Monday, February 29, 2016

February ornament...

Stitched a while but just had completed into an ornament last night. It is a freebie of "Sandy from Montana". Second time i stitched this design, last time was for a couple of years ago for gifts. I am trying to stitch freebie designs for my monthly SAL...just hope i can fulfill it each month. I am working on small designs for Easter as it is three weeks away from now...I'd like to make a couple of ornaments to give to friends so...we'll see if i can finish something soon. Kind of busy at work and lots of unexpected things lately...Hope i am strong enough to face whatever unforeseen changes soon... Thanks to all who stopped by and leave me lovely comments on my last post. Really appreciate them all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


...i was happy i am off today and had been patiently waiting for the released of the March block...It came out before 4pm so i gather the threads and start but had Zumba lesson after 5pm and couldn't miss it as i am gonna miss it next week being away for the week...anyway, back home after Zumba worked on the March SAL...unfortunately frogs keep visiting me and not just a couple of stitches, it was lots especially the whole upper border. Was late and wanted to give up but thinking i will be working these coming 5 days so i did pursue and finish it off. Weather lately hasn't been good but when it looks dry we try to go for a walk....oh well, quite good when we started this morning, half hour later it started raining so instead of having a cup of coffee at my place both friends went home as we were quite wet all over. While waiting for the chart, March SAL... i've made one of the Filipino dish, "Puto"..rice muffin cake. Oh so sweet and love it...too bad for my diet though... Haven't been to mass for a while and since i am off last sunday i joined my friends for the sunday mass and ended up at their place for lunch. Had a good catching up and so much fun. Love this Amaryllis, pale pink colour but looks so lovely and it stayed a while in the vase. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Many thanks for stopping by and all the kind comments.

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