Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aug. LK stamp & we are moving out...

First of all, a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for all the lovely comments on our anniversary. I really appreciate them all and sure helps me a lot as hubby being away...(works in Spain)!

I've finished the August block of Lizzie Kate stamp before the weekend but always forget to take a picture to share so this afternoon while it was still bright and sunny i took my chance and also a few pics outside. ((click on all pictures to enlarge))

What lovely surprises came in recently....Margaret, Ellen, Sue, thank you so much. I am truly humbled by your generosity!

After days of winds and rain, today is bright and sunny. Looks and feels like summer and expected for a couple of days. Love the colors of the sedum...seems i have lots of them on my garden.

I've started bringing boxes at the rented house since monday and we could have stayed or sleep over there too since monday but i had "Zumba" last monday evening and this evening been to Grace parent's info night and that lasted till 9:30pm. I think they won't be happy all alone on a strange house for the first evenings. So tomorrow(wednesday), we are going over. So i could start to remove and wash all the curtains and try to pack everything ready to be transferred when hubby gets home. Have to try and remove the carpets and other things from the attic.

No computer at the rented house so i will check my mails on daytime when i am here at work, so not much time as ussually i am online in the evening. When hubby gets home he will try to fix one over there as this one will have to be out.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful week!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy 16th Anniversary to us!

Honestly, i wasn't thinking on posting about our anniversary today but when these GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers delivered here after 4pm i want to share a pic. This is a huge bouquet, glad there is one vase that wasn't packed.

A friend stopped by and we're having a cup of coffee and catching up on news when Grace opened the door to received these amazing bouquet of flowers. My friend doesn't know so i had to say it's our anniversary and since hubby left yesterday and now in Spain...he sure didn't forgot to arrange something. Thanks so much, lief...ik hou van je en ik miss je al!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Many thanks for stopping by and all the kind comments.
((Click on pic. to enlarge))

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. x'mas Sal ornament & other upd.!

((click on pictures to enlarge))
A pic. of the ornaments i did each month. I haven't packed these to put away but will take with me when we go to the summer house next week.

Here's my september ornament. Work lots on it last friday when i wasn't feeling well to help hubby with some heavy works.
Santa's and Snowmen ornament
Prairie Schooler design
32ct Zweigart Belfast Naturel linen
DMC threads

Saturday, we've been to a birthday celebrations on one of our friends at the mainland. Sort of get-together as we haven't seen each other for a while. See that adorable little boy, sure had hold him for quite a while! Just upon they arrived the mother gave it to me at once and i've been dancing with him a lot!! We live quite far to just drop in for a cuddle.

Here's what we've done...partly, the barn. Remove the roof tiles and then see all the debris we've thrown on the ground from the roof?! The plan is to turned the barn into a bedroom. For now, it will remain open.....

...hubby is leaving tomorrow to Spain for his work. Hopefully be back half way of october. I will be moving with the kids next week and NO computer at the summer house. Connection can be fix when hubby returns nearly end of october. Atleast, i can come home and check my mails once a while here.

We just got home from visiting a bestfriend of hubby..thought better stop by as he will turned 50 early next month and hubby isn'nt home that day as turning "50" is a big celebration here ...we got there, his wife crying as they've just heard a sad news her brother died. Her brother lives in Germany and it is very far to just pack and go. Only 66 years old. Had found lung cancer earlier this year but didn't expected the end so quick. So we didn't stayed long. She's so unhappy as she's been operated with her knee a few months ago (may 2010) and it is not yet good. Had to go for the fourth time to the hospital for more check-ups later this week.

Thanks so much to all of you for the kind comments and i sure appreciate your visits. I hope everyone's having a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

flatfold, LK stamp, flowers & others...

Cottage Garden flatfold
Country Cottage Needleworks design
32ct. linen
Crescent color threads

((...click on the pictures to enlarge!))

Stitched and finished this one last July and sent it out the beginning of August so i hope it reach Canada by now and that the reciever likes it. Haven't heard from her yet, probably they are still on holiday. I am sorry the pictures were blurred. I haven't checked it out before sending the piece away.

July block was done which took me nearly a week to complete instead of two evenings. I can only stitch a few minutes in the evening these days...

See what the strong winds had done to my flowers the other day. Took a few pics. a couple of days ago wanted to share how lovely they are and the next day...was ruined!

Only the sedums and the fuschia remains well.

A few said, me and my sister Jane looks alike so i went to look for pictures of us together but i've found only this one which was taken during our last visit together at home last december 2004. All the albums were all brought to the storage room so i couldn't find more as i know we had some during her visit here years ago.

These pictures were taken during one of our outings with some of our family.

Breaking was started...hubby has been stripping off the walls and floor of the playroom, next to the kitchem room. He wanted to find out where the leakage comes from as it sometimes wet and it smells. It sure is getting empty here, both kids computer were packed away and mine will be next this weekend. He will be leaving for sea next week, so just me and the kids to go to the summer house we rented a few days after he leaves. He wanted to ask the owner if the house has access to the internet he wanted to bring his computer over there but we still have to find out later this week. We had booked the place till Christmas so it will be a while before everything goes back to normal!

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments over my last post. I really appreciate them all.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A card & sept. "my little heart sal"!

I so love this cute design, it's the fourth time now that i made this one into a card. I know my sister was expecting a baby boy but i don't like to start stitching it beforehand so when i heard the news early this week i work on it and finished it within 2 days in between sorting and packing.

Here's a picture of my sister's family, living in Canada. The last time we met was when we were both visiting our parents in Asia year 2004, she's single then. So i haven't met her family yet though seen lots of pictures of them on facebook. They've booked to visit our family in Asia this coming December but we couldn't make it to join them. It will be a while for us to meet each other...

This very small design took me a couple of days to finish. Really don't have much spare time to stitch these days. But atleast we are nearly done with sorting and packing as hubby will be off to sea in less than two weeks.

Thank you all for stopping by and for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate them all.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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