Monday, February 09, 2015

Going home for a visit!!

In half an hour i'll be off to the ferry going to the airport and flying home for a visit! Quite unexpected decision, just booked my ticket a couple of days ago. I am going alone as kids have to go to school. Had a small finish recently, it's a freebie but can't remember who the designer right now. ...and a few pics of last weeks outings and gatherings with friends. Thanks so much for stopping by and the lovely comments. Be staying home for three and be back the beginning of March...will catch up then...

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sampler & BRD ornament

Kind of productive month of January, stitching wise! Both the Sampler and ornament was completed before the end of January but haven't had time to post earlier. The Sampler Live, Laugh, Love is of PrimitiveBetty's design. The Ornament of Blue Ribbons Design from Just Cross Stitch magazine 2012. A collage how i've made the ornament for anyone who'd like to know. As usual lots of socializing in between work and other activities. If it is not eating out with friends, it is just at home.... Wishing you all a Happy month of February!!

An old project "Summer Meadow" & get-away pics..

A couple of weeks now since my last post..not much stitching done as been too tired after work most days and been busy socially as well in b...