Saturday, June 28, 2014

My everblooming orchids...

...aren't they gorgeous! Everytime i came in from work or comes down in the morning i can't resist staring at them ...can't believe they've been blooming for so long. Below picture are sitting by our kitchen window. These big potted one in the living room. Oh, i love them so much!! Once again, everyone's home so we decided to go out for lunch...the only time we are all together otherwise one always missing during meal time due to work schedule. Looks delicious on the picture and sure they are. Today was, The annual catamaran race around Texel (“Rondje Texel”)...took these pictures from the dyke here nearby our house. These were the first to pass through after they started from "De Koog" at 9am and took these pics around 11am. I never been to the starting point of the race, so i don't have any idea how it looks like with so many of those Catamarans. Sure they are lucky the weather was great for them. The last couple of days was no wind at all and if it was still no wind today, was probably move for the next day or cancelled. It did happened a few years back and if it strong winds it will be cancelled as well. Today was really perfect for them. One of my lunch outings this week with friends. With work, we don't see each other much so if we get the chance we do like to meet up and have lunch or drinks somewhere. No stitching done at all for this week... Happy weekend to all.

Monday, June 16, 2014

ABC exchange at HOE & a week pics of here..

Both were received last month but i haven't had much time to do an update here on my blog. Kind of crazy on and off...sometimes i thought gonna be a relaxing week even after works but wasn't been...ussually had work over and sometimes on to the next event after work!! Here is what i´ve stitched and sent to my partner. It was a freebie years back and tried to find who the designer was but can't. Hope someone can recognize and share who design this lovely piece. Here's what i received from my partner. A lovely PS design, one of my favorite and finish off into a pinkeep. A wedding card for an ex-colleagues who got married the other weekend...who's now on vacation somewhere in Spain in one of the islands! We've had a pleasant afternoon at the brewery with colleagues and the owner of the 'eatery' where i worked...It was booked few weeks earlier, thought weather wouldn't be that good..unfortunately it was sunny and really good for the terrace but we had to closed after lunch. From the brewery we went to one of the nearby beach for dinner. Was sure a lovely outing..though not all can make it to join us for the event. Last friday...I do feel blessed with my dear friends, had a long day at work..on my feet for about 11 hours at work and then driven straight to their place and foods was just ready...hmmm was all yummy and afterwards watch the first WK football game for the Dutch against Spain. Honestly, i am not that fun of football but since my friends does i had to watch too...Well, since the Dutch had been winning was quite fun to watch!! Took these pics during my walk with a friend early last week. Much as we want to go atleast once a week...both have quite a busy a week hubby will be home thus instead of walking with a friend usually i ĺl go with hubby if he's home. Above were just pics from last week...the ones taken before that better not upload as it will be a very long one with just pics of events taken place here... Anyway, thank you all so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment. I really really appreciate them all. Have a great week to all!!