of december, so he got cd's for that game, and some books, playmobiels toys and other small stuff.
I am quite disappointed with dh, after more than 12 years seems he still doesn't really know my likes and dislikes i mean when it comes to clothes and my hobbies. Speaking of hobbies, i think he hates my stitching hobby...oh well i am really down at the moment, probably i am not in writing mood regarding with us......

Anyway, after a couple of hours..the children are already in bed, i do feel pity for myself, watching CSI Miami(i like those series and 'bones'too.) and then my sister called from Canada with her good news, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I am so glad everything went well for her. I am now waiting for the pictures she promised to send, it is now half hour ago and still haven't seen it we'll see it tomorrow, it is now after midnight so i am going to bed as the kids have to get up early for school tomorrow.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chris birthday went well last friday, for school which he received nice comments about my apple tart for the teachers and the children with chips and toys. The afternoon for family and friends who dropped by. After they left for school friday, i prepared/cooked different dishes, mainly asian foods for the evening meal. We had expected actually two couples with their children to stay behind but were a lot who are still in at around seven, 9 childrens and 10 couples. Since the kids doesn't like much asian food, dh prepared sausages and french fries for them. Our kitchen is not big enough for all, so we let the children their and the adults in the living room. It went well as well as the food.

One of Chris friend stayed for the night so i can't sleep in as he has to be picked up around 9AM for his football and Grace was picked up at eight for the swimming club. In the end, football was cancelled because because of the weather, rainy until now, stormy actually!

Speaking of storm, when we saw the newspaper this morning about the typhoon in the PHILIPPINES were lots of damages and all, for the last couple of days, i called my mother at once. My family lives in the northern part and there was not much damage over there but in the southern part was terrible. A lot of properties destroyed and many dead, still a lot haven't been found.

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