Friday, June 30, 2006

I can't believe it's weekend again! The days just flew by very quickly or just because we've been out everyday, haven't had a leisurely morning which was ussually on wednesday after two days of work. We've had to leave early wed. morning to the mainland for Kees appointment, did try to shop for half an hour for kids clothes but was able to get a pair for Chris as we had to catch the ferry late afternoon, and then pick up the kids at their friends place. The next day, thursday had to open up the restaurant at 9:30AM as my boss are away for the day, till 12 noon when a couple of colleagues came in and take over until clossing time.

This morning, we've driven to Amsterdam to the AMC hospital to visit my brother-in-law. It was warm in the car and busy on the road as it is friday and school vacation on the southern part of Holland started. We left home at 8:30 to the ferry and reach the hospital at around 11AM. The surgery went well and he might be allowed to go home tomorrow otherwise monday.

Thanks so much to all who visited and dropped comments on my blog, i really really appreciate them. I am sorry haven't had much time reading everyone's blog lately, hopefully will try to catch up this weekend and hope to be able to do some stitching too.

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I feel really tired!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day or rather evening at work. It was impossibly busy, we are really wondering where does all the people comes from. Yersterday evening when it was busy we thought it was because of the weather, it was all day rain, but today it was dry so we expected some are mostly outside for walking, cycling and at snack bars..... oh well the temperature is quite cold, so most ended at inside restuarant.
I can say my legs are really in pain!!! I am glad tomorrow i am free, but we are going to the mainland for something.

I stitched on Winnie The Pooh this morning, as Kees drove his brother-in-law to the mainland (AMC hospital), as he'll be operated with one of his leg tomorrow. Brother-in-law's wife can't take a day-off but i think she'll go and visit him tomorrow after his operation

Monday, June 26, 2006

Here are a few pics taken yesterday at the funfair yesterday afternoon. We only stayed about an hour as it was raining and went back to our friends place. It was planned that some more friends comes and have b-b-cue so they put up a party tent at their backyard. At least it wasn't windy so we were able to sit outside.
It was great to speak to a couple of friends we haven't seen for a while.
This weekend has been busy, with couple of birthdays and woking extra last saturday evening. I will be working a couple of extra days this week too as one of our colleague went on vacation for two weeks.
I am afraid won't be much stitching this days.

I had finished this clown into a hanger ornamnet, for a birthday exchange on one of the Yahoo group.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just came home from work and it wasn't that busy as they had expected. It was WK voetball on TV, Germany versus Zweden. Ussually we have lots of Germans for dinner but tonight were only a couple of ladies, i think their husbands stayed behind in hotels/bungalow watching the game.

We came home quite late last night so i wasn't able to post the cards, here they are. We kind of hurry this morning as, Grace had to go to her 'swimming club', glad we don't have to bring her as it was good weather so she went with the bike together with her friend. It takes about 15 minutes with the bike and we allow her to go as long as she's going with somebody but not alone.
After she left we went to town for some items. Got back around 11AM and went to the neighbour's birthday. Mid afternoon brought the kids to the Gym, the last day for this school year, so they had a bit of a party organized for them.

WE'll be leaving tomorrow morning to the mainland for the funfair and visiting friends, just heard though that weather forecast tomorrow is not that good so we don't know if we are able to go to the fun fair.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits and dropped comments on my blog. I really appreciate them so much. I am way behind though in reading some of the blogs, so please do forgive me.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pincushion from Namuella!!!!

A small package was dropped here this morning, we were quite surprise the postman came very early as ussually it comes in the afternoon and he did too. So we thought the parcel was sent or dropped at one of the neighbours yesterday and they just bring to our door this morning. My exchange partner was
Namuella and this is what she made. Thanks so much, Namuella. Your work is so neat and pretty.

Hope to post more tonight as i have a couple of cards more to show but i need to go out now for groceries and look for presents for a birthday late this afternoon.
Also for a neighbour's birthday tomorrow morning, it will be a busy weekend as i have to work extra tomorrow evening. And coming sunday we are going to the mainland to visit friends and to the fun fair which is at their place this week.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Zohrah's pincushion!!!!!!!

Pincushion exchange arrived in Singapore!!! Just read
Zohrah's message that she got the package, quite quick than i had expected but i am glad she received it before the due date for this exchange. Here's a pic of what enclosed of the package.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here are my couple small finishes last weekend. First was the sachets i sent last monday just here in Holland so she had received it yesterday, and i received her exchange in return that is the small beautiful needlebook also the same day.

We've been to a funeral this afternoon, father of a friend, that's the condolence card i had made for.

Grace, afzwemmen voor "zwemvaardigheid 2" vanavond en ze had het gehaald!!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

My first needleroll is done!!!

I am really happy that i finally finished this needlroll. Thanks so much Debra for sending me the chart. I hope to try more of this in the future, just have to search if i can buy charts here in the Netherlands.
Also completed a couple of cards, actually the san man was already stitched a while back and just got around to finishing it into a card this week.

It was 'Rondje Texel' today. Been to the dyke this afternoon to see the 'catamarans'. Lots of them, about 400 joined from all over the world. I think it's one of the biggest 'catamaran race'. These are some of the pics i've taken.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

at the beach

Since the weather has been very nice we've been ussually out. Took the kids to the swimming pool and stayed there for the whole afternoon last thursday as they are free from school. Yesterday(saturday), we've been to the beach for the first time this year. I think the water temperature is ca. 18 degrees, i find it too cold as you can see on the photo, i stayed quite far from it. Me and my sister-in-law, Ireen. She wants only to sun bath. The first pic is of Kees, Chris, Grace, Larissa(friend of Grace) and Floor(niece).

Here's Grace and Larissa.

Chris and floor.

Grace and Chris after a few times at the simming pool they've colored darker already.

We've been to the beach again today, but Grace stayed behind at her friends place as they wanted to watch the football match. It was the Netherlands versus...sorry, i actually don't remember anymore. Arrive at the beach around two this afternoon and quite many are going home for the match which was at 3pm. The beach was not busy at all.

Thanks so much for dropping by and the nice comments about the kitchen rr.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kitchen rr

Let's see if blogger will post this one, having problems with it lately. I just completed my piece for the kitchen rr, made a pic of the whole round robin, i really like how she made her border. This one really will look great when it's done. Just two more blocks to go...
Weather's very good today, no wind at for a change and it is sunny. I am just done cleaning the windows outside and partly the backyard, as lots of...i think kind of seeds from the tress everywhere.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I've worked on this one today. It's for a rr which her theme is 'in the Kitchen'. This one is shaping up great and i like the material she've chosen. I hope to get it all done by next week as it's need to be send out the 15th of June.

Atleast, nothing plans for the weekend except to visit MIL on sunday as we haven't been there the last couple of weeks.

Tomorrow morning will accompany Grace to her swimming lesson, i think we are going with the bike as the weather forecast is quite good, dry and no strong winds. It's about 20 minutes with the bike and then afterwards we will go to town which is about 10 minutes more with the bike to buy a couple of magazines she wanted and gifts for friends kid's birthday next week.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Finished my rr piece this afternoon, ready for posting on the 15th. I am really glad this is done, now i have to concentrate on a couple more which should be posted to on the 15th.

Just made this into a card this afternoon too and will be posted tomorrow. Need to stitch a few more cards as i have a lots of July birthdays.