Sunday, October 30, 2005

We're home!!!

We left friday at midday to Schagen at a friends place, arrived there mid afternoon had a cup of coffee and then we took them out for dinner. We went in very late i think about 2 AM so we got up quite late too but not the children, they went down and look at a disney movie film. After lunch, we left the guys home as they have lots to work on(computer) and we went to town. Wanted to buy a winter coat for Grace, jeans and sweater for me but wasn't able to find what we really wanted, so not much at all, except a play games for Grace. After that we took the kids for ice cream, it wasn't warm but it wasn't that cold either for the time of the year.
We called the guys to come and picked us up and then i and Beth prepared dinner. She's really a good cook, dinner was great!!
This time we went in quite on time as the clock change after midnight. The clock goes back, i mean when it was 3am it goes back to 2am.
After lunch which we had quite late about 2pm, we are thinking of getting ready to home and then the mobile of Kees rings...that was my boss, asking if i can help in starting from five pm but i said we are still at the mainland. Well, we had to take the ferry at 4:30 then and told the children we are going home but they enjoyed palyig here with the daughter of Beth and Friso they don't want to go home... Well, we have too...
Arrived at work 20 min. to six and it was very busy, my boss were really glad i came in. They compared it from last year and it was impossibly busy this sunday than previous years. We think because the weathe was really fine compared to before when it was rainy and cold but now is dry and warm. This is the last sunday that we are opened and then we are closed till end of March for sundays.
Well, got home after nine and red wine is ready...from dh... tried to get into Yahoo mails and groups but i can't get in. I don't know what is going on. I just hope this one gets in to my blog.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Away for a few days..

What a day! Heard a very unpleasant story today about one of the family. A pity can't write something about it as i don't know who is reading my blog.
Anyway, we are going away tomorrow, visit friends at the mainland and stay at there place for the weekend. Would be nice to meet up as we haven't seen each other since May, only through calls. Nothing about crafting though. The children are coming with us and they have one too, so we won't get bored. I am sure the guys had a lot to talk about work too! Computers and all. He works at Schiphol airport(automatisering). We might go shopping though, but first take them to dinner as she's working half day and rather not let her cook.
No stitching pics, though i finish one more rr but will take a pic next time. It's now too late to do it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Recent finishes!!

This afternoon i had uploaded my recent finishes these last days, they are all
small ones though. The winnie the pooh and the friendship quilt are
stitched for a rr,
I am finally done with the quilt for Shari too and last
was the hardanger coaster which i should have used 32 count rather than 28ct. Didn't really fit the coaster nicely. Well i am trying with overdyed threads. This one is from a Dutch designer.

I have two more rr's to do and hopefully will start some x'mas cards. I think i am not going to make a lot as i did the last years. I don't have much time anymore and i think many just throw it away afterwards.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

One rr done...

Yes, finally one rr is done and able to start a hardanger piece,
a small one though for a coaster and some 3d cards completed yesterday.

We've been to a niece b-day this morning, not so many people so we were able to catch up on so many things. I think most are going in the afternoon as it is saturday and ussually a lot sleep in. We did try but the children woke up quite early and knows we are going to their niece b-day so they are quite excited. Everyone has jobs here, so we don't see each other a lot.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Wedding yesterday!

Went to a wedding service yesterday morning at the City Hall. But first had called another colleagues to confirmed it will really take place as she had delivered twins last monday, not here on the island but in Amsterdam. It was with Ceasarean so we thought they might have ppostponed it. The boys came out 9 weeks early but luckily they are fine but they have to stay in the hospital for a while. Around 11AM they finally arrived all the way from the city and both of their family, as both of them are not from the island. She’s been working here for 7 years and it was here where she met her friend that is why they wanted to do it here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yes, finally did some stitching today...!!

My first off day of the week, glad wasn't that busy the last two days at work even though it is Autumn break here. Weather isn't that great, very windy and cold so i think not many wanted to come to the island. We are supposed in Belgium today but at the last minute DH cancelled his course and hotel reservations, it wasn't what he has expected and i am quite happy with it, now i can atleast catch up on some stitching. Was able to work on two rr's today, hopefully i can start a hardanger piece tomorrow...and perhaps some 3D cards; that is if i can find the materials needed, as i haven't done much of it for the last months.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend with friends!!

Friday afternoon, we all met up at the new ferry "Dokter Wagemaker" here on Texel. I think all of us except one, who is one of the director in this ferry, was our first time to go with this. And then to IJmuiden.. for the next ferry the "Duke of Scandinavia" going to New Castle. We've board in at around six. After taking the luggage to our respected rooms we gather at the lounge for drinks and wait for dinner, which was rather booked very late, at nine. I didn't drink except a glas of mineral water, as i had an empty stomach. Well, the meal was great! Buffet of lots of different kinds of salad and a few warm meals.
Arriving Saturday morning, took the bus to the centre, after a cup of coffee at the 'Starbucks cafe', we got in to the city sightseeing bus, along the way we stopped at the Millinium Bridge and went to the Art gallery. After that we resume our tour and then back to the centre for lunch. WOW! It was so busy everywhere and i think we had spent an hour walking, looking for a place for lunch and finally ended at the pub 'Northumberland arms??..sorry i am not really sure if that's the name of the pub. After lunch we had less than an hour before going back to the bus for the ferry, not much time to go shopping but i manage to go in to Waterstones bookstore and bought two books(not cross stitch), as i have difficulty buying English books here on the island. At six PM we are back at the ferry, the rest went for drinks as dinner was scheduled very 9PM. After dinner stayed for a few more drinks till midnight and then went in. We arrived around 9:30AM in IJmuiden and drive straight to 'Snowplanet'. The last activity for this outing.
Will write more about this next time as i have to get ready for work....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

thursday, 14 october

Here's what i had done today and will be sent out tomorrow. I just set my self no mail to a few groups i belong too as we are going away tomorrow with friends for the weekend. The children are going to stay at my MIL's place, so after bringing them to school, we will take their weekend things to grandma. We are going to New castle with the ferry, arriving their saturday and then....i don't know what the activities are for the day, we'll see.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am new with this and trying to work out how everything works, like uploading pictures:

let's see how this one appears. This is one of my finishes recently.