Friday, February 23, 2007

Old Pictures!!!

Just wanted to share some pictures that was taken during our last visit a couple of years ago. Here's Chris and my father riding the carabao. Chris likes that a lot then...

With the 3 of them, DH, DD & DS was taken by my siter and that's our parents place, i mean the house on the background!

The last couple of pictures were from Hongkong during our saty there for a few days and we are going back again.

I am not sure if i can get to a computer while we are in the Philippines, might not have the time to go to the city, i'd rather stay in the farm but if i can i will try to drop a line here, otherwise i will surely do it when we are in Honkong the third week of March.

Still haven't done with packing, tomorrow morning will have to go to the football field for Chris, afterwards to drop a tart i made early this evening for one of my colleagues, for his birthday. And maybe to go and say farewell to MIL, that is if we are welcome as DH has said something over the phone this week which wasn't really good.....

Till then.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Small x'mas ornaments & might be the LAST POST!!!

These were stitched a while back and had managed to finished it into ornaments. Patterns were from a couple of the U.K magazines from previous years. At first, i thought to finished it into cards but finally it was into an ornaments.

Anyway, i am afraid this might be my last message,just heard that DH wants to close down the main server(computer) either tomorrow evening or friday. I might not have time to get online before then as there's a lot to do, need to do a bit of shopping, packed the luggage and going to a couple of birthdays before sunday.

We are taking the first ferry (at eight) on sunday to the airport. A family will drive us to there. Our flightis around one in the afternoon and it will take us nearly two hours to reach there.
WHEW!! It wil be a very long trip....! First, nearly 12 hours to Hongkong and then will have to transfer to another or smaller plane and will take about two hours flight to Manila. And then about 8 to 9 hours drive from the airport to the province where my family live. Atleast they are coming to pick us up at the airport.

We will be staying there for more than three weeks. Before coming back to Holland, we will drop by in HONGKONG for a few days. We would like to go to take the children to 'Disneyland'as it's already opened since last year.

Bye for now and till the end of March.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Patchwork update!

Here's the last update for my patchwork blocks at the moment. We've had a meet up earlier tonight with the group and wow! i can everyone say did there homework well. I should have taken my camera with me, perhaps i won't forget it next time so i can the difference of the fabric colour that was chosen. I am the only one who had completed a block with square pattern and i am the second who had finished some blocks which was totalled seven while the first eight. They should have another meet up after three weeks but they'd rather wait for me till i come back end of march which i am really happy with but i am afraid i won't have anything to show off.
I am not taking any for our trip, maybe a couple of small stitching items but thats all..!!

Thank you all so much for dropping and leaving comments on my blog.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chris football & Prairie schooler freebie

Quite a busy day for all of us yesterday. It was saturday and i would really like to sleep in but can't. Had to get up after 7AM as Grace was being picked up at 8AM for her swimming club. At 9AM we went to the football field for Chris and as being his first game match we stayed to watch. They had really fan those kids at the field while it was very cold, the temperature wasn't that low, about 7 degrees celcius but it was quite windy which makes it very cold.
My toes was frozen after an hour standing there, my own fault i think...., had used the wrong shoes, being small i ussually wear shoes with heels!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, there game match went well..., first match was 0-0, the second one 1-1 and the third one 2-1, Chris group being the winner!!!

After football, they went to a workshop for baking cookies, They were invited by their friends for it. After that around 3PM, Chris and his friend were dropped here at home. After an hour DH went to picked up Grace and her friend as they have cakes with them to carry. All tasted good!!! And absolutely not good for my weight!!! Ha Ha!!. After 5PM i went to work, so DH had to prepare dinner for all of them and then at 7PM DH brought them to the village hall for the "bingo" evening for the children. These was truly unexpected that it has to be all in one day.
I came home late last night as it was really busy at the restaurant!

Here's a small finished lately. A freebie of Prairie Schooler design, and completed it into a scissor fob.

Friday, February 16, 2007

SFE from Michelle!

Received this beautiful piece from Michelle for the 'small finished exchange'. Beautiful stitching and neatly completed! Thank you so much Michelle.

Not much stitching done today, been to a few friends for a visit prior to our leave on sunday for a month for vacation as well as well visiting my family in Asia.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stitching update

These are my finishes last week for one of the yahoo groups birthday exchange. Her theme was butterflies as you can see. It's the last one and i didn't joined for the next year round as i don't know how's my time for crafting these coming months. I find it a pity though..

This card was completed a while back.

Thanks everyone for the comments.
I just called home this morning and i was glad to hear my father went for another check-up and has prescribed another kind of medicine and so far the pain's getting better.

With regards to DH's case, it will be a long process so we'll have to see when we get back next month.

Chris passed swimming test B

Chris passed the swimming test B this afternoon. Quite quickly after passing his A last december. Not all of the group were allowed to take the test after so short a while. What we did with Chris, DH went swimming with him once a week too, so he can practice and stronger with it. Chris really wanted to go or join his friends for football but we said he have to get his swimming A and B first and when we heard last week that he's allowed to take the test this week we called the organisator of the football group if he can join his friends on the group as we heard that one boy had quit and yes he's taken. So he's really very happy and now he can join his friends on saturday and wednesday for football.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Patchwork & Thanks!

Here's a couple of pictures of the patchwork i am working on. The first one called "Goose Track"-five patch, and the other one called "Magnolia"-seven patch.
I can say, i spend more time with cutting the fabrics that patching them up
together. I am enjoying it though and honestly it does affects my stitching time. Really have to chose which shall i picked when i have the time.

Many thanks to all who had commented on my last post. It really means a lot to me.
Our bookkeeper was here this afternoon and hopefully he'll help for dh's issues.

Called home last weekend but no improvements yet, will call again coming weekend, though it's more than a week now before we go.

Friends update, she's busy as i heard from my son she's at their school taking over the place of their teacher as she's sick. I am glad for her.
I've been to work yesterday and oh my, lots of news..there are quite a few couples who are getting divorce in this small village and we noticed all of them have their own business. Oh well!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This and that...

..First of all thanks so much everyone for dropping by and leaving comments. I really really appreciate it.

Oh well i don't know how to start this with everything going on here and around us.
I think i better start with us, DH's business is not going well for the last two years and him physically isn't that good at all, to drop his business and find a job will be more complicated at his age now.
I am working two days a week and i think i have to find another job where i can work more hours or days or probably another job for a couple of days. The children are bigger now and since DH work ussually at home he can manage it with them around. So i will work on that when we get back end of March. That means, have to be careful spending for crafting materials and time for hobbies would be very limited.
--that's about us--
What's around us.., a good friend whom i go out for walks came yesterday with a bad news that they are going for divorce and they have two young kids(7 and 9). I was completely speechless when i heard it as i thought they were guite good with each other. Oh well, before x'mas last year he said to her that he doesn't love her anymore..what a time to reveal such, but anyway it happened and for the sake of the children they tried but they're having lots of quarrels lately that she finally decided to end it. It really hurts as she does care for him!

Another thing i worry about is my father at home. He has something with one of his foot and cat'walk for a while now. He did went for a check up and got some medicine but it's now after a week and still no improvements i heard yesterday.

Here's a couple of my WIP at the moment. A margaret sherry pattern and Winnie the Pooh! You're probablly wondering how's my patchwork, i am stuck with one of the blocks, i don't know how to work out or to sew the rounded one. Have to wait till i asked or spoken to the one who is giving the lesson, don't have time to go to town for it as tomorrow we are going to the mainland for ínjections'for going to Asia-kids are not happy about it. And the next day(friday) will be busy for Chris b-day party. Hopefully next week...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine's Exchange!

These was such a great surprise, my partner did really spoiled me with this exchange. I didn't know we will not reveal our name upon sending the package, and one thing more i don't have connection to internet weeks before send out so when the time came to send it out i just placed my name on the card, i am sorry Ish you know it right away but i think my stamps will give it away anyway.
When i received mine last week with no return address or name on the card i hardly can't guess as i don't know anymore who had joined in with the exchange.

Thank you so much Jayne for these beautiful scissor pocket and all the goodies enclosed. I LOVE them all!!
Such lovely colours!!

Here's a pic of the scissor fob and other items i had sent to my partner

Ish .

Stitched Blocks!

A few small stitched pieces for blocks on yahoo groups. Pictures aren't that clear, that's what i get when i am in a hurry and i don't like to do it again now especially as it's evening.
Atleast it will give an idea how they looks like!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Computer has been....

...fixed, (thanks to dh) for a few days now. Just don't have much time to get online. Been busy with the kids, going out for long walks with friends since the weather is like spring instead of winter.

Well, my update so far is more on patchwork as i've done or been busy with that for the last weeks. We're done with the first course for patchwork last year, we're just only a small group of six and we wanted to go further and the one who teaches us comes up for next course will be a 'sampler' from the book of Karin Pieterse.
We are thinking to make 16 different blocks but that depends on everyone. So far we had met twice already and everybody were very interested with it and has done two or three blocks already. We have to do lots on our own though as the course consist only five or six meet up for a couple of ours.

These are what i've completed so far, two more are nearly done and i am a bit disappointed with the colours i've chosen. I can say, i am not so good in finding the right colours together. The fabrics are very expensive so i'd rather not change it at this time.

I did completed a few small stitched items for exchanges/gifts but can't show it yet.

Anna, thanks so much for the link for the biscornu's. I've seen them, it looks great.