Tuesday, July 24, 2007

x'mas card

I thought to start stitching x'mas card and hope to finish one or two or even more every month till november. We'll see how far i can get. Here's the first finish though.

Here's a pic of the hardanger after the frogging.

And at last it went well, really have to take care with counting.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I've started a Hardanger cushion in blue Venus perle#5. The first picture, where i thought i have done all the stitches around when i realise a mistake, miscounted on both sides, so i have to remove the half it. On the second picture where i place the magazine that's the half i have to remove.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments on my last finish. As for the flatfold finishing, i will try it first on a smaller piece, seen a couple of instructions on how to do it so i am sure will do it but have to wait when i have enough time and the fabric to go along with the piece.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. Here's nearly over, seen rain, sunshine today and again it's turning dark, oh wait it seems it passes by, see sunshine again. Hope it's stays dry so we can have a walk after dinner. Well, better move on and prepare dinner, it's nearly six pm.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ABC Birds is finished!

Finally finished the ABC Birds ,
that i had started last May but i ran out of the thread i had used, it was Cherry Wine of Sampler Thread. I am not sure how am i going to finish this piece, i am thinking into a flatfold but never done that finishing yet, i am afraid i will mess it. So maybe, i better frame this one and try flafold with smaller designs later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hobby?? nothing!

Many thanks for everyone who drops by, read my blog and leave comments. Really appreciate it.
Haven't done much the last days,hobbywise...oh just a bit but haven't make a picture to show up.
Had work the last couple of days and today is my first off day, thought to tidy and rest a bit but i ended up in the swimming pool for Chris. Glad he can manage alone so long as i am around, did took a couple of magazine to look/read but haven't had the chance as i ended up with mothers of his group so we just chatted away...
After dinner, been to one of the neighbours for a belated birthday of one of their kids and before we know it, it was nearly midnight when we came home.
Now, it's nearly 1AM so better go and have some sleep.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick finish!

After a bit of tidying here and all the laundry and ironing done i was able to sit and finish this freebie of Maryse. Just went in to see her site but it gives an error right now... i don't know what happened. Glad i got this one earlier. I just wish i have a darker fabric instead of this light colour linnen. It seems i only have white and off white fabrics at the moment.

Hope everyone have had a good weekend!!!

Short preview of the visit...

WHEW! What a busy and tiring week it had been, but FUN!! Since they had only a few days stay here in Holland we had listed out a few places they might like to see. There first day we stayed in Amsterdam. We went to the Botanicus and the

Flower market as they are interested to plants, wished they can come during the spring time for the Tulips someday. Mid afternoon we went to Van Gogh Museum, thought it might not be too busy as it's nearly the end of the day but wow! still very busy and camera's are not allowed inside.

The following day we went to Marken

and then to Volendam. my niece had seen something through internet of these places before and thought be interesting to visit. I haven't been to these places too so i don't really know what to expect and we thought there's excursion but it's only during weekends. So, it was not really what we had expected. Picture is of my niece and her dh. If anyone wants to have a look at the places, you can opened the names/words in Green as it's a link to their website or something about the area.

There last day was spent on Texel! We went to the
Maritiem and Jutters Museum

and the Cheese farm

Since it was such a short visit for them we've been dining out everyday. Been to different restaurant especially at the mainland, first evening was at a Vietnamese restaurant, followed by a Chinese restaurant the next evening and then to a Dutch/Fish restaurant in Volendam. The last was another Dutch restaurant where you can see a picture of us all.

We took the first ferry yesterday( 6AM ), bringing them back to the airport.
After that went shopping for a few clothes for the kids and DH had promised a mobile phone for Grace during the holidays so we were able to get that one as well. Back on the island in the afternoon, first thing i did was went and lie down and slept for almost a couple of hours, i was really tired!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer cards & will be away for a few days...

These summer cards will be my last finishes for a while!!!

Tomorrow, we are going to the city to meet with my niece and her DH. They are in Sweden right now for a week and arriving tomorrow evening here in Holland. We will pick them up at the airport but we will not go home to the island, isntead we had book a place just outside Amsterdam for a couple of nights. They had seen the island the first time they came here almost four years ago but nothing from the mainland. So, that's what we're gonna do for a couple of days.
If all goes well, they will be spending friday here at home and then saturday we will drive them back to the airport...going back to their home to Alabama!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures taken by DH this afternoon at the dyke with the tornado(waterhoos). It was seen on the news at eight earlier this evening and on the local TV news here. There were lots of pictures sent so it was quite a surprise when he's pictures were selected. I was at work when it happened and we really had a good view of it. It was my first time to see such so very near.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

This and that...

Well, school vacation started today! Good it was dry this morning as Dh and a few parents here in the neighbourhood had planned to clean up the playground here infront of the houses. The artificial grass were the slide and other play things for the children are filled with grass so that's what they cleaned up. I should have gone to help but i stayed home and done some house chores but atleast i brought them coffee/drinks before they were done. It took them about two hours.

Dh and another parent had managed to make copies of the musical into a DVD. Kees had a colored picture for the cover and for the CD', it looks great. A few parents we've spoken too were really happy with it especially as a few father's weren't able to see the show(working abroad).

Okey, on to crafting...did a few 3D cards which i really missed doing but just don't have enough time for...and managed to work on the Sampler Quilt, all the inside blocks were all sewed now, next will be the outside ones which i have to cut first.
Also, finished the other side of the biscornu.
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oriental cards

Weather yesterday was wet for the most part of the day, and we were not really fit after all the busy days last week, so we just stayed home and was able to finished these two oriental cards. One for a monthly exchange card and a birthday exchange stitched card. The designs are from the magazine Cross Stitch Crazy, issue august 2003. Need a couple more cards but atleast that will be for the end of this month.

This is the last week for school and still a few more activities for the kids. One i hope not to forget is coming thursday were i have to make or prepare a dish for Grace farewell dinner party at school.

Well, have a nice week everyone!!!!

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