Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What a busy day today!! Tomorrow is Chris six birthday. Yesterday, me and hubby went to the mainland for last minutes gifts, actually for both of us, as we had the things for the children early this month. These gifts is for 'Sinterklaas' which we are going to celebrate it on sunday (the 4th) instead of the actual day the 5th. I have to work that day and will be back home late.
Today, been for groceries and then made a few cakes. One, is for the teachers and the rest for here, i think a few friends and family will drop by after school of the kids at around four PM. As for the class (Chris), i will make a kind of snacks in the morning with cheese, pineapple and small sausages.
In between baking i manage to finish a small ornament, my very first in cross stitch and just with sewing at all!!!!Yipeeee

Ohhh and the card is for Chris, the stitching was done last weekend but just made it into a card today.
Now, i am off to do a bit of decorations and wrapping the gifts for Chris tomorrow.Will do the cleaning tomorrow morning!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Snow..? but not here on the island!!

The last two days we heard a lot about the snow and chaos in some areas but nothing here at all. Mostly were on the southern part of Holland. Here was just rain and it was very cold.

Another small finishes for the week, the football one is for a charity quilt and the card for an exchange on yahoo.

Yesterday around six came a few 'zwarte pieten'. Grace is to a birthday party so only Chris..
  • St. Nicholas
  • Friday, November 25, 2005

    Early Christmas package...

    I received this package from Michelle B. ( x'mas exchange of one of the yahoo groups) , last week and finally opened it up today....Waaaaaaaaaaauw!!I am really touched of what she all made for me. She made a small pillow, a santa ornament, a kind of a pin cushion with my initial on it, x'mas card and other things enclosed; Dmc threads, book of herbs charts, beads. I am so happy with this gifts.

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Still no pics...

    Not much to report with regards to stitching. Though i manage to send most of the packages for all the exchanges i am in, only two left and hopefully by monday. Almost all the x'mas cards for overseas were sent as well, just a few more for penpals but i need to finish them off yet. I started cleaning/clearing up especially the toys of Chris to give more space for next week, his six birthday.
    I did received a few packages this week, one is for 'sinterklaas exchange'which i have to guess who has make the ornament i had received on the 5th of December. It is a 'biscornu'(like pin cushion) and it is just gorgeous, will post a pic tomorrow. Another package i still have to open it up as i got a go ahead to do so. It should have to wait till x'mas but i send an e-mail that my b-day is on the 24th dec and lots of cards are already waiting for that day..hope she'll let me...

    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Small finishes!!!

    Here's a quick update on my stitching this week. They are now ready for the post on monday. Still a few more things for exchanges but can't place the pic here yet. Not much progress as i wanted as it's very busy here. I am glad dh went alone to the birthday party tonight, now i am trying to organise the clutter of my hobbies especially the items for making cards. I am afraid i don't have much time this coming days for 3d's. If possible if i can get the chance i would like to try to make an ornament for myself. I am really envious whenever i see one completed those x'mas ornaments!!!

    Sinterklaas came in today on the island. We are very lucky the harbour is very near where we live about five minutes with the bike. While we were waiting for the boat to come it started to rain and we didn't got any umbrella. Whew, it was coooooold.At that moment i think we are crazy standing there patiently waiting for him to arrive and as always he is late. They know the weather is bad and lots of kids are waiting still they don't try to come on time. We didn't stay long after he arrived as i can't feel my feet anymore...Later this afternoon, there's an special one organise for the children here in the village where the Sint and Zwarte Pieten can be with the children. It's organise from school, so every groups has to present a kind of show.

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    No stitching pictures...

    I did finished an ornament but can't show it yet. Much as i want to stitch i really luck of of time. I've been out a lot. Yesterday, been with Grace in town looking at the shops, the first time she wanted to come shopping, ussually she prefers to go friends coming over here to play. When we were in town i let her wonder alone and told her where i am and meet at a certain place afterwards. She is now ten years old so i wanted her to learn how to be alone in a shop and pay what she wanted to buy. It might be late or early for others i don't know.
    After an hour, we went to one of my friend for a cup of coffee. My friend let her play on her computer while we catch up on news...
    Anyway, here's a pic of Chris and Kees playing Chess. Chris needs to practice it as he just join a Chess club every monday evening. So far, he's the youngest at the moment, as he is still five!!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    More shopping done today...

    I've been shopping today and came home quite late, the children are already in bed so the items are still here in the living room, will hide it later before turning in. I really need to sit down as my feet are so painful, my own fault the shoes i used wasn't the type for long day walking. Atleast, i am now nearly done with the gifts for the children for SINTERKLAAS. The Sint and Pieten are arriving here on texel coming saturday so from then on they can sing infront of there shoes in the evening and then expect some small gifts from sint & Piet the next morning. Since it still a long way before the real gift giving day which is the 5th of December, we told the kids that they will sing every other evening.

    But first we still have Chris birthday the 1st of December, poor boy he has to wait a year for all the gifts and all but because it winter time for both occassion and mostly nice things to give are for the summer time we just buy it then, thinking we will give less on his birthday....but as i can see what we had bought for his birthday like the "Playmobiel Dragon Castle"which has cost 80.00 euros plus a few small wasn't cut off at all. He really wanted this one though i tried to discourage him and better more on Lego's and K'nexx as he has lots of that already but he really wanted Playmobiel.

    As for Grace, she is collecting Diddles items so i bought a few items of that, a DVD, a few games she has listed on and next week will buy the new Harry Potter book number six for her. I think the Dutch version is coming out this saturday.

    For dh, better not mention here as i am not sure if he read this blog or not. Since he knows all about.
    He's been asking about my list though since not only Chris who's birthday in December, me too...the day before x'mas day. A pity i can't list anything about Stash(cross stitch). But there are other things like books, perfumes...


    Sunday, November 13, 2005

    Such a nice weather today

    It's past 2pm, just came back from MIL's place, and it is really nice weather compare to the last days which was wet and stormy. In a minute we are going to the small forest here for a long walks. The kids doesn't want it but i said perhaps this will be the last that it's sunny and no wind so we better take advantage of it. Here's the pics of what i finished lately.

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    Chris kinderfeestje!!!

    Chris birthday is the first of december but that first week of december is a very busy one here especially for children so we decided to give his party with his friends a few weeks early, which was this afternoon. He has only invited four boys and no girls! One boy came early, before ten this morning as his mother has to go to the mainland for a check up. The other three came at 12 noon. Just the five of them, WHEW!!! what a noise and not easy to control. I really can't, i'm not that strict enough with my actions/words but glad dh can control them. We had first lunch and oh boy i am really surprise at some for their language, really quite ugly ones and they are only five and six years old. After lunch we let them watch tv while we cleaned the kitchen.
    When we are done with the dishes, Chris got out of the living room and then the rest went to hide their gifts. Chris called in and theyve really fun looking for all the items. When all that finished we took them to an indoor playground. It's surprising how energetic they are, after two hours still they don't want to leave. But we had too as we booked dinner at five, thought they are hungry but not one of them had really finished their meal, that was a bit of a waste. Anyway, brought them all home around seven and everyone said they've enjoyed it would like to do it again soon. hmmmm, i think next year but not soon!!
    I am off to check some mails and then bring the kids to bed. DH just left for school, parents meeting.
    Might do some stitching as tomorrow we are away for the day to the mainland.

    Monday, November 07, 2005

    WHEW! I'm tired...

    Just came home from work half an hour ago, had heard all the events from dh for the day here while i am away, he has called up his mother to look after the youngest early this evening as he went to "condoleren"(sorry can't get the right explanation in English at the moment). Grace has chess club every monday but we noticed before that her brother has more interest with it than her and we asked the leader of the club if he can join too. He'll be six the beginning of December and tonight, dh heard Chris can start next monday. So, he's so excited!!
    I would like to show a pic of the cards i had finished the beginning of last week. Two stitched one and a 3D's. I wasn't able to finished the one i had planned yesterday as we've been out for a visit.
    Oh and added my progress of one of my recent WIP.

    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    YES! did some sticthing..!

    Well, did some stitching early this evening, stitched some simple charts for x'mas cards which i hope can make it tomorrow, together with some 3d cards too. I hope by next week to write off some x'mas cards that i would like to send overseas the third week of November in time for december. The earliest to send cards here locally is after the 12th of dec. and also for putting up the x'mas tree. I find it too late but then i am not alone in this house!!
    Think, better get in it's over midnight....

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    X'mas package and b-day cards

    I received a package from one of my penpals today and it says on the envelope to open it on the 25th of dec...but what is the date today..?? I am really eager and curious and received two b-day cards as well, my b-day is the 24th of Dec. I think i better hide it all in a box and wait...

    Anyway, today; instead of stitching i did some cutting for 3D for christmas cards, still a lot to go though, perhaps this weekend but i need to stitch as well...hope i have enough time....

    We went to the library early this evening, it's for the kids since the weather is not for outside activity and our eldest starts t read a lot and we encourage the youngest to take books too and then we will read it for him. They are hooked playing games at their computer, if not there game boys but we have to limit the time they spend on those games.

    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    Don't really feel well today..

    Haven't done much today as i had planned, cleaning especially. After lunch i just feel cold and put on a vest over my long sleeve shirt while dh has only a shirt on. I lie down on the couch and try to sleep but can't so just did some reading. DH went to pick up Chris from school after three and then he went off to one of his clients. Really glad he is home as i don't like to go out with the weather right now. Rainy and very strong winds. Chris wanted to watch tv so we settled down on the couch and i manage to stitch a bit. It was one of the Lizze Kate designs: Only dull women have immaculate home. Here's a pic of the rr i finished last week and the sachet for an exchange.