Saturday, June 30, 2007


The school of Grace and Chris needed a lot of money for renovations so they organized a kind of funfair today, where a few business owners donated things to be sold and lots of volunteers who offered things and help for some games and everything. For our part i baked an apple cake and Grace help with the stall.
These are few pictures taken and if you want to see more of it you can see it here
The first picture were kids doing the jumpstyle, Chris is quite good with it.
The fair was open from 11AM till 3PM. After that we went to a birthday party, kids behind at there friends place. Grace is now staying over at her friends place and we picked up Chris early this evening and he asked if his friend can sleep over. It's after 11PM now and we can still hear them talking...hmmmm, hope they will sleep in tomorrow.

Many thanks for the nice comments about my last post. If anyone's interested there's some more pictures here .

Margaret, luckily it's still here on the island though they have to go to town which is about 15 minutes with the bike. If everything goes well, she will stay here for six years.

A couple of finishes a while back but haven't shown a picture yet.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Grace Musical...Take off!!

Finally, after practicing for the last couple of months the children in group 8 present or perform a musical before they leave for the next stage of thier studies. Here's different compare to the U.S, where they leave elementary and goes to High School. This is new to me as well so i am learning along the way how's the school system here works.
But anyway, The musical they presented last night went very well. They are 20 in the class and everyone did a wonderful act! Since it's time for going on holiday this time of year there theme was 'Take Off'! Grace is with the red shirt and the one with lots of texts to say or perform. She felt nervous at the first scene but afterwards it comes naturally. We are very proud of her especially that she've really made it all secret and didn't practiced while we were looking. So it was a wonderful surprised!!

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. The weekend went well, but i didn't took pictures at the funfair as it was raining a bit.
Yes, the freebie i had started will make it into a biscornu when the stitching is done..

Honestly, i haven't done much stitching lately, it was just too busy here. Had to work extra sunday evening and then two days in a row, i was really tired afterwards. Wednesday went by doing nothing except some phone calls made here and to home in Asia. Yerterday, started clearing up the playroom, some old toys or games which they don't used or want anymore were thrown out or to be given to others who can still have use off. It's not easy though and better not ask the kids for everything if they want to keep it as they'd rather keep it all while they haven't touch some for a long long time.

Have a nice weekend to all.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weather did change!!

After a couple of hours when i posted this morning it became cloudy and not long after it started raining that was around 2PM. Grace went to town this morning with the whole class with their bikes for some sports, they didn't finished all the said games and decided to turn back as they don't want to be wet and thunderstorm was expected too.

Here's what i started early this evening, needed a small uncomplicated to stitch and saw this freebie. Will do the other side next week i hope.
Freebies Aurelle

We are going away for the weekend, we leave tomorrow afternoon and meet up with DH at a friends place at the mainland. The 'funfair' is on there area and we wanted to take the children there. But if it's wet then we might take them to the cinema. Well see.

It's very busy here on the island, as lots of people came to join the catamaran or people come to watch which will be on saturday.
Zwitserleven Ronde om Texel
It depends on the weather though if they will let it continue.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend.

Stitching Accessories Exchange

This was a surprise exchange so we don't know whom are we receiving but now finally my package arrived and it happens we are exchanging with each other. Sent out both the same day but mine arrived to Edda earlier than hers to mine.
It had arrived yesterday but it was quite late when all's well here last night and i was so tired being alone here with the children for a few days as Kees in the city.
Thank you so much Edda for everything. Pincushion and the scissor fob were very neatly done and i really like the fabric you have use with these. Again THANKS! I love them all.

The picture i took for what i've sent to Edda wasn't clear so if anyone wants to have a look you can see at Edda's

Now, i am off to do some housechores, it's bright and sunny today, a lot better than they had expected and hope it stays dry till the weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A progress picture of my quilt sampler which i had managed to work on these last days. Still some more blocks to be sew and cut, have to buy more fabric for the sides, after cutting the blocks for the inside i realised i don't have enough for the outside part.

My Stitching Accessories Exchange from the forum at Jayne´s Attic has arrived to my partner Edda. Now, i am patiently waiting for mine, i wonder who is sending to me...???

It's father's day here today. The children brought up tea in our bedroom this morning with their presents to their father. Glad it wasn't that early when they came. They've sleep in too as they've been to bed very late friday evening. grace had her two friends here for that night(friday) and Chris been to his friend for that night. We left the girls here and been for a visit to one of our friends and came back around 1AM. They said they've watch two films and went to bed after midnight.
Anyway, we didn't do much today only went out to dinner this evening. I had worked a bit in the garden, grace went with one of her friends to watch a kind of musical show this afternoon, while Kees had been working and preparing for his leave tomorrow. He'll be away for a week to the city attending a course.

Many many thanks to everyone who dropped by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them. Hope everyone have had a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

scissor fobs!!

these are my tiny quick finishes the last days. Not for exchanges, just for gifts though i do love them and wanted to keep them all. I'm afraid the hardanger one have to go as i added the name at the back, so will have to post it tomorrow..!
My goal for this week or atleast before the weekend, is to work a bit on my quilt sampler, i hope to show a picture of it soon.


Max was picked up an hour before i came home tonight. I didn't expect the owner got back today from Aruba. Oh well, we do miss him.... Max had behaved really great. He's a big one and i am not sure if he'll listen to me so i'd rather take him with Dh along. But last sunday, Dh was invited to go diving early in the morning and can't take Max for a walk so i had to do it with Grace. Chris prefers to stay home with his play station and me and Grace took Max for a walk for more than an hour along the dyke here nearby.
Last saturday afternoon since the weather was quite warm, Dh decided to go swimming at the dyke here very near our house, he thought if they'll go Max will follow them to the water but Max didn't want too. I wasn't dressed to go swimming and just sit and watch and Max came and sit next to me, really close...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today's events...!

Another busy day....this morning, been for groceries and at midday while i was preparing for lunch, these folders was delivered. Actually, these were work of Grace every thursday which she've started last couple of months. But Grace had leaved yesterday for school camp for their group and will be back friday.

After lunch, DH had helped distributing the folders to the neighbourhood, about 200 houses. I haven't expected it but glad he did.

DH and Chris had joined the 'Avondvierdaagse' last monday, a five kilometers walk every afternoon for four days. I worked monday and tuesday so i can only joined them wednesday and today for the last day. Here's a couple of pictures, first when they got drinks half way and the next at the finished, mostly received some flowers and sweets for the children. The last picture is of Chris and Mels, this two are really close and can be together almost everyday!!! Either they are at Mels place or here at home.

Now, this is MAX just brought in by dh ex brother-in-law. We've agreed to take care of him for a week while he's on vacation(going to Aruba). This is our first time with Max so hope it will work out fine. Will take a better view at daytime.


Packages received!! First from Tracey, she've helped me for my DMC threads collection and i had sent her one of the U.K cross stitch magazine in exchange. Thanks so much, Tracey.
It's a pity sending magazine to the U.S or packages starting last month will be all prize priority and based on the last i sent out last month, the postage cost more than the magazine itself. I find very expensive!

The other package, was from Debra, my prize for winning the 'needleroll finishing contest in the group(ILCS). Quite so many and nice items too. Many many thanks, Debra and to all who voted on my piece.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


It's been a while since my last post. I thought one activity of the kids was over, that was football for Chris, that it will be less busy but it's not.
Had been working extra too the last weeks, just hope i won't be called up to help again this week.

I did worked further on this sampler and now i ran out of the threads i used, cherry wine of sampler threads. It will have to wait till i can get hold of this color.

I started this hardanger piece when we went to the mainland last week. Hardanger is a bit easy to do while in the car(Dh was driving) but the stitches i did it at home as well as the cutting.

Our friend had framed the Winnie The pooh and ready for her son's birthday the third weekend of June. It's her choice and i like how it turned out.