Friday, October 31, 2008

Last pictures!

These will be my last pictures for a while as i am sure you have enough of all my finishes that i've posted the last days.
We are out this weekend and next week i would like to try and finish some x'mas stitching but can't show it.

Finally finished this into an ornament today, thought better do it before this month's end so can post it for the x'mas SAL ornaments!
Christine's idea into a No-Sew Cube, like that one too but i don't have the needed materials like styrofoam and haven't done one like it so i needed quite time to do it.

I think you'll see this backing more often as i don't have many choices to use that goes with the finished stitching. With most that i have ready to be finish, this is the only backing that can be use.

Just read that Elaine received the Small Finished Exchange(SFE,yahoo group). Her theme was owls or snowman and i had chosen owls and finished it into a pinkeep. Glad to hear it reached you safely and that you like it, Elaine.

I've finished these two into a flatfold end of September and just noticed that Helga shown the winter one on her site. For anyone who wants to have a look you can see it here , at the christmas and winter theme.

Helga Mandl design
Autumn flatfold
28ct. evenweave, light blue
DMC threads

Helga Mandl design
Winter flatfold
28ct. Belfast linen
DMC threads

I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend! And many thanks for visiting especially to those who take the time to leave a comment.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

SBEBB Pumpkin Patch

I've just heard that Jean received the exchange i've sent to her. WOW! It seems going to Singapore travels faster than going to the U.S.A. Since i am still waiting for a couple of packages that was sent to there long before i've sent this parcel to Asia. So glad to hear you like it, Jean.

Blessed Be Mattress Pincushion
by Plum Pudding Needleart
32 ct. linen
DMC Threads

Looking back from some of my pictures last month and seen this card that i've made for Grace birthday. She's the one who is crazy of chocolates! Atleast she's quite active like going to school with the bike everyday, plus she's in the Swimming club and Street Dance.

Took these pictures too a couple of weeks ago at our backyard. I had noticed i had lots of pink colours around. Glad there's not much damage after the bad weather the last days, just a pity we can't sit outside anymore to enjoy it.
Infact i've cleaned the table and chairs and packed up inside yesterday.

Thank you al so much for stopping by and all the lovely comments, also to all who offers help regarding the threads and ideas regarding the finishing. I really appreciate them all. Will try to send notes back later this week. Still haven't finish the pieces, don't know yet actually...

oh before i forget, i am still waiting to hear from the 1st prize winner for my bloggerversary which was: Laurie G P in NE. If i will not here from you till sunday, i think i have to pick another winner.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Harvest & Jingle Sprinkle Joy!

Bought the DMC 936 yesterday, which cost 1.30 euro = 1.65 U.S dollar. Isn't that quite expensive knowing how much cost a piece of DMC in the U.S. No wonder very few people have cross stitch as there hobby here. Limited charts, fabrics... to choose from here. Here on the hobby shop, not even one chart from America where there are lots and lots. They have only mostly kitted ones but from a few european designers.

Anyway, i enjoyed stitching this one and can't stop till it was done. Actually, i had planned to do some cleaning outside today but it has been raining all day so did some stitching instead. And a friend drop by for coffee this afternoon so had a break then.
I think i will frame this piece but i am not sure yet, or maybe into a flatfold...

Jingle Sparkle Joy
Midsummernights design
28ct Belfast linen
DMC threads

Finished this one just now, quite a pretty quick stitch. Thanks so much Deborah for sharing this cute design. Foe anyone who wants to stitch it you can find the chart on her blog.
Any idea for finishing this one??

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween exchange from Karen!

I have received a wonderful package from Karen for the HOE halloween exchange. Karen stitched and finished it into a halloween fob. It is soooo cute and i love it. Karen totally spoiled me with sending this lovely scissor and all these wonderful goodies. Thank you so much, Karen.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Harvest

A few days ago, i got an unexpected surprise from Shari. This Autumn Harvest chart, she've stitched it earlier and finished it into a flatfold, i left a comment that i love it and will sure add it to my wishlist. Imagine my surprise when i received it on the mail, thank you..thank you so much Shari.

I thought i'll give a break of stitching x'mas themes, which i cannot show any pictures as they are for an exchange and mostly gifts, I started the Autumn chart as you can see here, this was actually a picture yesterday and i stitched a bit just now till i discover that i don't have DMC 936, so i have to wait till monday to go get one in town. I can't change it to another as i had started a bit of that colour and i don't want to frog it.

Since i put aside all the x'mas stitching, atleast for the weekend, i had a look at my WIP's folders and came across this one. Just work an hour of it while watching a movie with Chris. Grace is at one of her friend's place for the night.
The stitching are almost done, so only the backstitching and frenchknots to do and quite lots of them. Hmmmm, not really looking forward to it as it's not my favorites!

Received this box from Vickie for the SFE(small finished exchange) at ILCS yahoo group, which the theme i had chosen was either Summer or quaker theme. Thank you Vickie for this cute stitching and lovely flower buttons on the box.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and all the lovely comments over my halloween finished.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SBEBB Halloween flatfold for Carol!!

My last halloween exchange has arrived to my partner, quite quick compared to the others lately which just took 10 days! I am so happy to hear Carol received it safely as i think this is the first time i added sweets to my package for an exchange. I am really reluctant to do it as i am afraid it might be confiscated, so glad it wasn't. Previuosly, i sent separate envelopes for the sweets if incase where the sweets enclosed confiscated atleast the stitched piece will arrive.
Thanks so much Carol for your lovely e-mail, i feel a bit better knowing you like it.

"One Good Witch" flatfold
Erynne's Freebie
32ct linen
DMC threads

You can find the chart here at Erynne's blog. I've discovered it by accident and love it! Thanks so much Erynne for sharing this wonderful design.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog especially to those who take the time to leave a comment. I do appreciate them so much.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Packages arriving here in return!!!

See this gorgeous Needleroll made by Shelley P. for the HOE Needleroll exchange! So perfectly stitched and finished and the design is from Prairie Schooler, one of my favorite designer. I just LOVE it!!

Here's a picture of the whole package. Aren't i the lucky one, to receive such a great great package! There is just so many to name and almost all from my wishlist. You really spoiled me. Thank you so much Shelley for everything!!

Here's what i received from Ulla for the SBEBB Halloween Exchange. What a coincidence also the stitched design from Prairie Schooler. I just LOVE the ornament Ulla, a great addition for my halloween collections.

And such wonderful goodies enclosed too. I love everything!! Thank you so much, Ulla.

Received this cute scissor fob from Henderica for the scissor fob exchange of the Yahoo Borduurpaleis group. Many thanks Henderica!!

You are all probably wondering what i am working on these days but almost all for exchanges so can't show any pictures aside from this, The Sun! I am behind on this one too as i haven't followed the others for 4 weeks lately so i am trying to catch up. I think the others who've been working on this one are nearly to it's completion.

Thank you all for your kind comments with my previous posts about my finishes. Your visits and comments mean so much.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mattress Pincushion & PS exchange

WOW! i just jump up with joy when i log on and saw Margie's note. The kids ran to me asking what happened...? Oh my, i do feel lucky at this very moment knowing the package i sent for the HOE Prairie Schooler arrived. It's been four weeks since i've sent and it has bothered me for a couple of weeks now.

Aside from that package, the mattress pincushion for the HOE also reach INA(no blog) as well as the Scissor fob to Barbara . I am really happy to hear all these good news.

Now i better search where my pictures are to show and then back to join the kids watching a movie. I promise them some popcorn and that they can stay longer tonight.

Mattress Pincushion
Prairie Schooler Book No. 115
28ct linen
DMC threads

This is the whole package i sent to Margie's for the Prairie Schooler at HOE. I rather not add lots of items to my package especially no sweets afraid it might get hold elsewhere and another reason is the cost of postage outside Europe is very expensive. I just hope my partners will understand. It does puts me off to join more exchanges as i feel guilty of not much enclosing items to my package.

Mattress Pincushion & floss ring tag
Les grilles de Maryse
32ct linen
DMC thread

This is the whole package i sent to INA for the Mattress Pincushion at HOE.

Hope you won't mind i copied your picture Barbara as i haven't taken one before sending it.

Off to join the kids and hope to catch up later. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Exchange for Sonda!

WHEW!! That really made my day today! To read one of the exchanges that was sent out has actually received in the U.S. There are 2 more and one gift.The Prairie Schooler exchange is now nearly 4 weeks and still hasn't arrive. I think i better start a new one for this.

Halloween Pinkeep
Mady_p2x freebie
Stitched on 36ct linen
DMC threads

This is what i made and sent to Sonda for the HOE Halloween Exchange. Glad to hear it has arrive safely and that you like it. This is one of the freebie of Mady_p2x from last year. You can see the chart on her blog here.

I am still waiting to hear from Laurie and Lynn for thier info. For Barbara was already on it's way today, hope it gets to you tomorrow or else monday.

I wasn't very clear with my post last night about DH off. He is now at sea for 4 weeks and expected to be home around 15 of November and then he'll have to go aboard again around 11 of December till the 7th of January. So he will miss my birthday which is the 24th of December but glad he's home for Chris b-day the 1st of December. As you can see, December is quite busy with celebrations aside from the holidays!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bloggerversary winners!

I wasn't able to do it yesterday evening as promised as dh still home. He left today and will be away for four weeks. What a timimg really!! As this coming week it's autumn break for the kids and he isn't home. ALSO x'mas, my b-day , New years day he's away.........çan't be change but he's trying to have atleast 5 weeks free for next year's summer vacation, hopefully we can visit my family in Asia.

Oh well.... here are some pictures just taken for the draw. Sorry though as they looks blurred.

The 1st prize: Laurie G P in NE

The 2nd prize(scissor fob): Linda(Lynn in TX)

another 2nd prize: Barbara

Could the three winners send me their address at: The scissor fobs will go to the post as soon as iget your address. Laurie have to wait and would like to know your preference too.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who come and visit my blog. All your comment are very special to me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prairie Schooler exchange fr. Jen & SFE fr. Elaine

Here's a few pictures of the exchange i received from Jen, for the Prairie Schooler Exchange. Jen finished it into the tiny basket, it is just sooooo cute!! Thanks so much Jen as well as all the extra's enclosed. I love everything!

Here's a picture of the pinkeep made by Elaine, for the SFE(Small finished Exchange) at ILCS yahoo group. Thanks so much Elaine for this lovely pinkeep.

These two lovely items are good additional for my autumn item collections(just started) that are on display right now.

My PS exchange isn't receive yet while i've sent it more than 3 weeks now. A couple of halloween exchanges are also on its way as well as the mattress pincushion. So, nothing to show yet from me.

DH just got a call that he'll have to go on thursday isntead of tomorrow morning.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just a quick note as i realise it's 3 years ago today i started this blog. In celebration of my three year BLOGGERVERSARY I would like to offer a couple of giveaways.
The first will be a finish item of your choice...(pinkeep, flatfold, mattress pincushion, biscornu or a floss ring tag), do need an idea of the theme preffer for this one.

Second will be one of these scissor fobs. If you want to enter the draw all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. It's open until wednesday evening(15 oct.)

Hope to be back to blogging and more online for groups later this week. DH will be leaving soon, 4 weeks went by very quickly!!!

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