Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pics and will be away..

Here is the pic of Kees niece with the new baby. The next is with niece's husband and my son Chris back. That's the card i finished in a couple of hours last friday.

This is me and baby Anna. She's such a cutie. The next pic is my DH Kees and his youngest sister Ireen.

We are going away tomorrow morning and be back at weekend. Just a few days break before the children's back to school next week. Would rather stay away till sunday but Grace had to go to the swimming club camping weekend and Kees have diving lesson on saturday and exam the next day.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thank you all for dropping by and all the nice comments about our pieces, i mean mine and SU.
Now, i am quite nervous for the next exchange i've signed in, the needleroll. I am not even half way of it and it is now nearly end of the month. I did stitch, quite a lot in between all the activities here, all cards though, a couple were for birthday stitched exchange and one for a baby card. Thursday, after midnight, we just get in the bedroom and the phone rings, we both look at each other wondering who would called us so late and i suddenly thought of my family in Asia or my sister in Canada, so i took the phone. It was DH's sister, to tell that her eldest daughter had just given birth to a baby girl. She's so happy and want's to share the news.
The next morning, i got up very early to stitch a card and deliver it in the afternoon. I got some pics, but i can't fine the camera right now, i think it is still in the car. Will do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, Kees went to the mainland for his diving lesson quite early in the morning, and Grace was picked up by a friend for the swimming club, which was really fine as it has been raining and it was not fun to go with the bike.
In the afternoon, friends came and stay for dinner and was quite late when they left. After drinking some beers, i don't have the mode for stitching anymore....

We slept out today, wow! i really needed that but felt guilty afterwards thinking of my the afternoon, went to a nephew's birthday, so the day was just too short.
The next coming days will be working so stitching will really have to wait....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last summer exchange...

..finally received, so now i can show the pictures of both. This was the pincushion and the whole package pic of what i made and sent to Toni. I am so glad to hear she likes it.

Heres the pic of what i'd received from Su. Such a beautiful pinkeep and so neatly done. I love it!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I received this one sometime last week but always forgot to take a pic and share. It's one of the rr on yahoo groups which took more than a year instead of a half year. One member has it for nearly half year but still haven't had the time to sticth any on it. The leader of the group had stitched two in the end, which was really great and i am very grateful for it. Didn't know it until i received the piece and read her note.

Well, weekend went well. Both days we've been out for birthdays so haven't had done any stitching at all. Now, my two days work are done so hopefully will do some stitching these coming days, unless if we're out again. still two weeks to go before the children goes back to school. Glad they are still enjoying the break, playing with their friends, just like yesterday evening when i came home, Grace been to one of her friends for the night and Chris has been to one of his friends for the afternoon. Today, Chris friend came here and was brought back after dinner. Just heard it all when i came home a couple of hours ago, quite late actually. Both are in bed already when i came home.

Friday, August 18, 2006

These lot sent out this week for birthdays and an exchange. The cards were completed early this week, the guesttowel band was finished a while back and just attached it to the towel the other day. I just hope all the recepients likes all these items.

It has dark and rainy till after midday so we decided to cancell our barbecue with the neighbours tommorow evening as they predicted the same forecast. After lunch i took the kids to the circus, was a surprise for them and we've all enjoyed it. I took some pictures but it was dark so it's not that much to show. The show took more than two hours, when we came out, the sun was shinning until this evening. But we've already told everyone that tommorow was move after two weeks. Tonight's forecast for tommorow is still rainy so we'll see.
Atleast it wouldn't be so busy as planned, first thing in the morning DH goes for his diving lesson which takes about two hours. After lunch to a birthday party. The next day(sunday) will go to the mainland for another birthday party. Well, not much stitching time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Took the kids to the circus this afternoon,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I finished this one for a rr end of last month, the chart was included with the package. There was no backstitching to finished it off and i kind of miss it, it seems it doesn't really shows off what's done beacuse of the colour of the fabric which is nearly the same colour of some of the threads that was used for the chart.

These are just two cards that was sent early this month, i have completed more but haven't uploaded it yet to the pc.
Right now i am working on a piece for a bookmark hopefully be done tomorrow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A few pictures taken the last two days during our friends stay here. They arrived wednesday late afternoon, glad it has stopped raining so they were able to put up there tents at the backyard. After dinner we went at the dyke for a walk, which is across the road from our house. They live in the city so these is new for them and really likes it.
It's a pity our daughter Grace isn't home for the whole week, that is why she isn't in the picture.
The first two pics are taken from the dyke and the other were taken from the beach yesterday, it has been raining and very windy, looks like autumn so the beach is deserted.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Whew! Such busy days at work the last days. For two days been on my feet for nine hours, only 15 minutes break for late lunch. It just that the weather turn cool, cloudy, windy and on and off rain that lots of people comes in for warm drinks the whole afternoon and then at five we are open for dinner and lots of folks especially yesterday evening, we had to say no for some as we are really full. well, now work days over till monday for me!!!!!!!!!!!
But can't rest or stitch, this afternoon some friends come and stay for a few days. Two couples and two kids, and they will put up a tent at the back of our house. It is just a pity, it's so wet.
Oh well, i better go and start some cleaning and tidying!!!!!!!!!

Hi Elisabeth, haven't had much time to place all the wishlist i've actually have in mind but i needed a list for one of the Yahoo groups. More will be listed other times...

Finished these for the monthly SAL ornaments.