Friday, November 28, 2008

A quick post!

I realise the other day that we will celebrate Chris birthday tomorrow, saturday(29) as his b-day is on monday(dec. 01) and he is at school the whole day. So i had quickly made a card yesterday and here it is. Yes, he has football match

tomorrow morning first so visitors are welcome in the afternoon.
Not many i am afraid as we have heard from a few friends that some are having other activities being so near 'Sinterklaas'.
He's now sleeping peacefully and we've just finished putting up a few decorations as well as our gift, this mountain bike in the living room. He is sure be happy to see it in the morning as it's one he really wants to have. We had said it cost too much so he'd better not expecting such but he's doing very well at school and with all the changes over here we thought it will be a very good motivation to keep up. This is sure an exemption especially that it's very near 'Sinterklaas'were we need to buy more gifts for them.

Well, i've received a few mails about a couple of x'mas/b-day packages and i am so happy to hear it all arrives safely. I hope to send a note back after the weekend, i am off to bed now as it's over midnight and have to be early tomorrow.

Wish you all a very good weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

baby cards & received exchanges

Quick cards finishes made, the left one for Dh's niece who gave birth last Saturday and the other card for Eva(from CSE yahoo group), hope she receive it by now.

This is what i made for the HOE Christmas ornament exchange for Valerie . Just read that it got to her safely. Haven't taken a picture of the whole package but glad she likes it all. Valerie does have pictures on her blog though. This ornament is the recent freebie of Prairie Schooler Designs.

Received this magnet from Kim for the Small Finished Exchange at ILCS yahoo group.
A very cute magnet, thanks so much Kim.

Here's been pretty hectic, we were able to get away for a couple of days, just me and dh. We've booked a 'beauty arrangement', just here in noord holland an hour drive from the ferry. We thought we could go to Begium but thinking of driving that far and the weather wasn't that good lately we decided to just stay nearby. It was last monday and came home tuesday evening, quite relaxed. The massage was great and enjoyed the food without the constant chatter of the kids, which we had last weekend when we were out to dinner.

I wish all my friends in the U.S a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, may you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Friday, November 21, 2008

An update with a small x'mas ornament

Thank you all so much for the best wishes for Max. We were so glad the following days went fine. I was even afraid to give him extra snacks lately as i'm not sure how he reacts. He was supposed to be picked up yesterday(thursday), but haven't seen or heard from the owner. Been to the post office this morning to send a few packages(he's the owner annex travel agency, that's why he's always on tour) and he said he will pick Max saturday evening so Kees can see him too. And yes, MAX was jumping up with joy when DH came home this afternoon.

It will be a busy day tomorrow, i was glad the football match was cancelled because of the wet & bad weather, i find it tooooo cold to stand outside to watch!!
But after swimming club of Grace i will take her to the mainland for some shopping especially for shoes and DH will join a few of his diving club as stand by for the "Sinterklaas intocht".

***The arrival of Sinterklaas is a big thing for Dutch youngsters, as the old saint makes his way through the cities by boat and on a white horse.
In The Netherlands, the big celebration for kids is not Santa Claus or Christmas, but a few weeks earlier. The celebration is on Saint Nicholas Eve, on December 5. Saint Nicholas lived in Turkey in the 4th century, and used his wealth to support the needy. He was bishop of Myra, and according to legend, helped children in various ways. Still now, for the Dutch Sinterklaas is not only the old man dressed up in red and white who gives presents to all children, but in general a generous person who gives away anything. Apparently, Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas is the basis of the Santa Claus tradition in other countries, being a mispronounciation of Sinterklaas.***

Chris can joined them, i just hope he won't be bored on the small vessel they are in. I think it will take about 4 hours.

Honestly, i haven't done any stitching this last days and much as i try finishing a few ornaments i just luck inspiration. Here's a small one from the last serie i had been doing, might be the last...! This was stitch a while back.

Here's a picture of all what i've completed from the serie, includes the chart book too on the picture.

Just a close up of the cards and ornaments!! Now, i can't wait to put up our christmas tree. Have to wait until "Sinterklaas" is over which is after 5 december.

I might not be much online this coming weeks, might be going out for a couple of days with Dh next week, just the two of us. We'll have to see if we can book something though.

Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend and thank you all so much for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Max was sick & x'mas cards

I started to catch up on my mails(which i noticed a few are from last weekend and needed some responding) as well as a few groups. I was able to send a few messages back but then MIL called and had been on the phone for a while and before that DH too. It's quite early, around 11am but last night i went to bed very late.

Max was sick last night that is why he was quite uneasy, he's been in and out a few times and at around 11:30pm, while inside in the living room he vomitted and lots! Luckily it was on the blanket i usually placed for him to lie down, so i gather that and thrown it all out. But he did it again at the side kitchen on the tiles so i have to use papers and old cloths to clean it. I can't stand it, i start to vomit as well. This kind of thing is ussually dh's job but he isn't here.
Anyway, i waited till he calm down before going to bed, i think around 1am and i am glad nothing more happened during the night.
Been for a long walks twice today, weather was better than predicted last night and been to a friends place for a cup of coffee so i haven't done much stitching at all.

Anyway, a few more are awaiting some response from me and will do that later this week. Thought i can do it all tonight but i do feel very sleepy. I am sorry.

These cards were stitched a while back and made it into cards recently.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments. Hope everyone are having a good week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

bib for Eva & Max was dropped ealier this evening!

Stitched this one last month for Eva, whose expecting their first baby very soon. She received it last weekend and glad to hear she likes it.

Thank you all sooooooo much for visiting and all the lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.

I've taken DH for the first ferry this morning(6am), he is now at the mainland till friday following a course which is needed for his current job. So he's away for nearly a week again. After that, he'll have three weeks before he'll leave for sea again.

Max was dropped here early this evening as the owner is going to follow a course too at the mainland which takes a few days and he'll have to leave very early tomorrow.
Here's Max while i was clearing up the dinner table...

Grace is trying to calm him down as he's being a bit uneasy, think he's looking for dh who isn't around. Before 7pm i had to bring Chris with a couple of boys to their chess club and Max follows us outside and doesn't want to get in. When i got back i had to take him at the dyke despite of the strong wind and it's dark, i just stayed at the top for a few minutes and then back home.
Just heard the weather forecast for the coming days and its very windy and lots of rain. Really a pity but we'll see as i have an appointment with a friend to go for a walk tomorrow morning. Pretty busy last week we had missed our weekly walk!

Friday, November 14, 2008

let the Sun Shine in!

I've finally finished this one last night. I am glad i'd join the SAL with this otherwise i think i haven't finished it yet.
I don't know what kind of linen i had used but it is a 25ct, that is why it's pretty big. I think i am going to frame this one.

Here's a picture of the whole chart where the sun came from. It's designed by Jeanette Crews.
I've quite enjoyed stitching this one. It is not really difficult as there's not many colours involved. So for anyone who wants to stitch it, it's a pretty quick one.

At midnight dh called that they are on their way so he expected to get home this afternoon.
That means i am not much online these coming weeks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

x'mas ornament SAL & Tagged!

Here's for my november x'mas ornament SAL. Do have more ornaments that are completed this month but can't show them all yet. This is from Quick & Easy Magazine, designed by Joan Elliott.

This one from JCS magazine 2005.
My finishing this days isn't much, i am afraid i don't have much inspiration...just too many things going on.

Pirjo and Mare tagged me to share 6 things about me.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

I did this one earlier this year but i'll try to think more things about me to share...

1. I met dh in Hongkong when we were both working there. He was smoking then and i can't stand it so he had stopped otherwise he'd better look for someone who can.
2. I just started driving again after more than ten years, i don't have the courage to drive at the mainland so i am stuck here on the island. I am so glad i can especially now dh's away the kids need a driver most days.
3. I skipped breakfast most of the time, quite busy in the morning i don't have the appetite to take in anything.
4. I drink my tea with milk which is not common over here.
5. I do sudoku before going to sleep, instead of reading. If i read it will take a while before i fall asleep. Unless, if i go in earlier, i do read first and then do the sudoku game.
6. I still weigh every morning and i am happy my weight still the same for a year now.

I am supposed to tag 6 people,I do hope I'm not double-tagging someone. Feel free to do the tag and if not, that is fine too. I don't want to burden anyone with anything.

1. Suzanne
2. Shellie
3. Christine
4. Annie
5. Ellen
6. Wendy

Thank you all for visiting my blog especially to those who take the time to leave a comment. I do appreciate them so much.

DH haven't called yet, i am afraid he can't make it home tomorrow(friday). Hopefully by saturday or else sunday. Can't call him if they are at the North Sea.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pure Indulgence!

I've finished the third serie of the 'Pure Indulgence' of Joanne Elliotts.
I would like to frame this one separately, and hope i can get the chance to go to town later this week to order the right frame.

Here's a picture of the three together with the book of the designer. Still have some nice ones i would like to stitch from this book.

DH came home for half a day yesterday. The weather was soo bad they can't go to the North Sea. He just called that they can't leave still as it's very bad, but might be tomorrow morning...
Max was really happy when Kees came in yesterday, we even manage to go for a walk at the dyke despite of the strong winds.

DH is expected to come home this coming friday for a four weeks break, so we are all really looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

We have company....

I was surprised when Max was dropped this afternoon as i had expected he will be brought tomorrow(friday). Good i didn't left the house as i had intended. The owner will take the first ferry at 6am heading to 'Cyprus' so he decided to bring him earlier and he'll be back on tuesday.
I took Max for a walk at the dyke, luckily the weather clears up as it was very misty this morning.
Now, i miss dh as we ussually take Max for a last round at the dyke around midninght. I am afraid to do that now.

I just read that
Suzanne received the HOE Floss ring tag exchange i had sent last week. wauw, that was pretty quick! Glad it has arrived safely and that you like it Suzanne.

Blessed Be flatfold
by Plum Pudding Needleart
25 ct. linen
DMC Threads

This is one of my finishes lately, besides a

few christmas ornaments. Still working on them but it seems i am not really progressing, just luck of inspiration for finishing.

Stella F. if you happen to visit here, i haven't forgotten what i've promised.
Could you send me your address and i will try to send it to you next week. I am nearly done with a couple of ornaments from that book.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SBEBB Pumpkin Patch rec. from Brigitte

I still haven't heard from Laurie, the winner of my bloggerversary despite my last call last week so now i decided to use the Random Sequence Generator and the winner is Julie.
[[[Julie said...
Congrats Mylene on blogging for 3 years.
I would love to be entered in your draw please, thank you for your kindness.]]]
***Julie, could you email me your info and choice or preference (pinkeep, flatfold, mattress pincushion, biscornu or a floss ring tag).

Received a wonderful package from Brigitte. It was such a great surprise and you have finished this design beautifully.

Thank you so much as well as all these lovely goodies enclosed. I just LOVE them all.

Finished the backstitching of this and just the verse to do now.

Another update of this and i am happy it's getting near to it's end.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

exchanges rec.

Received a couple of exchanges!

here's pictures of my exchange from Bernadette for the HOE Mattress Pincushion.
Thank you so much Bernadette for this lovely pincushion and all the extra's enclosed!

Here's what i received from Ella S. for the HOE Floss Tag. Thank you Ella for this cute floss tag and the extra's.

Thank you all for stopping by, no stitching to show from me. We were out last weekend so haven't done any stitching.
Picked up Dh at the ferry at 5pm yesterday, and he stayed home for a couple of hours. had brought him back for the last ferry at 9pm. We sure happy to see him and the children are really full of stories to tell.

An old project "Summer Meadow" & get-away pics..

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