Monday, March 19, 2012

time flies....

Can't believe it's been more than a month since my last post. Thought i was into a good start with my stitching the beginning of february but after posting those WIP's pics, honestly haven't had much time to work on any of it. Shame...shame...Oh well, it just got busy at work and with one thing and another here at home for the kids and a couple of weeks ago hubby gets home so we're trying to catch up on all things..paperworks and socializing.

Was able to stopped by at the fields on my way to town for some groceries this morning and took these pics. Lots of spring lambs around now.

Promised a cousin of mine to stitched these orchids serie last year, was able to do the first serie before 2011 ends and just started the second serie the beginning of February. It gets more complicated with all the half stitches and backtstitches which puts me off to work further but do hope to continue sooooooooon!

A very busy socializing last weekend, from one party to another! Actually started midweek, on thursday evening putting the dolls for "Sarah" & "Abraham".
The follwing midnight(friday), brought the dolls to the celebrant.

I find it difficult to say NO if we are invited for any occassion, so we are off to another friends birthday saturday afternoon till early evening....

...rush home at 7:30pm to change for the big party where we've brought the dolls the night before and partied till late hours.

Atleast the week starts quietly, hope for the whole week...

Thank you all so much for your continued visits on my blog especially to those who takes the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate them all.