Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A bit of an update...

Hello everyone,
What have happened to blogger, nearly an hour that i am trying to write and rearrange pics...i am lost here...wonder how this post comes out when i post it...
Way too long that i've updated my blog again, even if i had thought of keeping up with it, there's always things that kept on the way like work especially...
Anyway, here's a couple of finishes recently, the LHN design, i hope to finish it off into a flatfold soon.

Been to a friend's wedding last month and quite an honour to be one of their witnesses.

One of the summer festival which was last weekend at the beach,
me and my SIL attended one of the activities which was ZUMBA.
It's the second year that we've joined in and the same instructor from Amsterdam.

...and this was taken the other day when hubby got home. Quite a surprise as we've expected him yesterday. He appeared at my work monday afternoon and was to were home and suggested we go out for dinner when i am done with work so was sure fun always to dine out with the kids and that time one of Grace friend joined us.

I really wonder how this post comes out as i am trying to change  the  formation but couldn't get the right one that i like.
Hope everyone's having a good week!