Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's official i am...

...the shortest in the family! Just realised it when i saw this picture taken last weekend with me and our youngest son, Chris! He is 13 thus he can get taller...

Looks like our saturday's are booked for party's, had to take special off days and worked during sundays for the time being. This picture below was last saturday at one of our friends at the mainland.
Quite some friends are celebrating their birthdays lately...this coming saturday will be two celebrations. Glad, both are here on the island!

This ornament was for the Friendship exchange i joined in at HOE. The Lizzie Kate pinkeep i made and send to Sandra who lives in Barbados.

Here's what i received back from Marie. Such a cutie and so neatly finished. Love it!!

Thank you all so much for visiting and taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Hope everyone have a good start of the week.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simple Joys...

Love this one!!! Had worked on it on and off, bit by bit and had used hand dyed threads
of WDW and GAST! Don't know how to finish it off though, thought into a flatfold or
probably order a special frame for it....

I've received this one as a gift/RAK and now that i've stitched it...i would like to pass it on...anyone interested, if it's more than one person i have to make a draw by the end of this month so just leave
a comment here if you want to stitch this design..

Here's a couple of collage of our get-away the other weekend. Had a lovely and relaxing time.
Really pampered and had lots of drinks and foods...way too much i gain almost 3 kilos when we came home....Probably the Baileys which i had lots of every evening..hmmmmm, sure yummy but better keep-off of that stuff!!
Last saturday an event here at the harbour or where i work...actually, organized by my boss.
Friday evening was for the young ones...games from different teams, 10 in all where Chris also joined.
Had watched a few and by then i thought they weren't serious about it and at midnight quite a surprise to hear that Chris group won the first place!!!

Many thanks to all who stopped by and took the time to leave me a comment.
Really appreciate it so much. Hope it will not take a long while for the next update.
Happy week to all!!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Can't believe....

...it's been more than a couple of months since my last update here. How time flies by... Thought was only a month but was quite shocked when i open my blog that it has been two months away! Probably because i haven't done much stitching lately. Working long hours, these last weeks around 10hours and sometimes 12hours. Weather has been good here so been pretty busy and sometimes chaotish at work.

 These two finishes has been completed more than a month and a couple small ones too but was for exchanges, have to wait for posting pics as i am not sure if the recipients visits my blog. 
This design is of Plum Street Samplers. Love it and hope to finish it off into a flatfold one day...

Early this week on my day-off, has been sunny but too windy for a walk along the dike so we drove off
to the woods for a walk and got lost so instead of an hour it took us about a couple of hours to get back to the car... Haven't been there in years. When the children were small we usually go there for walks, that has been 8 years ago!

After a long day at work, out with friends/colleagues and family for a drinks. Ended up usually late while i have to start early the next morning but it's worth it..
Since i prefer to read after work days instead of stitching i ordered some books from bol.com...i have six here on the picture but actually i had 7. Noticed it when i went to throw the box the next morning and one came out of it. I didn't realise i ordered lot in one time...

We're off tomorrow for a couple of days with Chris and one of his friends to one of the indoor parks at the mainland, hope to unwind and relax and sure take a couple of the books.

Do hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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